Infusionsoft vs ClickFunnels (2023): Which One Is the Best? [2024]

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Are you a strategic marketer with a penchant for innovation, or an aspiring entrepreneur eager to make your mark in the business world?

In either case, it is important to understand the importance of landing page software.

Infusionsoft vs ClickFunnels: Comparing Marketing and Sales Automation Platforms for Business Growth

InfusionSoft vs ClickFunnels are digital marketing platforms with nice features that, while similar, are aimed at different audiences.  As for the software categories, both have identical software functions, such as customer relationship management software and funnel-building software. In this article, we will bring a ClickFunnels vs InfusionSoft comparison between these two powerful platforms to help you decide which one is best for you to use to meet your needs.

About Infusionsoft

Now known as Keap, it is a privately held company founded in 2001 by brothers Scott and Eric Martineau in conjunction with Clate Mask. It is currently based in Chandler, Arizona. It contains marketing software and a sales platform for small businesses with many sales automation and customer relationship management tools.

InfusionSoft and Keap delivers a 14-day free trial without signing up for a credit card. Right after integrating the InfusionSoft and Keap marketing platform, you have access to a few options:

Infusionsoft Features: Exploring the Capabilities and Benefits of the Marketing and Sales Automation Platform
  • Improve and connect your lead sources
  • Payment integrations
  • Track your daily activities and processes
  • Manage your follow-up communication
  • Promote and market your business.

One of the advantages of using InfusionSoft and Keap is the focus on CRM (customer relationship management). This marketing automation software ensures that you can:

  • Import your email list contacts into the platform
  • Send texts from your desktop
  • Send email broadcasts to your small business

On top of all this, InfusionSoft and Keap helps you automate your sales with great tools available. On the platform, you can find a section called “automations”. This type of feature allows you to create rules based on the actions performed by potential customers.

An example of the possibilities of using InfusionSoft and Keap automation is sending a yearly congratulatory message to a contact or requesting a customer evaluation of a product he purchased. Compared to ClickFunnels, InfusionSoft/Keap is a more complex platform to use, while ClickFunnels is more straightforward.

InfusionSoft and Keap also offers a section for including money with the integration of your bank account, where you can find features such as invoices and recurring payments.

Other features found in InfusionSoft and Keap are appointments and tasks. Appointments are used to schedule customers and leads in your calendar. While tasks allow you to create a to-do list for small businesses.

From the above, it is evident that InfusionSoft and Keap is not a platform for beginners but a more labor-intensive platform.

Infusionsoft Pricing

The InfusionSoft and Keap platform offers three plan packages with a value for the first six months that changes after that. The plans are:



Keap Grow Plan: $64/month

Recommended plan for new businesses and startups relying on customizable services

Keap Pro Plan: $120/month

Recommended plan for established businesses relying on customizable services to meet user needs

Infusionsoft Plan: $160/month

This plan is recommended for businesses that need highly advanced customer management relying on customizable marketing tools and application integration

In addition to the amount paid for the plans, there is a payment for specialized coaching sessions that are mandatory. Following we will bring a InfusionSoft vs ClickFunnels comparison between the two applications.

About ClickFunnels

ClickFunnels: Empowering Businesses with Effective Sales Funnels and Marketing Automation.

Created by Russell Brunson and Todd Dickerson in 2014, ClickFunnels is a well-known software for driving customers to sales sites through high-converting funnels and custom landing pages.

Its high-quality services have made it one of the top choices for sellers of services and online products. Like InfusionSoft and Keap, ClickFunnels offers a free 14-day trial.

ClickFunnels are a marketing platform that have a wide range of design options and allows you to create any type of marketing funnels and landing page when you create your sales funnel. Some examples of funnels and landing pages are product launch funnel, lead generation and thank you pages, checkout pages and overall sales pages, and others.

In addition, you can create one or two landing pages for webinars, and memberships, among other things. All this is due to the easy-to-use landing page builder. Another easy-to-use tool is the landing page editor. There, everything is made easy with drag-and-drop processes.

If you are a little lost, ClickFunnels offers pre-made funnels and landing page templates to help you get started. The templates make your job easier by allowing you to finish your landing pages quickly. Here is a suggested process for creating a landing page:

  • Select from ClickFunnels’ landing page templates the one you like best for use in your digital marketing
  • Load your chosen template into the landing page editor
  • Make the necessary adjustments to suit your tastes (colors, text, images, etc.) and launch it

Once this is done, you will have your landing page launched so you can start trading through it as soon as possible. You also have the option to leverage sales funnels created by others. It is a simple process, and you can import the chosen sales funnel into your account with one click.

If you need it, ClickFunnels also offers a shopping cart feature which makes it unnecessary to purchase separate software to get this tool. This feature allows you to sell your online products and services, including e-Commerce products.

Another feature of ClickFunnels is the creation of landing pages for one-click upsells. Upsell is a selling technique where the seller invites the customer to buy more expensive items, additional products, or other add-ons to generate more revenue.

And if you do digital marketing and are a small business, you should already be familiar with this feature. And using ClickFunnels, it only takes one click to use this feature. With this, there is no need for the customer to re-enter their personal and bank details, speeding up the purchase process.

The features and tools brought above are just a few examples of the many that can be found in ClickFunnels’ platform. It also allows you to perform email marketing automation, create email campaigns, run split-tests to help increase your conversion rates, and create affiliate sites for your services and products, among other things.

ClickFunnels Pricing

The ClickFunnels platform, compared to the InfusionSoft platform, is much simpler in the value plans it offers to use its features. There are only two plan packages in ClickFunnels, which are:



ClickFunnels Plan: $97/month

This plan comes with 20 sales funnels and 100 landing pages

ClickFunnels Platinum Plan: $297/month

This plan comes with unlimited sales funnels and landing pages. It is worth mentioning that the email marketing automation feature is only available in this plan

After all the above, it is easy to understand why ClickFunnels is the platform of choice for so many small businesses and the platform we recommend you give a try.

Infusionsoft vs ClickFunnels: Final Thoughts

Summarizing the article so far, InfusionSoft is an advanced and complex CRM being more suitable for small businesses that are already successful. ClickFunnels is a sales funnel and landing page builder for small businesses, whether new or established online or offline.

Having looked at all the above and the advantages and disadvantages offered by each marketing platform, it remains to choose which platform is the most recommended for you to use.

We unquestionably recommend Clickfunnels as the ideal choice for you! as an all-in-one business software platform, it is one of the most widely used, especially by small businesses, compared to InfusionSoft. The reasons we have chosen to highlight the recommendation choice are, among others:

It is a more straightforward platform to use
ClickFunnels’ affordable pricing is great
High-Quality Services
Great for helping you make sales
Split testing to increase your conversion rates
Simple drag and drop landing page builder
Perfect for creating sales funnels and landing pages
Great for businesses of any kind, from beginners to large corporations
Lots of features to collect leads and increase your sales
You don’t need any type of training to use their software

The most important point to highlight for choosing ClickFunnels is the practicality of its use. As an all-in-one platform and the ease with which the platform can be used and the number of resources it offers make it the ideal choice for beginners or even the experienced.

Frequently Asked Question

Which Platform Is Better for Building Sales Funnels: Infusionsoft or ClickFunnels?

When it comes to building sales funnels, ClickFunnels is specifically designed for this purpose and is widely regarded as one of the best funnel-building platforms. It offers pre-built funnel templates and an intuitive drag-and-drop editor for easy customization. While Infusionsoft does have some marketing automation features, it is more geared towards managing customer relationships and email marketing rather than creating complete sales funnels.

Which Platform Offers Better Email Marketing Capabilities: Infusionsoft or ClickFunnels?

Infusionsoft is known for its robust email marketing capabilities and is well-suited for managing email campaigns, nurturing leads, and segmenting audiences based on customer behavior. ClickFunnels does offer email marketing features, but its primary focus is on funnel building. If email marketing is a central aspect of your marketing strategy, Infusionsoft may be the more suitable choice.

What Are the Pricing Differences Between Infusionsoft and ClickFunnels?

The pricing structures of Infusionsoft (Keap) and ClickFunnels differ based on the features and plans you choose. Infusionsoft offers different plans tailored to small businesses, with varying levels of CRM and marketing automation capabilities. ClickFunnels offers various pricing tiers, including a basic plan and a more advanced plan with additional features like follow-up funnels and affiliate management.

Can I Integrate Infusionsoft With ClickFunnels for My Marketing Strategy?

Yes, you can integrate Infusionsoft with ClickFunnels to combine their respective strengths in your marketing strategy. For instance, you can use ClickFunnels to create high-converting landing pages and funnels and then connect it with Infusionsoft to manage email marketing, customer data, and lead nurturing. Integrating the two platforms can offer a more comprehensive marketing and sales solution.

Can I Use Both Infusionsoft and ClickFunnels Together in My Marketing Strategy?

Yes, some businesses may choose to use both Infusionsoft and ClickFunnels together in their marketing strategy. For example, you can use ClickFunnels to create high-converting landing pages and sales funnels, and then integrate them with Infusionsoft for email marketing and CRM functionality. Integrating both platforms can help you leverage the strengths of each tool to create a more comprehensive marketing and sales system.