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In this article, we will talk about how does PayPal shipping work, an option for people who make sales over the internet. Since many e-commerce entrepreneurs already use PayPal. 

How does PayPal Shipping work, Explained: Streamlining Ecommerce Deliveries

We’ll show you simple ways to create labels within the PayPal platform, the shipping that can be done with the software, and the benefits you’ll get.


PayPal was born in 1998 in the United States. As its founders Elon Musk, Peter Thiel, Max Levchin, Ken Howery, and Luke Nosek. Initially, they had the idea of providing solutions for payments. 

PayPal had as its initial focus to expand the models of transactions made with money. Thus, a platform that can generate online payments and provide digital transaction work without needing a physical bank.

Over the years, the company’s growth has led to essential partnerships. PayPal 2020 became the payment provider for the eBay platform. As a result, more brands joined PayPal. According to data provided by the company, it has about 429 million active accounts, reports about 5.5 billion payment transactions, and is currently present in almost 200 markets worldwide.

People use the platform to make payments, transfer, receive, and even collect money. In this regard, you can also get a digital wallet, add credit cards and manage financial transactions through the PayPal app.

Benefits of Using PayPal Shipping

You will be able to ship to almost anywhere in the world

You’ll save time

Your shipments are organized in one place

You can prepare multiple packages and send them at the same time

Easy tracking of your packages

You’ll be able to customize your shipping tabs.

How Does PayPal Shipping Work?

Then, how does PayPal shipping work? Is basically a way in which you can print a shipping label just for USPS or UPS and, that way gets a discount in the process. For UPS, you can get up to 50% discount on UPS ground shipping, for example. In that context, you can save on many international and domestic services like flat-box fees, couriers, etc.

In that sense, PayPal shipping is a cheaper option than others out there. It may take a while to understand how to create your first shipping label, but you will save time and not have to wait in colossal mail queues. Post office lines are usually huge and cost much of your time, so this is a great benefit, giving you more time for other daily tasks.

Shipping With PayPal


  • You will be able to ship to almost anywhere in the world

  • You’ll save time

  • Your shipments are organized in one place

  • You can prepare multiple packages and send them at the same time

  • Easy tracking of your packages

  • You’ll be able to customize your shipping tabs.

Create a PayPal Account

Efficient Shipping Label Creation: Simplify Package Handling

If you still need an account, you will need to create one to be able to ship. PayPal automatically generates data such as the name and address of the package based on some transaction that has already been performed. An associated account will be possible. Because of this, you can make your statement simple and easy. 

Plus, PayPal is free software if you use it a few times a year. You will only pay some fees when you make transactions, so be sure of these amounts. A PayPal account is an advantage if you sell any product online. 

Because people can purchase with just a few clicks, you don’t have to worry about card information or security. This can be one of the most straightforward alternatives, but try to determine the fees you will pay.

Use the “Send Now” Link

If you don’t send something purchased from you through PayPal, you won’t find a button or link in your account to send it. So search for “PayPal Send Now” in the search bar and click on the result. You will find your usual PayPal login and be asked for the recipient’s address as soon as you enter your username and password.

Choose Your Recipient

In this field, you should fill in the recipient’s address, i.e., who you want to send to. You can enter their e-mail address so that they can receive your tracking data. Then, select the “send to this address” option.

Required Information

In this step, you must fill in more data to create your shipping label. You don’t need to worry because this information is simple. Inform the type of package you are sending and the weight. If you need to, use a scale to help you.

Get Your Label

You may need to add additional details or services and choose the date you want to send your package. Click on “Calculate shipping cost,” and if all data is correct, click on “Confirm and Pay.”


After making the payment, you should click on “Print.” And your label is ready. You can choose at printing time which paper you want, either plain paper or an adhesive that sticks to the package. If you don’t have a printer at home, try to invest in one, it will make the whole process easier. Or go to a library that allows you to print and print your labels. 

You should be aware that this will cost you money, and you will also have to travel to the location, and the time it will take you to do this. So, for these reasons, it is best to have your printer in the comfort of your home.


Sending your package is simple. You can choose to take it to the post office, or you can schedule a pickup at home.

So whether you’re running your business from home or need to send something to family members who live far away, sending it by PayPal is ideal. After all, it’s good to save money, and learning something new is fascinating. You can completely assemble your package yourself.


Post Office Services: Convenient Solutions for Mailings
  1. Reduced Costs

When you take a package you want to send to a local post office, you’ll need to pay shipping fees for any package. And if you buy your label via PayPal, you will have business fees. These fees are available to large companies. So this indicates that it will be cheaper for you. The economy is the most attractive part of this service.

  1. Hide Shipping Costs

In this option, you can hide the shipping costs because you only sometimes want the person who made a purchase to know about all the charges you had to send the package. Because everything has a price, from packaging, time, and fuel, buyers often need to remember this process and focus only on flat rates. 

It may be that they will complain due to the prices. Thinking about this, you can then make this concealment of costs so that customers do not know the price for which you paid.

  1. Professionalism

Everyone likes the excellent appearance of the products they buy, so it is essential to be careful with these details. Printed labels are preferable and make your company look more qualified. In addition, it is less likely to smudge or get lost, as it is designed for this purpose. 

Please include an additional copy of the recipient’s information inside the package so that the letter carrier can still deliver if the label comes off.

  1. Simplified Shipping

You may need help with the shipping process yourself if the labels need to be in the correct and organized way. If you don’t have a printer, you will have to do everything by hand, which will take a long time. And you may also need to buy labels at the post office and organize them there. 

You will need to remember which packages correspond to which brand. And if you need more data, all of this can be pretty challenging. But all of this can be simplified by PayPal’s service. One-click of a button, all your customers’ data will be in the right place, thus setting aside any risk of errors at this stage.

  1. Convenience

The convenience of the service is because the storage of all information from labels and shipments goes to a single place. So you do not need to worry about where they are and which carrier will send your order. 

This is also where your invoices and tracking numbers are, so everything you need is in one place. So you can check everything you need by logging in anywhere, anytime. And you also save space in your workplace because you don’t use as much paper.

Final Thoughts

So it is clear that PayPal’s shipping method is efficient and, therefore, more economical. If you know how to use this tool, you will ship all your orders efficiently and cheaply. We hope this article has answered your questions and helped you choose the right tools for your growth and success.

Frequently Asked Question

How Do I Access PayPal Shipping in My PayPal Account?

To access PayPal shipping, log in to your PayPal account, and navigate to the “Tools” section. Under “Tools,” you’ll find the option for “MultiOrder Shipping” or “Create Shipping Labels,” depending on your account type and location. Click on this option to start using PayPal shipping.

Can I Use PayPal Shipping for International Shipments?

Yes, PayPal shipping supports both domestic and international shipments. You can select the appropriate shipping carrier and service for your international packages, and PayPal will calculate the shipping cost based on the destination and package details.

What Happens After I Create and Print a Shipping Label Through PayPal?

After creating a shipping label through PayPal, you can print it directly from the PayPal shipping interface. The label will include the recipient’s address, your return address, shipping carrier information, and a tracking barcode. Affix the label to your package, drop it off at the designated shipping carrier’s location, or schedule a pickup for delivery to the recipient.