ConvertKit vs LeadPages: Which is the Best Choice? [2024]

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Marketing automation tools are becoming more popular every day in the market. With technological advancement every day, if you still need to use tools to help you get more Leads, i.e., to reach potential customers, you will need to catch up to the competition.

ConvertKit vs Leadpages: Comparing Email Marketing and Landing Page Solutions for Effective Online Campaigns

When starting a business, email marketing is a critical piece of the puzzle. ConvertKit vs LeadPages: are software with intuitive user interfaces for landing page creators. However, these platforms have differences in purpose in their marketing process.

Leadspages, for example, is ideal for creating landing pages and providing analytics of your campaigns. On the other hand, ConvertKit is a tool that will help with email marketing tool automation and has a landing page builder.

Why should I use marketing automation? What are the advantages for my team and company?

Five Reasons You Should Use Marketing Automation

1 – Reduce Staff and Other Costs

Marketing automation systems can handle several different messages on their own. In contrast, the work of one person would be time-consuming and require a team. These people usually need to view information, access email subjects, and send out particular messages individually. This will likely be the vital work of several people on your team.

As small businesses grow, their customer segmentation will also increase. So you will need more staff to cover, follow up, and avoid mistakes. But be calm, business owner. You can fire only some of your employees who work with advanced marketers. You can use the employees who worked in this area in other places they have some aptitude for.

2 – Time-Saving

If your team is very short of time, and you have to hire new people to fill this need, marketing automation will solve this huge problem. Don’t worry about how long it will take you to set up a marketing automation platform. The process takes less time than necessary, and the benefits will be long-term.

For example, you can program your marketing automation software to send personalized emails, messages, or other communication in certain situations. The flexibility in handling will generate tremendous time savings for your team.

3 – Increase Your Revenue!

Revenue increases will happen for many reasons. Automated messaging will encourage sales and interactions, which will be done quickly for many people.

Quick responses are highly valued by potential customers. In this sense, automation will fulfill this need, helping to overcome problems and satisfy these customers, leading to recommendations and positive reviews.

Message segmentation is improved, increasing the chances of people opening messages and purchasing your services and products.

4 – Get the Precious Data

Collecting the most precious data from customer journeys to make sales has never been easier. There are tools in your marketing software that can easily accomplish this task. You can instantly access the information that your customer has changed. In addition, you can send messages.

You can examine all the data to see if your metrics have improved in the last month. If there have been improvements, you will know you have laid out a good strategy. However, if the metrics could be better, you can see what to change. And this change will be helped with this precious data that will be present in your marketing automation software system.

5 – Track, Nurture, and Collect Leads

Understanding Leadpages: An Overview of the Landing Page Builder and Conversion Optimization Tool

To succeed with your online business, you must track and nurture Leads, thus converting them into customers. While individual staff can do this work, such as spending the day sending email lists or making calls, a marketing automation system can do it alone. Please look at our examples, demonstrating what a lead might do and how the software would respond.

  • The welcome is done by the software getting people to sign up for your email subscriber list newsletters.
  • As the customer opens the email designer, they will click on one of the links and spend some time looking at your products.
  • The software detects this action if your potential customer clicks on a link. Soon after, the automation software will send an email whose content refers to the product he was looking at.
  • When the customer accepts the deal, he will put some products in the online shopping cart.
  • If the potential customer abandons the cart, the software will detect this action and send the customer an attractive reminder.
  • With this action of the software mentioned in the item above, the customer will open the email, return to your site, and finalize his purchase.

ConvertKit vs LeadPages, Features and Differences

With this vast explanation of the advantages of using marketing automation, we will discuss the software in focus in this article: LeadPages and ConvertKit.

ConvertKit is a marketing automation platform that sends personalized emails to your Leads, subscribers, and potential customers through a simple interface and variable pricing. This is a great tool to add to your email marketing repertoire.

In LeadPages, you will find a landing page templates builder and a testing platform, making it easy to design, test, and launch new landing pages from your marketing or social media campaigns. A massive selection of templates and a simple drag-and-drop editor will be fascinating for a team with limited knowledge.

It is clear that both platforms serve different purposes, but they have few features in common. While ConvertKit is a marketing automation tool with a focus on emails. Leadspages, on the other hand, is designed to create, test, and customize landing page functionality.

Email Automation

As we have already explained, ConvertKit has tools to help you with email-sending automation. Emails can be scheduled as part of an “email course,” where messages are sent to subscribers after they are allowed to join your mailing list.

ConvertKit can be used in an effective email marketing campaign, such as sending subscribers a set email sequence. However, its real power lies in automation, as in grouping subscribers according to their behaviors and personalizing these messages, making emails more efficient.

Using some automation rules, you can add users to email lists that will register when these potential customers access the page and when they checkout. You can send support emails to users who visit your helpdesk, users who abandon the shopping cart, discount offers, and special offers to loyal customers.

With an easy-to-use and user-friendly interface, ConvertKit makes using its features quickly. Its various automation and schemes, such as sending emails for specific tasks, make your work easier with simple and new features.

Going opposite to most marketing automation software, ConvertKit is designed for users needing more extensive technical knowledge. Even without coding experience, creating new email courses and personalizing your email templates using this easy and clean platform will be simple.

Even though ConvertKit is not a landing page tool, there is a small selection of sign-up forms to collect email addresses and names. A plugin in WordPress provides conditions to add to your website (WordPress) without the demand of managing additional new code.

We have glimpsed the vast features inherent in ConvertKit and will tackle LeadPages, a landing page builder. Its simple interface and drag-and-drop quality make this LeadPagesvisual builder simplify the function of customizing your high-converting landing page. And you can do this even with experience in CSS and HTML design.

Understanding ConvertKit: An Overview of the Email Marketing Platform for Creators and Small Businesses

The LeadPages toolbar has many colors, fonts, and other available tools. Some page elements, such as headlines, content sections, videos, and images, can be added to the page to resize, reposition, modify or customize.

Even though LeadPages was created for a different purpose than ConvertKit, it is still a helpful tool for collecting emails. LeadPages’ Leadbox opt-in tool is straightforward and allows you to collect email addresses, names, or visitors to your WordPress site.

On the other hand, ConvertKit also offers several different types of landing page templates. You can customize the appearance of these pages to match your branding, for example. Users can publish landing pages on their site or use ConvertKit’s hosting when using the WordPress plugin.

While ConvertKit’s landing pages are less comprehensive than LeadPages’, they will still quietly cover the most basic usage.

Email: Auto Replies, How This Can Be Useful

For most content creators, such as professional bloggers and those in that business, many emails are sent automatically to their subscribers. But what could you use in these auto-replies to help you? We have listed 4 examples that will help you in this work:

1 – Show a sale where you discuss some of your books and ask your readers to buy them
2 – Send new email subscribers a short survey to find out more about their fears, hopes, frustrations, and dreams
3 – Introduce yourself and showcase your writing
4 – Send educational messages or provide tips based on one of your books.

Above, we observe an example of bloggers and writers using LeadPages. Their work will be enhanced through automatic email responses.

Reporting: An Essential Resource

One of the most crucial resources for your landing pages is detailed reports. With this data, you will be able to demolish your conversion rates, and you will necessarily know how many people are visiting your page and converting.

The LeadPages software has various statistics for analysis regarding your landing pages. You can see the number of unique visitors, views, conversions, and specific conversion rates.

As mentioned earlier, ConvertKit is not just an automated email service. This software has several landing page reporting features. However, it collects fewer data than LeadPages. The user is shown the number of subscribers, visitors, and conversion rates.

Form and Page Templates

If you do not work as a web designer, having page templates available with good conversion and good looks is essential. Both software has such templates.

With ConvertKit, you will have several opt-in forms and page templates available. You can categorize them based on your needs, from collecting email subscribers to even a newsletter, essential to capturing new potential customers.

There is a wide range on LeadPages, and this list of templates is periodically updated. You can sort these templates by industry, color, and style.

Final Thoughts: ConvertKit or LeadPages?

Ease of use may not be a factor that comes primarily to your mind in this choice. However, this is one of the factors that will make you continue to use the tool, get Leads, and increase sales funnels, among others. Ease of use should be one of the main factors when researching ConvertKit and LeadPages.

With various widgets, Leadspages has branded elements and advanced functionality you can choose from when creating a page. With this wide variety of options, it can be confusing the first few times you use it. You have to click to see if certain parts work. And this will cost you many video tutorials until you learn the basics.

On the other hand, ConvertKit is extremely easy to use. If you edit a page, for example, click on it. After that action, you can edit it. Convert is a winner in this choice for its ease of use. Anyone willing to take a few minutes to learn can work with this tool.

Given this vast explanation of marketing automation and its specifics, we carefully examined some marked differences between ConvertKit and LeadPages. However, we have chosen ConvertKit as the best software.

In addition to its goal of creating landing pages, it collects email addresses to build your list. It has several options for your landing pages, especially if your main product is email marketing. 

Choose to create a list, but it is currently limited because you need a specific landing page creation tool. ConvertKit will be ideal for you.

  • Creator-focused emails

  • Segmentation and automation

  • User-friendly interface

  • Landing page creation

  • Conversion-focused templates

  • Easy integration options

You are allowed to create a free account on ConvertKit. This way, you can create landing pages and grow your email sequence list to 1,000 subscribers, and that’s all for free. 

So, to test and check without spending money, get free access to ConvertKit, so you will only pay your money if you get used to the software.

For more on email marketing platforms visit our ecom resource library. 

Frequently Asked Question

Which Platform Is Better for Email Marketing: ConvertKit or LeadPages?

When it comes to email marketing, ConvertKit is generally considered more powerful and comprehensive. It offers advanced automation features, tagging, and segmenting options, making it highly suitable for managing and nurturing email subscribers. While LeadPages allows you to collect email addresses through its landing pages, it lacks the robust email marketing capabilities of ConvertKit.

Can I Use ConvertKit and LeadPages Together for Marketing Campaigns?

Yes, many marketers use both ConvertKit and LeadPages together in their marketing campaigns. For instance, you can create landing pages with LeadPages to capture leads, and then integrate the collected email addresses into ConvertKit to manage and nurture those leads through automated email campaigns. This combination allows for a comprehensive approach to email marketing and lead generation.

Which Tool Is Better for Creating Landing Pages: ConvertKit or LeadPages?

While ConvertKit does offer a basic landing page feature, LeadPages is more dedicated to creating high-converting landing pages. LeadPages provides a wide variety of customizable templates and features like A/B testing, integration with popular email marketing services, and lead capture forms, making it a better choice for those primarily focused on creating landing pages.

Can I Use Both ConvertKit and LeadPages Together in My Marketing Strategy?

Yes, you can use both ConvertKit and LeadPages together in your marketing strategy. Many marketers integrate the two tools to take advantage of their respective strengths. For example, you can use Leadpages to create compelling landing pages and use ConvertKit to capture leads from those landing pages and manage email campaigns for lead nurturing.

Which Tool Is More Suitable for Beginners: ConvertKit or LeadPages?

For beginners, LeadPages may be more user-friendly. Its drag-and-drop interface and pre-designed templates make it easy for users to create effective landing pages quickly. ConvertKit, while powerful for email marketing, might have a steeper learning curve for those new to email automation and list management.