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Best Books on Dropshipping – A Short Guide to Help You

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With the evolution of technology, society has been transformed along with this evolution. With this evolution came new demands, and with these demands came new ways of making money and increasing passive income.


For this, it is essential to search incessantly for knowledge. And there is no better source of knowledge than books. Therefore, we will bring in this article some of the best books on dropshipping.

That is a form of commerce in which the seller does not own the products he sells in his stock.

E-commerce is on the rise at the moment, with many people adapting to this new trend. This gives the impression that anyone can have an electronic business and automatically be successful. However, the reality is different. To have a profitable business, you need to be constantly educated and updated about the demands of the market in which you are included.

In this article, we will bring a short guide to help you.

What Is Dropshipping?

Before addressing the best books on dropshipping, we will first explain what dropshipping is.

Dropshipping is an online business model where the seller does not have his own inventory. Instead, the entrepreneur uses third-party inventory in the sales process.

In this type of business, the seller offers a showcase where you expose products from national or international suppliers. In this relationship, the salesperson merely intermediates the relationship between the actual supplier of the product and the consumer.

Simply put, the customer sees a product in your store that he likes and places an order, you take your commission for the sale made, and you tell the supplier about the order placed. Then the supplier will ship the product directly to the consumer. This is why dropshipping is trending at the moment.

You do not need an inventory because you only order the product from the supplier after the customer has already made the purchase. This prevents you from having too many items in stock without generating profit.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Dropshipping

Dropshipping is a modality that allows you to do business practically and straightforwardly in the digital environment. With this model, you don’t need to worry about product delivery logistics or stock management.

You do not need to have an inventory, and the actual supplier of the product is the one who sends the goods to the consumer, including responsibility for exchanges and returns.

Because of this, dropshipping is an excellent option for those who want to start a business with little investment. It is an affordable model in which you only pay for an item after the customer confirms the product purchase. In addition, the structure required to operate a dropshipping business is relatively simple because it does not require a team, just a website or even social networks.

However, despite its many benefits, dropshipping has disadvantages and risks. The first difficulty to be mentioned is low profitability. With the business model trend, dropshipping has a lot of competition.

Many online stores sell items from the same suppliers, which makes the profit margin small since the seller works with a commission for selling the supplier’s product. Therefore, it would be necessary to sell a significant amount of products to have a considerable profit.

Another difficulty is the lack of control and tracking of the goods sent. This occurs because, in dropshipping, the business is totally dependent on third parties. Therefore, your brand may be at fault if deliveries do not happen as expected.

Another issue is the possibility of errors concerning the quantities of products in stock. Considering all this, it is indispensable that those who intend to start dropshipping have good and reliable suppliers.

Some of the Leading Dropshipping Platforms and Suppliers

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  • Magento
  • OpenCart
  • Square
  • Shopify
  • WordPress – WooCommerce


  • Megagoods
  • Doba
  • AliExpress
  • CJ dropshipping
  • Spocket

What Are the Best Books on Dropshipping?

For those who are just starting out in dropshipping, here is a book list that can help you on your way:

Dropshipping 101, by Frederic Gosset

This guide is one of the leading guides in the area of dropshipping. In this book, you can find techniques to make money using the internet and achieve financial freedom. The book is written for beginners with no experience in dropshipping.

The guide provides tips on starting a business, opening an attractive store, and finding a niche to operate in and profit from. You will also learn about the ideal budget, optimization, common mistakes, and marketing tips, among other things.

Dropshipping, by Ronald Anderson

In this book, you will learn what dropshipping means and the mindset needed to operate in this medium. You will also discover how to research potential niches and find good suppliers.

Ronald Anderson compares the platforms you can use to negotiate your sales with the advantages and disadvantages of each. In addition, you will learn dropshipping techniques, ideas for creating a great brand, marketing channels, optimization tips, and more.

E-Commerce Empire, by Peter Pru

This is a must-have book for anyone considering starting an online business. The book will provide a complete guide to help you build a successful online business with reliable techniques and strategies.

Dropshipping: How to Make Money Online & Build Your Own $100,000+ Dropshipping Online Business, by Anthony Parker

In this book, you learn everything you need to know about dropshipping. This book uses many practical examples from 50 American dropshipping companies. With these examples, you will better understand the steps necessary to start a successful dropshipping business.

Product Research 101: Find Winning Products to Sell on Amazon and Beyond, by Renae Clark

This book will teach you the most essential steps to operate in the dropshipping business. How to look for market trends, the best-selling products, which niches are most profitable, product ideas, and other tips. Everything you need, you will find in this book.

Dropshipping: The Ultimate Guide to Building a Six-Figure Ecommerce Business, by Timothy Winterborn

Another excellent book for you to learn what you need to start in the dropshipping business. The author brings in this book his own experience working in this field. You will learn strategies to set up your store, find the best suppliers and products, find a market in the chosen niche, etc. It is a book aimed at beginners, so please consider consulting the other books on this list to get a better approach to this business model.

Dropshipping E-commerce Business Model 2022, by Phil Ortiz

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In this dropshipping book, Phil Ortiz teaches you how to find the best products to sell, the right niche to start your business in, optimize your online store sales, and deal with the competition.

Amazon FBA, Dropshipping Shopify, Social Media & Affiliate Marketing, by Steven Sparrow

This book is for those who want to start their online business but are lost without knowing where to start. You will find lessons on how to set up your online business on Amazon FBA, Shopify, or dropshipping, and tips on affiliate marketing and social media.

There are 4 books in 1 that cover all aspects of doing business online and should greatly help anyone who wants to start in this new field.

Dropshipping & Shopify – A Step-By-Step Guide for Beginners, by Robert Kasey

This is not a book for beginners. In it, the author brings the best techniques to monetize your business and the most common mistakes associated with dropshipping. He also covers techniques to automate your store and tips for marketing channels.

The Ultimate Guide to Dropshipping, by Mark Hayes and Andrew Youderian

As suggested by the title, this book is a guide covering all dropshipping areas for beginners in the business. This book gives an overview of the business model, teaching a little about everything, from setting up and growing your business to finding the best products to sell. It is an essential read for anyone considering entering this type of business.

Dropshipping, by Lauren Hawkins

This book is very straightforward and objective. You won’t find any tips in it, so it is unsuitable for beginners. The book explains what dropshipping is and gives direct instructions about the needs and demands of the business model.

Dropshipping Secrets Ultimate Business Guide, by Kaden S. Coziar

Another book for experienced dropshippers. In it, you will find the main mistakes and secrets that would only be known over time in dropshipping. You can learn why specific strategies work and others don’t. In addition, the author presents the system he created through research and studies conducted for years.

Dropship Institute, by Cory Eckert

This book will help you figure out whether dropshipping is for you. You will find the type of product that will work for you to sell. How to find reliable suppliers, improve your sales website to attract more buyers, and interact with customers to build buyer loyalty in your store.

The 4-Hour Workweek: Escape 9-5, Live Anywhere, and Join the New Rich, by Timothy Ferriss

Another essential book for experienced dropshippers. This book is recommended for anyone who wants to streamline and optimize their business. It also includes studies and tips from previous readers who have succeeded in dropshipping.

Own Your Niche, by Stephanie Chandler

This book will teach you how to connect with your target audience and which products to sell. In addition, it will teach you how to increase your sales and attract more customers by separating them by common interests.

The $100 Startup: Reinvent the Way You Make a Living, Do What You Love by Chris Guillebeau

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This book teaches you how to start dropshipping with little investment through case studies of entrepreneurs who started with little funds. Through the knowledge of those who have already become successful in the business, you will be able to increase your earnings by reinventing how you make money.

500 Social Media Marketing Tips, by Andrew Macarthy

As we can see, the dropshipping business’s soul is how products are marketed. With this book, you will have 500 marketing tips to be the best in social media.

Your Guide to Mastering Dropshipping, by Chris Sharpe

This is an updated and relevant dropshipping guide to help you in the ways of this business. In it, you will find advanced topics such as automations for your online store and dropshipping methods through well-known platforms such as eBay, Amazon, Shopify, and more.

You can also find tips on avoiding mistakes within this business and information on contacting and negotiating with suppliers.

The 4-Hour Workweek, by Timothy Ferriss

This book provides the author’s insight on how to balance your personal life and your work. The book brings Tim Ferriss’ personal experiences and advice to help entrepreneurs improve their work routines.

Think and Grow Rich, by Napoleon Hill

This is one of the greatest works of self-development. The author writes about the success of millionaire men such as Henry Ford and Thomas Edison to inspire the reader to pursue success.

Dropshipping Guide, by Matt J. Marswood

This book will show you how to enter the eCommerce market with essential tips like how to best find reliable suppliers and choose trending products. You will also find in the book ways to integrate your website with platforms like Shopify and eBay.

How to Win Friends & Influence People, by Dale Carnegie

This book has become one of the most influential in recent years. The book teaches the steps necessary to build relationships and learn how to deal with people.

Dropshipping 101: Ecommerce Without Inventory, by Daniel Threlfall

In this guide, the author covers the basics of dropshipping. It is especially recommended for those starting this business from scratch. The book will teach you what dropshipping actually is, which popular product to choose, strategies for promoting your business, and much more.

Final Thoughts

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These are just some of the many dropshipping books that can be found. Dropshipping is an up-and-coming business that will only grow over the years.

To get into this business or stay in it, it is essential that you have the necessary knowledge and keep up to date with the trends in the industry. And there is no better source of knowledge than books.