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Alibaba vs DHgate

Alibaba vs DHgate: Which is Best to Find Wholesalers

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Online shopping is the new norm. With more than 5.25 people out of 7.9 billion people using the internet, online shopping is as lucrative as it gets. Several years ago, most people only knew of the Alibaba platform for bulk online shopping from Chinese suppliers. However, the service wasn’t as intuitive, and there were problems with communication between buyers and sellers. Things have changed quite a bit from those early years.

Not only does China have Alibaba, but they also have DHgate, an excellent alternative offering similar services and products. Both e-commerce platforms have outstanding features that make them stand out. Hence, it is quite tricky to pick one at a glance. Our DHgate vs. Alibaba comparison will help you understand which online marketplace best fits your needs.

Our Pick

When everything is considered, Alibaba comes out on top. It has a more established history, more vendors, a greater variety of products, diverse payment methods, excellent escrow protection, and multiple modes of communication. You just can’t go wrong with Alibaba.

shopping siteAbout Alibaba

Alibaba is a renowned Chinese company. The brand was introduced into the Chinese market in 1999 in Hangzhou, China. Alibaba has business-to-business B2B sales services on its web portal. Since its introduction, Alibaba has provided an integrated platform for buyers to purchase their products online.

Arguably so, Alibaba is one of the best product suppliers globally. Alibaba’s success is, in part, due to the good trade relations China has with several countries. This greatly streamlines trade and commerce on an international level.


Product Diversity: Alibaba sells everything you want. The brand has a community forum that addresses the needs of its teeming customers. The website sells apparel, electronics, food, and other agricultural products. 

Premium Products: Additionally, the brand has a premium market for bags, shoes, and other accessories. So if you want something extra, you can even get luxury goods that don’t compromise on quality.

Real Products: With Alibaba, you do not need to worry about fake products. Fake products on the website are quickly deleted by moderators.



About DHgate

DHgate was launched in Beijing in 2005 by Diana Wang to offer competition to global online marketplaces. The company considers itself to be a modern Silk Road. As such, the website has millions of products on display to live up to its namesake and reputation. It’s one place you cannot afford to ignore.


One-Stop Shop: DHgate sells everything from pins to shoes. Furthermore, you will also find a diverse range of offerings from shirts, jeans, hair care products, and even automotive parts. Whatever product you can imagine, DHgate has got it in its product listings.

Independent Supplier: Additionally, the brand has independent partners that supply pharmaceutical and chemical items.

Product Niches: You can find several things on DHgate, including apparel, customized bags, lights, lighting accessories, musical instruments, jewelry, food, and beverages. Buyers with specific niches can find unique items not available elsewhere.



Similarities Between Alibaba and DHgate

Each platform tries to excel at what it does. As such, both share many great features that customers love.

Product Selection

Everyone loves verified suppliers with millions of products. Alibaba and DHgate have the best trade assurance options you could want. Additionally, these brands have inventories with unlimited (almost) items for you to purchase.


While both DHgate and Alibaba may have fake or replica products as outliers, these offenders are quickly removed from the website. This strict quality control has earned them the respect of international buyers.


DHgate has over 2.4 million reliable sellers with a complete inventory of products. It offers a perfect platform for new sellers to showcase their goods. Alibaba, on the other hand, has sellers selling similar products at different prices. The brand has almost 3 million suppliers divided into small and medium retailers for easy accessibility. In short, both brands have many suppliers to choose from.

Payment Protection

Buyer protection plans safeguard you against scams. Thus, you need a solid buyer protection plan if you want to enjoy top-tier products from any online vendor. Regarding buyer protection plans, Alibaba has better deals. The brand has its famous Trade Assurance program. 

Your money is held in escrow until you’re satisfied with the product and authorize the release of funds to the seller. DHgate offers a similar program but is not as robust or reliable.

Differences Between Alibaba and DHgate

shopping siteCommunication

Global buyers know how important communication is when buying things online. These communication methods help buyers connect freely with their vendors to obtain the necessary support.

Still, DHgate does not have as many communication methods as Alibaba. The brand only allows two communication methods: chatting online and sending emails. However, the brand ensures that you have 24-hour support with its live chatting sessions and emails.

Conversely, Alibaba has four different communication methods you can leverage to connect with the brand. You can use the start order, chat now, get the latest price, and contact supplier features from Alibaba to get the best services.


Generally speaking, Alibaba just has a lot more features when it comes to site functionality. You’ll have an easier time customizing your product requests and quotations when you can specify just what you want. This is not the same case with DHgate. The latter isn’t as versatile.

Coupons and Discounts

Both platforms offer amazing discounts and offers, but each platform is unique in what it presents. As such, what is suitable for one customer may not be viable for the other. Since discounts and coupons may come with many conditions attached, they’re a mixed bag.


The Alibaba-DHgate comparison will not end in a hurry. Both are great online shopping platforms with features that make them outstanding. As to which brand is the best? It all depends on your preference and needs. However, Alibaba has the upper hand since it has been on the market for a while. But both Alibaba and DHgate are good platforms for online shopping.