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Adobe Spark Vs Canva

Adobe Spark Vs Canva: Which is the Better Choice for You

Suppose you’re working on an advertising piece.

In that case, a nice page with nice graphics can catch people’s attention, and you want a whole host of customization options and not have to compromise on anything as you work efficiently.

However, with packages like Adobe spark and Canva, how can you decide which is best for you and your workload?

That is why, below, you can find an overview of each and the benefits and drawbacks of each to help you make an informed decision when choosing your next content maker.

Adobe Spark Vs. Canva, At A Glance

  • Adobe spark is ideal for users who want to start a personal project or hobby and want to gauge interest with style suggestions for those who aren’t quite sure what they are looking for.
  • Canva is good for businesses or individuals that want to extend their reach with versatile graphics and want simple tools that allow them to drop in templates with ease.

Are There Any Similarities Between The Two?

Before we look at each site individually, it’s a good idea to get the similarities out of the way first, as you can find some inclusions that act as standout features, so these are listed below.

Ease Of Use

Both sites are perfect for beginners as their tools are easy to find and use and are able to move around elements and offer brand kits that you can try out and apply to all of your designs.

Being able to use the mobile version for each site means it’s never been easier to use them, though you may be limited with what you can do with these.

Stock Image And Video Options

Both services have a good range of stock images available in their libraries and give you the option to upload your own images, so you have a flexible workaround to make your projects stand out from competitors with the addition of social media sharing.

These both also have free video editing tools, but with Adobe Spark, this does mean you will have to open a new tab to do this, and you may be limited by not having stock videos available, but if this a feature you’re not looking to use that much, you shouldn’t have any problems.

What Is Adobe Spark?

If you want to create banners, posters, or graphics that grab people’s attention and comes with plenty of features to make your work stand out, you have access to Adobe stock images, filters, overlays, and textures, while adding some of your own design templates.

You can easily resize and crop images to your liking and remove background elements you don’t like while having options to make your work social-media friendly, witty plenty of designs that make your work look fresh and exciting.


  • Work well with client briefs -This package is excellent for those who are making graphics for a client with a specific brief, as you can simply tap and resize any assets they want on the content.
  • Works well with teams – You can also share your work with teams so you can all work consistently if you’re all working on similar projects, or if you all want to use the same templates, you can add them to a library, so you have a faster start.
  • Variety of processes – You can pretty much make anything from social graphics, logos, flyers, banners, Instagram stories, advertisements, posters, business cards, and video thumbnails, so gone are the days when you might hire someone to do this work for you.


  • Integrations could be better – it’s challenging to integrate with an existing website, and with Adobe hosting the content, it means that any post you make with your content links them back to the Adobe page, which means less time spent on your site.
  • Not ideal for website building – If you’re looking to build a website as an extension of your content, this isn’t possible as you can create something like a landing page, but it’s only a single page, meaning you can’t build out multiple pages.
  • Some features are behind a priced plan – You have to sign up for a premium price plan if you want to use more fonts, templates, stock collection photos, banners, and more storage, so some people who use this as a hobby might feel locked out of extra features.

Adobe Spark Is Great For

  • Those who are looking to test a new personal project or if you want to create a simple yet sophisticated landing page.
  • For start-ups or small businesses who want to test a landing page to gauge customer interest or a way to seek prospective clients.
  • For those who don’t have a massive marketing budget and need to piece something together quickly, you might be able to do this with a free account.

What Is Canva?

This platform allows you to work on a desktop or phone, as you can take your project with you wherever you go, and you can look through popular designs and create just about anything you can think of, including moving assets and custom prints.

The people at Canva know that many people use their service, so from teachers to businesses to advertisers, you can find the template and design that gets your message across stylishly and efficiently.


  • Easy navigation – The dashboard is easy to navigate and can make it easier to search for design ideas, and here you can find suggested layouts for those times when you might not be sure what you’re looking for in your content.
  • Brand consistency – You have more control over your branding if you work in groups. You can set restrictions to things like size and fonts with your brand kit, which you can export to your other projects, with the chance to try out new designs.
  • Good for schools – It has a feature where students and teachers can create class projects and have great integration with Google Classroom, Moodle, Blackboard, and Microsoft Teams, you can make fun lesson plans that give a unique way of learning.


  • Pretty simple application with websites – You can create websites with Canva, but they are pretty simple and act more like a one-page brochure if you view it this way, so if you’re looking for a premium website layout, you might want to look elsewhere.
  • Smartphone editing might not be for everyone – Even though it has applications on your smartphone, editing your work on these can be a bit fiddly, and the interface is squashed down, so it could be a problem if you’re going to be using it a lot.
  • Limited customer support – Even though the free version gives you some great options, it does mean that your account is a lower priority than a premium subscriber, so you could be waiting for up to a week to hear back from a support query.

Canva Is Great For

Entrepreneurs or medium-sized businesses who need to create, share, and manage branded content.

For those who don’t have a background in digital design and implementation as the tools are simple to use.

If you are looking to expand your social media content quality, the features are made even better with a paid subscription, even if you’re not the most knowledgeable in this area of design.

Adobe Spark Vs Canva: Our Verdict

We’ll suggest Adobe Spark for those who are already familiar with this software or use a few Adobe products and want a seamless transition between them, but if you’re looking to build something into a website at some point, you may want to go with Canva.

This is because you get more options, even though they are limited, but it’s a deal better than Adobe, so it might be worth you trying out a free account or a free trial period to see what works best for you, as it may differ from each use case.

You should be aware, though, that if you’re looking for a professional graphic design tool or video editor, neither of these may be broad enough to plug that gap.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Is The Best Plan For Cost?

As it stands, Adobe Spark is the cheaper option, with a pro plan costing $9.99 a month with no annual commitment, and Canva being $12.99 a month, with the choice to purchase an annual plan which is in Adobe Spark’s favor.

How many Templates Do Both Offer?

Canva gives you more choices, with over 420,000 templates compared to Adobe Spark having 41,000, so here is where you might want to invest in a plan as you could find the perfect design you’ve been looking for, so it helps to shop around.


With this in mind, there are going to be those who prefer a specific type of app that gives you different and affordable graphic design that is great for those getting started and want something where they can create content easily.