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Learn Why PayPal No Longer Accepts Your Checks

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Learn Why PayPal No Longer Accepts Your Checks

In this article, we will talk about why won’t PayPal cash my check and the features of the check option on PayPal, if it is a good option today and the advantages and disadvantages of this tool. With technology innovating daily, new resources are available to all and are more practical and straightforward. So society generally uses less paper and does not require travel to bank branches, for example.


PayPal is a software where financial transactions are made online. It can also be your digital wallet because it allows users to save their earnings in their digital accounts. It also enables users to transfer, request, receive, or save money securely and appropriately.

The platform offers buyers and sellers solutions and allows users to make financial transactions between friends and family without needing a business relationship. Besides being known for its online payment methods, PayPal is also used in physical stores. It provides a more comprehensive range of services than PayPal offers its users. These are some options of services that PayPal offers:

  • Pay with credit and debit cards;
  • Make payments at physical stores using the PayPal Mobile card;
  • Make payments;
  • Send Money Charges.

PayPal was created in 1998 in the United States, coming from the idea of another company called Confinity. This American company had its headquarters in Silicon Valley and was known for being the precursor of PayPal. The Confinity-manufactured software is used to make payments and encryption via Palm Pilot.

PayPal was founded by Luke Nosek, Max Levchin, Ken Howery, and Peter Thiel. Elon Musk was also part of the company sometime after the start. At first, their main idea was to provide solutions for making payments, and the platform’s initial goal was to improve the ways of transacting with money. So today, with the platform is possible to make payments online and provide a work of digital movements without the need for a physical bank.

Why is the check still in circulation if it is not widely used?

Nowadays, technology has brought many changes in the means of making transactions in bank accounts. Most people make their transactions on their smartphones, computer, or with credit or debit cards. But then, why do people still use them?

One reason is that it is still an excellent way to make large-value transactions, such as buying a home or car. Older people prefer checks in their daily lives to make payments and take money somewhere. And even give someone a present when it comes to more significant amounts.

It is still common for medium and small companies to use checkbooks in the business sector. However, apart from these reasons, it becomes more and more evident that checks are leaving the scene each day, and other technologies are taking their place, either for practicality or cost reasons. There are costs when talking about reviews for the person who will use them and for the financial agencies.


Reasons why PayPal won't cash your check.

Bank checks are used to perform transactions that have more significant amounts and when there is no trust between buyer and seller. Although it is not mandatory, it is widely used in deeds of purchasing and selling real estate, cars, land, etc. Its main advantages are:

  • Security;
  • Moving large amounts of money;
  • Having organized records of these transactions.


Bank checks are used to perform transactions that have more significant amounts and when there is no trust between buyer and seller. Although it is not mandatory, it is widely used in deeds of purchasing and selling real estate, cars, land, etc. Its main advantages are:

  • Security;
  • Moving large amounts of money;
  • Having organized records of these transactions.


From the moment the beneficiary’s name is filled in, even if the check gets lost, it cannot be used by anyone else. Thus, bandits will have difficulties withdrawing values from the check, considering the associated security standards.

Large Movements

The check makes it possible to make payments with large amounts of money practically and safely. Suppose you need a large amount of money from your bank. If you take it, there is a daily limit, and you will have to wait until the bank has the entire amount. 

Transfer transfers also have limitations and costs, varying according to the institutions and the place they are made. So it is for these reasons that checks are often used to make purchases that require higher amounts.


The price: some banks offer their clients a limited number of checks if they agree to purchase a specific service package. In this sense, checks have high prices. And these prices can vary depending on the bank and the check model.

The expiration date is also a disadvantage because all checks have an expiration date of usually one year. After the expiration date, you will not be able to use it. Otherwise, the bank will refuse to pay. If you don’t use them and want to return them to your bank, you may have to pay a fee.

There are deadlines, and these are approximately eight days. You must, within this period, present the check you received from your bank to receive your payment. The time limit is counted from the day you made the issue. If the eight days are exceeded, the bank can refuse to pay, or the person who issued the check can order the agency not to pay.

Nowadays, only some places accept checks. In the past, it was common to make payments for construction projects and appliances with a check. Today, this is not the case. Many establishments, businesses, and stores do not accept checks as payment.

Mobile Check at PayPal

The mobile check deposit is a feature many banks and businesses offer their customers to facilitate the promise. That is a quick and easy way for the customer not to need to travel to a bank branch, for example.

You only need a smartphone and take pictures of both sides of the check. That way, you can perform this transaction anywhere. All you need is internet access.

PayPal is a tool that enables its users to perform all their transactions online. It is also possible for PayPal to hold funds before they are transferred to a bank account or used to pay businesses or individuals.

Ways to cash checks at PayPal

Direct Deposit: Simple, Safe and Convenient Payment Method.

1. Select the “Wallet” option;

2. Click on “Cashing a Check” (you will be prompted for your camera and location);

3. You will be prompted to set up a PayPal account balance (if you do not already have one);

4. Enter the amount of the check, take a picture of the front and back of the check with your smartphone and click forward;

5. Choose how long you want to access your money and click “confirm”.

Mobile Alternatives

What sets PayPal apart from other banks is that you can link any deposit account to it. So you’ll have an extensive list of options you can choose to use as an intermediary for your mobile checks.

  1. A reloadable prepaid card can deposit your check without opening a new bank account. One card that requires no minimum balance and offers you a free mobile check deposit is the Bluebird from American Express, done through your smartphone.

Bluebird will not charge monthly or annual fees or any costs for bill payments, inactivity, overdraft, foreign exchange, or a new card. So what makes this card unique is that with no downtime fees and no annual fee, you will not be charged if you decide not to use it.

However, if you need to withdraw money at an ATM that is not MoneyPass, it will cost you a $2 fee and a surcharge from the ATM network. Users who do not have direct deposit connected to their card can pay a $2 fee at MoneyPass ATMs.

  1. Online banks are constantly trying to win over new users and their old customers. A lot of banks reimburse their customers for all ATM fees. This means they can withdraw their money from any ATM or bank that suits them best.

Furthermore, digital banks don’t have to worry about maintenance at physical branches. They offer their customers savings or checking accounts with high yields and better rates. As well as opening accounts for free. In this regard, these online banks devote funds to improving the system and their mobile banking platforms.

Final Thoughts

Therefore, the use of checks is gradually decreasing, and digital banks have already gained a lot of strength and offer many services that attract users. PayPal these days is an example, as it is one of the largest online transaction banks in the world. 

The platform provides customers with more efficient ways of conducting financial transactions and offers transparency and flexibility to all users simultaneously. We hope this article has been helpful and answered all your questions.