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Why Can't eBay Process My Payment?

Why Can’t eBay Process My Payment?

Most online transactions leave much to be desired, playing into the negative perception of online financial transactions. eBay’s stellar reputation as a place to buy, sell, and make money quickly and easily has made it a household name. Their commitment to excellence has earned the brand credibility. However, thinking otherwise is easy and frustrating when the payment is coming slower than expected. 

You can make payments for most listings on eBay with your credit or debit card, and you’ll see the sellers accepted payment options at the checkout. But sometimes, a particular device or firewall, bug, ad blocker on checkout or PayPal’s sign-in page, and issues with a particular payment method will derail the transaction. So, read further for more details on why eBay may not be capable of processing my payment to an eBay or PayPal account.

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Why Is eBay Not Processing My PayPal Account Payment?

Due to its efficiency, most eBay users use their PayPal accounts to conduct transactions. However, sometimes the PayPal payment functions disappoint. So, if your eBay or PayPal account isn’t working, check if PayPal needs additional documentation from you or if you have set up your eBay account to accept payment. 

Provide the documentation and set up your payment feature if that’s the case. Also, check if your card details, like CVV code, name, address, expiration date, and card number, are correct. Ensure that the billing address and name you input rhyme with your card statement. You might be experiencing a network downtime, so change from your usual Wi-Fi network to see if things change.

If you’re still not making any headway, try disabling your ad blocker on checkout pages or try using another browser for the transaction. You might run an old web browser that needs to be more secure to make or manage eBay payment methods. So please update your browser or try completing checkout using another device to rule them out. Also, swapping your card at eBay’s checkout might help.

The issue might result from the buyer’s account on eBay or PayPal. You may be trying to make a payment using a guest account, and there are limits to the transaction they can conduct in guest mode. Alternatively, you could sign out, clear your cache and cookies, and sign in again before trying to check out.

Can an Expired Card Make eBay Not Process My Payment?

If you’re working with a new card, ensure it’s activated before inputting the details on eBay. Send a message to the company that provided your card if you need help activating it. Furthermore, verify whether your card is expired, which will cause the platform to decline the card, explaining the access denied error message. If the card has expired, update the details in the Payments section on eBay. 

Another criterion to consider is the funds in the card. Contrary to your thoughts, you may need more funds on your PayPal balance to purchase the item. So, check your account balance to know if you have sufficient funds for the order. And if you wish to add a new card and remove the expired card, use the +Add payment option instead of Edit under payment options. 

Is PayPal the Only Reliable Payment Method On eBay?

PayPal is one of many payment methods you can use on eBay. You can make payments with google pay, debit or credit card, and Apple pay without delays. So feel free to switch your payment method or card if PayPal is not working for you. That aside, check if the seller accepts your preferred payment method before initiating payment. 

You can contact and notify the seller of your dilemma and see if they would make exceptions and accept other payment methods. Enter your credit card into eBay’s checkout page to make payments with your card. Also, eBay runs a top-notch data protection service, and they would secure your data and not share your card details.

How Long Does It Take to Get Paid on eBay or PayPal Account?

LaptopThe brand automatically deducts selling fees and additional costs, showcasing the amount you’re due as Processing Funds. Also, the payout’s availability depends on your payment schedule. It takes a day after payment is confirmed for payouts to be available, provided the system did not place the transaction on hold.

You will wait two days to access the funds if you’re on a daily payout schedule. If you’re running on a weekly payout schedule, eBay initiates the payout for sales you made from Monday to Sunday on Tuesdays. They also pay every second Tuesday for biweekly payouts and the first Tuesday for every monthly payout.

Generally, your bank takes 1-3 business days to make your funds available after eBay initiates a payout. That aside, the brand can link your available funds to your checking account whenever you request it. However, this option is only for weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly payout schedules, not daily payout schedules, because it’s already running on a tight schedule.

Initiating a payout through Visa or MasterCard debit card takes 30 minutes or less for the funds to show. However, it comes with a 1.5% fee subtracted from your cumulative total. Additionally, some banking holidays can stall your payouts by some days, depending on your payment schedule. 

How Do I Know When to Expect Funds in My Bank Account?

If you want to know when to expect the money you made from your sale, click on my eBay and choose Selling from the drop-down menu. Further, click Sold to see your sale history. The date you will likely receive the money from your sale, which you can view near the bottom of each listing besides “Estimated Funds Availability.”


Experiencing problems with PayPal involving payments or bank accounts on eBay sites is daunting. An unstable network can cause an access denied error message. So don’t fret, many have experienced the same problem and have related questions, and there are solutions you can try out. For a temporary workaround, try completing the mentioned solutions in our review. 

Check your card details on eBay checkout to ensure you input them correctly. If you’re using Firefox, try disabling enhanced tracking protection or updating your browser. Also, ad blockers from checkout pages or PayPal’s sign-in can disrupt the transaction. So consider disabling them. Try completing checkout using a laptop or switching between using PayPal payment to debit or credit cards.