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PayPal Platform Address and Data

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In this article, we will learn more about the PayPal platform. Where is PayPal headquarters address, the founders, the company’s numbers, its growth over time, and possible growth forecasts for the software.

PayPal Headquarters Address | Find the Location of PayPal's Corporate Office


The PayPal platform is where payments can be made online. It also serves as a digital wallet, allowing users to store their balances and make financial transactions quickly and efficiently. 

PayPal offers solutions geared towards sellers and customers but allows transactions between users, whether family or friends, without needing any business ties. Although it is known for its online payment methods, it can also be used for physical stores, offering a more comprehensive range of services. These are some of the options that the platform offers:

  • Receive payments;
  • Send collections;
  • Make payments in physical stores using the PayPal Mobile card;
  • Pay with credit or debit cards.

PayPal History

The company was born in December 1998, in California, more precisely in San Jose, United States. And before it was called PayPal, it had the name Confinity. The software was developed by four friends, Peter Thiel, Luke Nosek, Ken Howery, and Max Levchin. Initially, it was used as a payment via Palm Pilot, a handheld computer model widely used before smartphones. Then PayPal was a service offered by a company called Confinity. 

 Confinity Inc. was an American software company with its headquarters in Silicon Valley. It was known as the creator of PayPal. It was used as a Palm Pilot payments and encryption company. 

 In 2000 the company began to evolve. There was then the merger of the platform with, which was an online bank founded by Elon Musk. However, a year later, the union of the companies was officially called PayPal. Through this merger, the company began to evolve and have significant results. 

In 2002, eBay acquired PayPal as a payment method example. And so began the international expansion of PayPal. Thus, increasing the features offered to users and establishing partnerships worldwide. Today, PayPal payments are received in approximately 200 countries, with more than 25 currencies handled by the platform.

Where is PayPal Headquarters Address

Discover PayPal Headquarters | Location and Information on PayPal's Corporate Office

California, in Sao Jose, USA, where is PayPal headquarters address, are located in the same place of origin. The correct address is PayPal Holdings, Inc, 2211 North First Street, San Jose, CA 95110-1399, and the contact phone is 408-967-1000. PayPal also has 14 offices throughout the United States and in 30 countries. Users of the platform can contact them online, by phone, email, and through social media.

 The company’s building is located in the center of the South Los Angeles district. It looks like a mix of historical and modern architecture.

Where Are PayPal's Other Offices Located?

These are the locations of PayPal’s offices in the United States: 

  • Austin, Texas;
  • Boston, Mass;
  • La Vista, Nebraska;
  • Chandler, Arizona;
  • Chicago, Ill;
  • Lutherville – Timonium, MD;
  • Auburndale, Newton, MA;
  • New York, NY;
  • Scottsdale, Arizona;
  • Omaha, Nebraska;
  • Salt Lake City, Utah;
  • Plymouth Meeting, PA;
  • Washington, District of Columbia; and,
  • Wilmington, Delaware.

PayPal Transactions

The main idea of the platform was to innovate and eliminate the traditionally used transfer methods. Today, PayPal offers its customers services such as requesting, receiving and sending money to anyone effortlessly and securely. Moreover, PayPal enables any online seller or business to sell its products properly and efficiently. 

The platform will not charge you fees when you create your account. But will charge a percentage on top of the total amount if you need to include a currency conversion process. The rate is around 2.9% of the total amount, and an additional $0.30 fee is also charged for each transaction you make.

How Does PayPal Make Money?

The platform earns most of its profits from the transactions made by its users and third parties. This is how PayPal’s profits work, as it depends on the number of transactions processed throughout the year and other contracts the company has. It may not seem like a good way for a company to profit, but this is how PayPal makes billions of dollars annually. According to CNBC, the company’s profits in the first quarter of 2021 were approximately $6.03 billion. As well as, PayPal moved around $285 billion. 

The platform has many active user accounts that they constantly use to make transfers, receive or request money. And more than 20 million merchants use PayPal for their transactions. The software also profits through value-added services such as loans, different subscriptions, and receivables. And that’s how the market turns.

Relevant Facts About PayPal

PayPal United States | Secure Online Payment Solutions and Services
  • 1. Number of Active PayPal Accounts:
    You may be surprised to learn that the number of active PayPal accounts is approximately 325 million. These people use the platform to perform a wide variety of transactions. And this number tends to grow more and more.
  • 2. Innovations:
    The software doesn’t just want to provide online payment transaction services; the company wants to innovate. It wants to achieve excellence in online banking and in the modifications of existing transactional models. This is why PayPal is incorporating new features.

    Some examples are, buy now and pay later with zero interest rate. This makes it easier for users to purchase online loans without interest fees and cryptocurrency transactions that you can sell, buy and hold using your PayPal wallet. 
  • 3. The Size of PayPal:
    From the platform’s number of users, it is the leader in online payment transactions. However, be even more surprised as 22% of all online transactions made are by PayPal. 
  • 4. Online Shopping:
    Approximately payments made when people make online payments are made through PayPal. This shows that they trust the company’s transparency.
  • 5. Referrals:
    PayPal made a good marketing move when it made for some vulnerable years. It started offering $20 to users who created an account with a particular referral link. As a result, users invited more people who knew the software and thus began to gain significant popularity. All this cost around $70 million, and the company reached the mark of 100,00 new PayPal accounts.
  • 6. Fees:
    Few people know, but PayPal, in the beginning, used to charge a subscription fee to be able to use their services. This all used to cost $20. A while later, it was reduced to $10, and finally, it went to $5. 
  • 7. Data Sharing:
    A not-so-lovely fact is that PayPal can share your data with other companies, such as Google, Apple, and Facebook. 
  • 8. PayPal Availability:
    PayPal supports receiving and sending money in 25 different currencies, so the software is not accessible in all countries. There are countries where you cannot create your PayPal account due to technical problems. But this tool is available in over 200 countries. 
  • 9. Transaction Numbers:
    Knowing that the company is the largest online transaction business in the world, there are times when its transactions are rare. You may be surprised to learn that customers who make an average use of the platform complete only 40 transactions on PayPal per year. 
  • 10. Commerce and PayPal:
    One of the causes that make PayPal a popular tool is that many merchants working on websites use the software. Because their customers prefer to buy products from sellers who allow them to pay using PayPal.
  • 11. More Users:
    If you’ve ever wondered why PayPal is widespread and how the numbers are multiplying. The answer is that those who use the platform recommend that their friends and family use the service too. For the quality and transparency of the company.
  • 12. PayPal In Mobile Applications:
    Many users prefer to access their PayPal account on some computers. However, this has been changing as the use of the app on smartphones has increased in recent years. This number went up in the first quarter of 2019, a period that runs from January 1 to March 31, so the number of people transacting on mobile apps is much higher compared to the first quarter of 2018. 
  • 13. Protection Service:
    PayPal protects its sellers and buyers from all types of fraud and offers two protection models, one for the buyer and the seller.


Suppose a seller delivers a tangible or non-tangible product, and he can prove it. In that case, it can be used in cases where the buyer claims not to have received the product or if there is a payment that was not authorized. So the seller’s protection includes both products and services. And the primary condition for such claims is proof that the product or service has been delivered to the place specified.


Since a person uses PayPal to purchase some product on any sales site, and that product does not arrive or does not match the description the seller has provided. The person who made the purchase may request that your money be refunded from PayPal. 

Whatever the problem, for example, if you receive a used product instead of the new one you ordered, or get a smaller quantity than you ordered, or whatever deviation the item may have from its description. The buyer is entitled to a 100% refund.

PayPal Actions

PayPal Address | Locate PayPal's Contact Information and Mailing Address

Here we will look at the profitability of the platform’s shares. 

  • Possible PayPal Stock Price Increases
    If we analyze the growth of PayPal’s shares in recent years, we can see that the numbers are only increasing. In 2015 it cost around $35, and in 2020, it went up to $215. In this sense, it is clear that the company is in a growth phase. 
  • Inflation
    You know that if you keep your physical money wherever it is, it will diminish over time due to inflation. This may be an option for you to invest in PayPal stock.
  • PayPal of the Future
    As we know, the world is evolving more every day concerning technology. So, in a precise analysis, it’s evident that, in the future, many more people will use online platforms to perform transactions such as sending, receiving, and collecting money. And since PayPal is on the rise, it will grow even more.
  • Share Buybacks
    It is believed that PayPal will buy back shares by 2025, so the price will increase significantly due to the lack of these shares in the market. 
  • Predictions for the Future
    There are several assumptions and possible predictions for the future of the platform. In this sense, the tendency is for the shares to increase their value rapidly in a few years. So, it is an idea to be considered and a good reason to buy some PayPal shares.

Final Thoughts

Therefore, PayPal is one of the largest and most popular online transaction banks. The platform is available in over 200 countries and has offices worldwide. It has its headquarters right in San Jose, California, where the worldwide operations of its financial services are managed. 

With innovation, technology, and strategic partnerships, PayPal provides its customers with more efficient ways to conduct transactions. While at the same time providing more transparency and flexibility to all users. We hope this article has answered all your questions about PayPal. 

If you need a more technical answer, don’t hesitate to contact the company through the official website.