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Find Out Which Airlines Accept PayPal as a Payment Method

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Vast payment possibilities are essential for every kind of business these days. If you are a frequent traveler, you know how important it is for airlines to have several payment possibilities. And one option may be PayPal, which is a digital wallet, simple and fast to use.

Convenient Payment Options: Discover Airlines That Accept PayPal for Hassle-Free Travel Booking and Ticket Purchases

In short, with PayPal, you will have great freedom to make your payments. You need to add your credit cards to your PayPal wallet. To make the payment, log into your account with your username and password and choose which one you want to use. Given this enormous ease, we will cover in this article the features of PayPal and what airlines accept PayPal.

PayPal: One of the World’s Largest Online Payment Processors

If you still have any fears about having a digital wallet, learn about the history and idealizations of PayPal. PayPal’s idea is to use specific encryption software to allow consumers to transfer money electronically. This idea seems so familiar nowadays, but in the past, it was seen as something that took an effort to achieve.

In 1998 in Palo Alto, California, Max Levchin and Peter Theil founded Paypal. And the very next year, in 1999, the company was launched as a platform for money transfers. Its initial public offering took place in 2002.

In 2002 eBay bought PayPal for about $1.5 billion, soaring the company into the world. In the next two years, PayPal expanded its international reach, reaching new audiences.

In 2006, the already-established PayPal added 10 currencies to its platform, including the Swiss franc and Singapore dollar. The following year, in 2007, the company generated $1.8 billion in revenue, denoting enormous success in the market.

From 2008 to 2018, there was a considerable expansion at PayPal. Its developments ranged from launching apps for Android and ISO devices to adding more currencies to its system. Mobile payments reached the $4 billion mark in 2011. Two years later, in 2013, these figures almost doubled the previous year to $27 billion.

In fact, PayPal’s history demonstrates how the company has accelerated its growth and continues to provide quality service to its customers. Even though the company has gone through some difficult times, it has overcome them and become stronger. In this sense, the more customers that sign up with Paypal, the greater the demand on the market for retailers to accept this payment method. And this creates a profitable cycle for the company, ensuring its growth.

What Airlines Accept PayPal as a Payment Method Anyway?

Secure and Convenient Payments: Explore the Benefits of Using Debit Cards for Easy and Safe Financial Transactions

After seeing how visionary the company was, let’s get to the article’s focus. Booking flights can be a bit difficult at times. Airline tickets need to be more convenient and flexible at the time of purchase. With this in mind, PayPal was designed to solve these adversities of airline transactions.

You can find numerous airlines that accept PayPal as a payment method for flight purchase payments. This is just one of the multiple methods used for online transaction payments. For example, travel agency companies Expedia and TripAdvisor use PayPal as a payment option. In this sense, airline companies accepting PayPal as a payment option are growing steadily worldwide.

We’ve Listed Below 6 Benefits of Using PayPal to Book Your Flights:

  1. Payments are Secure: PayPal has unwavering security in its system. The convenience of booking your flights becomes more accessible and more secure. Anyone with an email address and a debit or credit card can create a PayPal account for free, which is easy to set up and configure.

  2. Convenient: As already mentioned, PayPal has a speedy and convenient financial transaction system. You can use PayPal’s balance from any linked debit or credit card or a user’s bank account. This way, it is possible to make a payment with the touch of a button. This convenience is essential in the age of technology.

  3. Added Protection: PayPal offers “Secure Sockets Layer” (SSL) protection. This protects the personal data of its users, ensuring additional security for any personal data. But be careful! PayPal recommends that you keep your password and personal account secret. This high-tech security system strengthens and ensures strong protection by protecting your privacy and personal information. Such as denying to expose sensitive details and financial information such as your credit card, debit card, or secured bank account details.

  4. You Can Opt Out of Using Credit Cards: One of the great features of PayPal is booking flights without using your credit card. In this sense, PayPal does not require users to use and set up credit cards, which is ideal for paying for various flights. You should know that many countries have consumer protection in place regarding the use of credit cards. These laws apply if a travel company goes bankrupt and they file for bankruptcy, for example.

  5. Refund Made Easy: Have you ever needed a refund on an airline ticket? It is only sometimes a good experience. Disputes over this right are present at PayPal. You will have an advantage in this dispute if credit cards are used. It should be noted that some airlines never provide refunds.

  6. Paypal Credit Card: There are some fantastic advantages that you will find by using PayPal Credit Card as a way to pay for flights. For 4 months, the interest is 0%. Using this payment method, you will only be charged after the purchase. However, this credit option is only available for some airline partners. This option allows you to purchase airline tickets at discounted prices and use promotional codes.

Not all airlines accept PayPal credit card payments. Some airlines may even charge extra fees for using PayPal as a payment method. After the numerous benefits were laid out, we put together an extensive updated list showing which airlines accept PayPal as a payment method:

North America/Caribbean

  1. Air Caraibes;
  2. Air Tran;
  3. Caribbean Airlines;
  4. Delta Airlines;
  5. Southwest Airlines;
  6. United Airlines;
  7. USA Airways;
  8. American Airlines (Pay attention to detail: American Airlines only accepts payments through PayPal for flights in the US, Canada, and the UK. Only one US PayPal account is accepted); and,
  9. JetBlue.

Central America

  1. Aero Mexico;
  2. Interjet Airlines; and,
  3. Volaris Airlines.

South America

  1. Azul Airways;
  2. GOL Airways; and,
  3. LAN Airways.


Simplified Online Payments: Create and Manage Your PayPal Account for Secure and Effortless Transactions Anytime, Anywhere
  1. Alitalia Airlines;
  2. Aegean Airline;
  3. Air Baltic;
  4. Aurigny Air Services Limited;
  5. Air France;
  6. Austrian Airlines;
  7. Azores Airlines;
  8. British Airways;
  9. Brussels Airlines;
  10. Binter Canarias;
  11. Blue Air;
  12. Blue Panorama Airlines;
  13. CSA Czech Airlines;
  14. Eurowings GmbH;
  15. Flybe Airlines;
  16. Iberia Airlines;
  17. German Wings;
  18. Limited;
  19. KLM (PayPal is accepted only through the mobile app);
  20. LOT Polish Airlines;
  21. Deutsche Lufthansa AG;
  22. Luxair;
  23. Monarch (Only GBP and EUR currencies are available through PayPal);
  24. Ryanair;
  25. Smart Wings;
  26. SAS;
  27. SATA;
  28. TAP Portugal;
  29. Transavia;
  30. Virgin Atlantic;
  31. Vueling; and,
  32. Volotea.


  1. Ethiopian Air;
  2. Kenya Airways;
  3. South African Airways;
  4. TAAG Angola Airlines; and,
  5. Royal Air Maroc Airlines.


  1. Air Asia;
  2. Air China;
  3. ANA;
  4. Cathay Pacific;
  5. Cebu Pacific Air;
  6. China Airlines;
  7. China Eastern Airlines;
  8. China Southern Airlines;
  9. Hainan Airlines;
  10. Malaysia Airlines (PayPal is accepted only through the mobile app);
  11. Philippine Airlines;
  12. Scoot;
  13. Singapore Airlines;
  14. Thai Airways;
  15. T’Way Air;
  16. Vietnam Airlines; and,
  17. Xiamen Airlines.

Middle East

Effortless Travel Payments: Discover Airlines That Accept PayPal for Convenient Booking and Seamless Online Transactions
  1. El Al;
  2. Emirates (the only accepted currencies are AUD/EUR/GBP/USD);
  3. Etihad Airways (Etihad Airways only accepts flight payments in USD, GBP, and AED currency. This rule is applied only for flights from the respective country where the currency is used initially);
  4. Qatar Airways;
  5. Royal Jordanian; and,
  6. Saudi Arabian Airlines.


  1. Qantas;
  2. Jetstar Australia;
  3. Virgin Australia; and,
  4. Air Niugini.

Many airlines will not accept PayPal at checkout when purchasing your airline ticket. To avoid this conflict, find online booking sites that accept PayPal as a payment method. We have provided four travel agencies below that you will be able to book through PayPal:

–; and,

Final Thoughts

With the vastness of airlines and travel agencies presented. It has become easier for you to find the company that can best serve you. PayPal is currently an extremely safe and reliable way to pay for your flights. You can use the PayPal Card or whatever you want.

This platform is getting closer and closer to being accepted by all airlines. But remember: check which airlines accept PayPal as payment, avoid headaches, and do not go directly to the cashier at the airport. Use this guide article to guide you, and have a great trip!