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Uber Revenue and Usage Statistics (2023)

Uber Statistics: Steady Revenue and Usage (2023)

Uber is one of the leading ride-hailing companies. It was the first service in the ride-hailing market. Uber trips and Uber Eats play a significant role in the company’s total revenue. And Uber Technologies also shares a quarter of the company’s total revenue with its extra services.

Although Uber provides services in Europe, the US, and a few Asian countries, Uber exclusively makes the most from the US. Uber’s revenue still depends mainly on Canada and America. This article will explain some of the essential Uber statistics as well as Uber’s revenue.

Part of Ubers success stems from the explosion of ecommerce and the fact that more and more people getting comfortable with mobile technologies. To get a feel for the history and future online shopping read this article as well. 

Now lets dig into these Uber Stats!

Key Uber Statistics

Stats explain everything, from questions like how many Uber drivers there are to the total Uber gross bookings. Some of the key stats of the Uber platform include:

  • In 2022, Uber’s earnings totaled $31.8 billion, up 82% over the previous year
  • Monthly users of Uber and Uber Eats have increased by 11% to 131 million in the past year
  • Uber drivers took 7.6 billion rides in 2022, surpassing 2019’s 6.9 billion peak
  • The average age of an Uber driver is 41 years old
  • UberEats is the most popular meal delivery app in the world
  • Uber is available in 72 different countries

Uber Revenue and Usage Statistics (2023)

Uber Drivers Statistics

Among all Uber drivers, only 22% use both Uber and Lyft. Moreover, 77% of the drivers are male, while the other percentage is female. This means that the Uber driver will be a man 77% of the time you book a ride.

Uber Funds Statistics

According to a report from 2021, Uber’s funding has been significant, as the ride-hailing company raised approximately 13.2 billion dollars in funds. As a famous company, it receives funds from prominent organizations, including Benchmark and others.

Uber Sexual Assault Incidents Stats

Despite being an excellent service, uber users (drivers and riders) reported several sexual assault incidents. The almost 6k number of incidents raises a big question about Uber’s safety features. Nearly 54% of the time, the victim was the rider. Despite all this, uber still proves to be the safest in the US ride-hailing market, with 99.9% safe rides.

Uber Monthly Active Users Statistics

Out of the total users, 93% of Uber riders use the app at least once a month. And this helps increase the reputation of this ride-hailing company. Also, this leads to an increase in Uber app downloads, which is another way of increasing revenue.

Uber Advanced Technologies Group Statistics

Since the launch of Uber Technologies, Uber has raised a lot from it but spent almost 1.8 billion dollars on the advertisement of their company. In the same report, you can see that Uber spent nearly 17 billion dollars in total. And this is almost a quarter of the total earnings of the company.

Uber’s Market Share Statistics

If you look at US ride-hailing companies’ market shares, Uber comprises 71% of the total market share. Lyft comes in second, as its market share stands at 29%. And this makes Uber the most common and highest-grossing ride-hailing company.

Uber Rides Statistics

Uber saw a decrease in monthly users, leading to a decline in total rides. According to the stats, the total number of Uber trips was 1.9 billion in 2019. And this was the highest number Uber ever saw. But the following year, 2020, Uber saw a 24% decrease in its rides due to the popularity of other ride-hailing companies.

Uber Eats Statistics

Since the pandemic, the food delivery service of Uber (Uber eats) has made rounds in the US food delivery services. It has a wonderful average delivery time and creates a safe environment for both parties. This company made around 4 billion dollars in total in 2020.

Uber Employees Statistics

If we summed up the stats of Uber, we would declare 2019 the year of Uber. 

In 2019, Uber saw an increase in employees from 22,800 to 26,900. That is a significant increase. However, this number dropped below the employee count of 2018 in 2020. But in 2021, this number saw a rise and went above $29,000. Since then, this number has varied, but with no drastic changes.

Uber Revenue and Usage Statistics (2023)

Uber Revenue

After 2019, Uber has constantly seen an increase in its revenue. Its shares, rides, trips, drivers, everything is increasing yearly. In 2021, the revenue of Uber was more than 17 billion dollars. This is a 56% increase in the revenue of Uber in 2019.

Uber funding has also increased as the company has expanded its business in the Middle East as well as other Asian countries. It is no longer a US-only riding service. This increase in revenue, in part, comes from Uber Eats, the food delivery service of Uber.

If we compare the revenue of the last quarter of 2022 with the total revenue of 2017, we can see how much the revenue has increased. Uber is looking for more ways to increase its revenue as the company is doing well internationally.

The safety report is also better compared to 2019. That, consequently,  increases the demand for Uber rides, which results in massive revenue. If we look back at the gain for the last quarter of 2020, it was only 3165 million dollars. However, the gain in the previous quarter of 2022 was more than 8 million dollars. And that is almost two times the revenue of the prior quarter of 2020.

The primary reason for this increase is the Uber advertising campaigns that led to Uber Technologies’ success and Uber Eats. Among all riding services, it is hard to find a competitor that comes close to the standard and fame of Uber.

Uber operates in many countries, which is another reason for the increase in revenue. There was a decrease in 2021, but that was because of the lockdown and other restrictions due to COVID-19. However, Uber Eats covered up the loss during this time.


Uber is one of the best ride-hailing services. It started in the US but now operates on other continents as well. Uber’s statistics and revenue report show that the company is doing well compared to other ride-hailing services.

There are numerous reasons for this, but the main one is still hidden from our eyes. Uber has an excellent monthly record, with most users falling in the “active user” category.

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