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Trello vs Airtable

Trello vs Airtable: Which Tool is Better for Small Business

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Project management software plays an important role in task management due to digital businesses and supervising team workflows on the internet. It is a tough task to choose the best project management tool on the internet from so many options by software developers. And for project management tools,  the  Airtable vs. Trello analysis is the talk anytime.

Airtable and Trello offer extraordinarily good task management facilities with advanced calendar features. We used Airtable and Trello, and can give you an in-depth comparison between these two task management tools. If you want the best project management tool for your next project as a project manager, then it is necessary to read this Airtable vs. Trello analysis. You will get all possible details about the apps in this Airtable vs. Trello comparison. These include their features, pros, cons, similarities, and differences. It will help you to choose the right software for your small team of small businesses to increase productivity and power up the work.

Our Pick

If you closely look at the features of both Airtable and Trello, you will get to know why we recommend Airtable. This project management tool offers multiple functions and features for small business classes and also mid-level business classes. However, the best among both project management tools depends on your requirements and the kind of project. If your work requires a comprehensive tool, then go for Airtable. On the other hand, if you want a convenient project management tool, then it is better to pick Trello. Both project management tools (Airtable and Trello) are perfect for different users, but we recommend Airtable as a comprehensive tool.

AirtableAbout Airtable

Cloud-based software, Airtable, enables users to create their applications. The platform combines the accessibility of a spreadsheet with the strength of a database. Since this platform is highly adaptable, practical, and doesn’t require coding or database skills, Airtable is the project management solution for thousands of businesses.

All project planning platforms are structured databases. However, the designers at Airtable focused their application on the power of the database. Users of Airtable can import or enter the information necessary for their jobs and then adjust the presentation to suit their needs. Data from the user is the software’s primary focus rather than a strict, branded graphical interface.

For crucial business data updated in real-time by bases, Airtable acts as a single point of contact. Collaborating with seamless third-party connectors, simple sharing possibilities, and bespoke visualization is encouraged. Team members can save, modify, and control the project contributions in a single base that is cloud-connected. 

Airtable is a premium application. However, the free edition is still very useful. When users expand their foundations by adding more apps, storage, and capabilities, limitations result. Free accounts control their data grouping, filtering, and sorting.

Airtable Key Features

  • Scheduling of tasks and their prioritization
  • Ready to apply templates
  • Time tracking
  • Multiple features that help in collaboration
  • Support program through videos, online forums, and tutorials
  • Amazing visuals to assist in organizing tasks
  • A useful tool for project management with a learning curve



TrelloAbout Trello

Trello seems to be a cloud-based tool for creating Kanban-style boards that facilitate team collaboration on tasks and projects. Users can create boards of different listings using the visually stunning tool to enhance productivity and monitor team progress.

The well-known work management software ( over 50 million active users) offers a straightforward, pre-packaged project overview solution. Trello’s main concepts may be picked up quickly and incorporated into team operations immediately. Thanks to Trello’s user-friendly design and focused strategy, exchanging boards, assigning tasks, and monitoring progress are  self-explanatory.

For groups wanting to use their first web-based project management tool, Trello is ideal. Many sectors have had great success with boards in the Kanban format. Trello’s developers optimized the popular design to produce an already-completed, ready-to-use solution for team management fundamentals. Due to its shortcomings, Trello is considered a beginner project management tool, although you can use it for various activities across numerous industries.

Trello Key Features

  • Scheduling and organization of tasks and prioritization
  • Time tracking
  • Provision of Shared team calendar
  • Kanban boards
  • Multiple features that assist in collaboration
  • Customer service and issue resolution through support tickets
  • Priority phone support for business plans
  • Step by step beginner tutorials
  • Convenient navigation through UI
  • Quick task performance



Similarities Between Trello and Airtable

  • Platforms

Airtable and Trello offer the same platform availability, and are available to almost similar platforms for quite a similar function.

Airtable’s Platform Availability:

  • Web-based
  • Windows
  • iOS app
  • Android app
  • Mac

Trello’s Platform Availability:

    • Web-based
    • Windows
    • iOS app
    • Android app
    • Mac
  • Pricing

Airtable and Trello have almost the same pricing for their paid programs and both offer the same kind of free availability. The packages are similar, with the same prices and billing method options, and they offer the same kind of discounts on annual subscriptions.

Differences Between Trello and Airtable

  • Airtable


Air table users have access to various support resources, including manuals, tour videos, frequently asked questions, live webinars, community forums, and functionality articles. Everything but phone assistance is regrettable, given the price you paid for this tool.

Atlassian is the owner of Trello. Additionally, if you have used their main application, Jira, you are aware of their particular approach to customer service. Still, if you choose the Business Class or Enterprise pricing tiers, you will also have access to their priority phone help.

Simply due to their phone support, Trello wins in this category. Users occasionally can’t resolve urgent problems by using merely FAQs and user manuals, and nothing compares to the assistance of a living person.

  • Ease of Use

Airtable is a fairly user-friendly project management application given everything it can do. However, mastering spreadsheets is a skill not suitable for everyone. Although the user interface is fairly simple to use and all other task management features are simple to pick up, there is a little learning curve associated with fully utilizing Airtable’s core function. It’s helpful that this platform provides a ton of “how-to” knowledge that will turn any novice into a spreadsheet guru.

We already highlighted Trello as the most user-friendly project management tool. Compared to its capabilities, Trello wins due to its attractive interface and simplicity. Even though Trello isn’t the easiest project management tool, given everything it can do, it easily outshines the competition in terms of usability.

Airtable isn’t an overly complicated monster like other project management software, but it can’t compete with Trello’s Kanban board system’s endearing simplicity. 

  • Getting Started

You begin using Airtable by providing your email address, first and last names, and a password. Then, a page that details your 14-day free trial of their professional option is provided to you. The platform is then directed to better suit your demands by asking you to submit details about the task you’ll concentrate on while using Airtable.

Trello provides a more commonplace sign-up process. Enter your email address on the homepage, click “Sign up – it’s free,” fill out the required fields, and you’re good to go.

No financial details are required. After logging in, the software is walked through step-by-step for you, and you are then given control of the project you just created.

Both tools are very similar when it comes to joining up. However, given the added complexity of using Airtable, the creators went above and beyond by giving new users a thorough tutorial on using their product.

  • Focus

Trello and Airtable differ mostly in their areas of emphasis. Trello is made to assist you in task management using a straightforward but effective Kanban approach. However, huge amounts of data can be stored in a database using Airtable. Using your filters and criteria, you can create dynamic views to sort everything from simple data to complicated jobs.

Trello is a wonderful application that is easy to use and excellent for its particular function. Airtable gives you far more flexibility, but it will take some time to master all of its features efficiently, and it can be a little intimidating for new users.

  • Pricing

Trello and Airtable have comparable pricing schemes in terms of the sum and mode of payment. The main distinction is that with its subscription plan, Trello prioritizes increasing user permission choices, built-in connectors, and file attachment sizes. Instead, Airtable starts by increasing the restrictions of the free plan and only adds more capabilities and personalization to the more expensive options. Airtable pricing and Trello pricing are somehow similar.


Airtable defeats Trello in a clear-cut contest of “which tool is more beneficial” in  the Airtable vs. Trello comparison. The primary difference was the comprehensiveness of the tools.

It’s not just for managing tasks; with its Kanban board views, it can play a similar role as Trello in organizing and documenting every component required for a team to succeed. That does not imply that we will suggest Airtable over Trello. It all depends on the context. Anybody trying to more effectively manage their chores and projects should consider using Trello, in our opinion. 

In conclusion, try Trello if you’re seeking a tool to manage your work and get organized. Airtable is worth your time if you’ve used Trello or if your team also needs a database to store its data. Just be patient when learning how to use it for the first time.