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Tinder Revenue and Usage Statistics (2023)

Tinder Statistics: Controvercial Revenue and Usage (2023)

When it comes to online dating, Tinder takes the crown. This app is the best and most successful among all online dating apps. The online dating services of Tinder are a combination of what most people look for. And for all reasons, dating app users consider Tinder their first choice.

Over the last year, there has been a notable significant increase in Tinder subscribers, improving Tinder usage statistics. Gen Z Tinder users are more active as compared to the previous generation. 

As the most popular dating app, Tinder has seen different changes in its revenue and statistics. It is wild that an online startup business in the form of a dating app could grow this big. 

Here we will discuss the statistics and revenue of the Tinder app according to 2023. This will also include information about how many active Tinder users are present and the app’s statistics in different countries. 

So let’s start with Tinder stats.

Key Tinder Statistics

Every online dating platform has a few key statistics that explain a lot about the greatness or downfall of an app. This also happened with Tinder’s statistics. 

In the following points, we will discuss the statistics of the app:

  • Sixty percent of Tinder users are under the age of 35
  • Men make up 75% of Tinder’s user base
  • Among online dating services, Tinder has the highest percentage of paying members (51%)
  • Tinder is available in over 40 languages
  • In the US, Gen Zers made up 16% and Millennials 17% of Tinder users.
  • Tinder has been downloaded more than 505 million times

Tinder Revenue and Usage Statistics (2023)

Tinder Users Age Statistics

According to the statistics for the year 2023, you can differentiate Tinder users based on their age.

As the app has an age limit, users start at 18 years old. 

Most Tinder users are between the ages of 18 and 25. This brings us to the statement that 35% of Tinder users fall in the age group 18 to 25. 

This percentage reduces to 25 for the age group 26 to 35. For the age group 36 to 45, the percentage is 20. 

You can see a sudden fall in users between the ages of 46 and 55, as the percentage is only 8. 

For ages 56+, the percentage increases to 10.

Tinder Active Users Statistics

According to the statistics of 2023, out of the total subscribers of Tinder, 75% are active on the app. While the other 25% of users have relatively less usage and interaction. 

This statistic is based on the monthly active users.

Tinder Users Gender Statistics

Tinder has a majority of male users compared to other popular dating apps. Tinder matches also show that the majority of the males on the app identify as straight males. 

Female users are pretty less in number. The total number of female users is only 24.2%. 

The rest 75.8% of users are males. This shows that Tinder is more prevalent among men.

Tinder Gold and Plus Statistics

While Tinder has many subscribers, not all have access to Tinder Gold and Plus, the paid versions of this app. 

Out of all subscribers, a small percentage of users have this access. According to the current statistics, only 10.3% of users have paid versions.

Tinder User Downloading App Statistics

Tinder is available on the Play Store. Not only that, but iPhone users also get full access to the app. 

According to a report, Tinder had more downloads on iPhones compared to Android phones.

Tinder Users Statistics Worldwide

Although Tinder is available in many countries, the majority of active users are from the United States. Out of 75% of users, almost 12% are from the US. 

This means that at least 7.8 to 7.9 million users are from the US.

Tinder Revenue and Usage Statistics (2023)

Tinder User Relationship Statistics

Around 42–43% of Tinder users are committed or already in a relationship while using the app. Of this, 42% to 43% of users are married. This might be a shocking detail, but it is not uncommon.

Tinder Relationship Success Statistics

Many Tinder matches meet and date, but not all relationships are successful. Out of the total users, only 27% of the users get married in the future. Hence, you can find love on the app, but there is also a question of loyalty.

Tinder Download Statistics

Among all dating platforms, Tinder is the most popular and most downloaded dating app. Around 3.28 million people downloaded Tinder in 2023. 

These numbers are good news for Tinder and its users. The more users sign-up, the higher the chance of meeting a good match.

Tinder Revenue

Match Group came forward in 2015, and Tinder has seen an increase in its revenue since then. The highest revenue of $456 million was seen in the first quarter of 2022. This revenue dropped to $444 million in the last quarter of 2022.

Tinder’s revenue has doubled in comparison to the revenue of the year 2018 ($207 million). 

As the downloads and the number of active users are increasing, the statistics show that Tinder’s average revenue in 2023 will increase compared to the average revenue in 2022.

However, the app saw a decrease of 2% in 2023. The company says that this is because of the end of the pandemic restrictions, which will bring back a busy life. 

If we state the total revenue of 2022, Tinder made around $141.0 million.

The company looks forward to increasing total revenue at the end of 2023.

Tinder Revenue and Usage Statistics (2023)

Tinder Availability

Tinder remains the top dating app despite the 2% decrease in the first quarter of 2023. This is because the majority of Tinder users are actively using the app. 

Moreover, Tinder is available in almost 190 countries, leaving only five countries behind in 2023.

Many people download dating apps but do not use or rarely use all of them. Having a profile does not add to the revenue of the app. Active users play a significant role in the revenue of dating apps.

Comparison With Other Dating Apps

There are many dating apps; however, only a handful can be considered the best dating apps. Moreover, not all of these dating apps have a good reputation when it comes to connecting people to possible relationships.

If we compare Tinder with other dating apps, it will make the most revenue in 2022. 

Bumble is the second most popular dating app, next to Tinder. But the total revenue of Bumble in 2022 was only $700 million, which is far less than the total revenue of Tinder in 2022.

As for active users, Tinder still wins, as it has 30 million more active users than Bumble (45 million). 

If we compare the statistics of other apps with Tinder’s statistics, we will see that despite the fall in users, Tinder is doing way better than many of the other top dating apps.

Unlike most dating and relationship apps, Tinder offers nine sexual orientations. Not only that, but Tinder also provides more features and options than any other dating app. Tinder is user-friendly and easy to access; hence, it is a preferred choice for all age groups.


Tinder statistics and revenue will increase in 2023 according to the current conditions. The statistics show that Tinder has the most active users compared to other dating apps. It also reveals that the majority of Tinder users are male.

The past few years have been great for Tinder, as it saw its revenue double from what it was in 2018. The company aims to increase its total revenue in 2023; however, the start of this year could have been better. 

But the company still has high hopes as they might introduce more features in the app within this year.

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