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Shocking Social Security Disability Fraud Statistics

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If you have a smartphone, you should know that fraud attempts and scams are increasing more and more every day, becoming a daily threat. So in this article, we’ll talk about the cons that you should know about related to social security disability fraud statistics.

This applies for personal use and also employers that are running businesses. Scammers are becoming very savvy and pretending to be law enforcement or representatives of companies. 

Social security disability fraud statistics.

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Many scammers are looking for individuals they believe could be more technologically savvy, targeting older people and even children. For these, people can more easily fall for scams. So read these tips and share them with your loved ones, so they do not fall victim to these types of scams, as they are often compelling.

1. Fact: Lawyers Are the Right People to Help You Deal With Credit Bureaus and Thieves

So if you are on a lake surrounded by big sharks, you must contact a good lawyer. Doubtful lenders, thieves, and even the agencies that are supposed to protect your data can be a danger to your financial life. In this sense, it is very stressful to deal with all these problems at once, so you need to make sure that you are dealing with all these facts and try to protect yourself from further damage.

A good lawyer can help you and give you whatever support you need to solve this problem. It is necessary to be proactive in responding to these frauds, and significantly if you are affected in any way. And suppose you are on Social Security or disability and have your identity compromised. 

You must contact Social Security Administration support to protect your data and account. And also, make sure that your future benefits are routed to a bill that has not been harmed.

2. Fiction: The Only Way to Fix the Problem Is to Apply for a New Ssn

Getting a new Social Security number is hugely complicated, although getting a number would help solve your problems. Because with it, you can track everything you do, from your taxes to your credit accounts. This way, private companies, and the government make it difficult to change it.

So if you need to request a new number if you suspect identity theft, there are a few ways to try to solve this problem.

– Contact the Federal Trade Commission at 1-8877-ID-THEFT (438-4338) or their website.

– Place a fraud notice on your credit records with these three credit bureau options: – TransUnion (1-800-680-7289) – Equifax (1-866-349-5191) – Experian (1-888-397-3742)

– Contact your financial providers (credit companies, banks, etc.) to make them aware of possible irregular transactions and to change your account number.

– Check the balance of your Social Security benefits online for accuracy.

– Block electronic access to your Social Security accounts through the Web site.

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3. Fact: Shredding Machines Are Underestimated

Everyone receives monthly bank statements with their personal information, comments from accounts they own, and even documents that have their Social Security number on them. Many other documents can be thrown in the trash can because it is a place of disposal, and we often forget that these places can be perfect for thieves to look for documents.

Therefore, a good option is to buy a shredder at a store. If you need to keep particular documents, keep them in secure archives, and if you prefer to shred it is vital to do it correctly. It is an excellent way to protect your data, as well as being fun to do. And if you can, buy the cross shredder model that cuts the sheet into tiny pieces, so you can use it as confetti and reuse it.

4. Fiction: Too Many Data Breaches

Even if we are cautious with our personal information, hackers can leak our data. In a short space of time, large companies have their systems hacked by hackers, and these get revealed and can be sold all over the Internet.

Many of these breaches come from snippets of information. It can be through an email address, they can get a credit card number, and so on. So the less information you have available, the lower the chances of this happening. So even if you have some data at your disposal, it is vital to remain vigilant with the rest of your data.

5. Fact: A Local Branch Is the Safest Place to Conduct Transactions

Due to Covid-19, your smartphone has been an essential means to conduct transactions from within your home, like many online services. However, with that comes risk, so we emphasize that local branches are the safest places for any transaction you wish to transact. So if you suspect anything, it is best to go to the branch and solve any problems.

6. Fiction: The Ssa Receives Payments via Email and Phone

The SSA does not make any payment requests via phone. If questions remain, it would be interesting to go to an office and, if charged, then make the payment in person. For, prevalent scams are to offer an increase in your benefit or to ask for a fee.

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7. Fact: Phone Scams Are on the Rise

If you have not yet received a phone call from someone claiming to be from Social Security or the IRS making threats, you are a lucky person. Many scammers use this tactic and make threats to make large transfers to avoid killing someone in your family or kidnapping someone.

First, primary agencies will only threaten, especially over the phone. Secondly, these crooks like to cause terror and fear in their victims to get what they want. In this sense, The SSA campaigns for people not to believe suspicious phone calls or emails.

8. Fiction: A Credit Freeze Is What You Must Do to Protect Your Social Security Number

A credit freeze is an excellent way to ensure that no other person can open a line of credit or anything else without your consent. But there are different ways to protect your SSN. The Social Security Administration suggests that you block it in two ways, both of which require anyone who is going to work with your SSN to go to a local branch office:

– Block eServices, this mode prevents anyone, even yourself, from editing or viewing your data on the Internet. And once you choose this mode, your representative or you need to go to a local agency to request that this feature be removed.

– Direct Deposit Fraud Prevention Block prevents you and anyone else from changing your address or enrolling in direct deposits through Social Security or any financial institution. You will also need to go to a branch office to request the change you need.

– If you need more information, go to the official SSA website.

9. Fact: The Ssa Will Not Ask You to Send Secret Information via Email

Even though we are modern, secret information can never be requested via email. And if someone says they are and need that information, you can believe it’s a hoax. So if you are in doubt, go to your local agency and ask questions.

10. Fiction: The Social Security Administration Will Not Communicate via Email Under Any Circumstances

Nowadays, with the existence of many government agencies, some resources are made available via email. However, you should ensure that the email is genuine so that you do not fall prey to phishing.

Final Thoughts

Therefore, every care is needed when it comes to your personal data. Criminals will wait for any slip-up to take advantage of it and steal your data. It is essential to always be vigilant and not to put your data in a message, email, or over the phone. 

We hope this article has been helpful and has cleared up your doubts. And if you need more information, don’t hesitate to contact the official sites.

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