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Slack vs Mattermost Breakdown

Slack vs Mattermost: Detailed Comparison 2022

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Do you know why people debate about Slack vs. Mattermost? It’s because they’re two popular work management platforms that have become invaluable in the workplace.

With remote work becoming even more common, many businesses have found the need to stay in touch over long distances. Managing work across multiple devices and locations has led to the use of platforms such as Slack and Mattermost. However, many still debate which is the better option.

If you’re new to the game, choosing one over the other can be tough. This article will summarize each platform’s details and give you our recommendations. By the end, you’ll have enough information to make an informed decision in the Mattermost vs. Slack debate.

Our Pick

We picked Slack because of its private cloud-based structure, plugins, and directory of integrations. 

Also, Slack creates channels for different meetings, allowing you to have direct messages with partners or team members, invite colleagues, and have virtual meetings in your HQ. For accountability, the specified date for any meeting can be revisited on the app.

However, your needs may differ, so pick what suits you best.

SlackAbout Slack

Slack is among the best tools for easy communication between team members or individuals. It works as a closed-source platform for effective workplace communication that remote teams, startups, and small businesses can use. 

It has made direct messaging for remote teams fun and productive. If you want priority support for your marketing plans, you can pin messages for everyone.

Welcome Messages: When you join a team, you receive a welcome message that notifies every channel member. Furthermore, Slack allows you to create channels for team sites, projects, and fun activities. 

Search Feature: Like other apps, Slack has a search feature for retrieving and indexing messages or files. As a result, group messaging and all the posts on your channels stay intact. You can take care of your team’s communication with the search modifiers, commands, and shortcuts. Furthermore, Slack has an advanced search feature to help you find conversations you may not find on the basic search tool.

Personalized Communication: From your sidebars, emojis, themes, welcome messages, and Slackbot responses, you can customize them to fit the needs of your company or teamwork.

Voice Calling: You can use voice calls to discuss issues that require further clarification. With Slack, teams have better communication options that include screen sharing. A pop-up icon shows when you use the voice calling feature that the next person can accept or decline. 

Slack Notifications: You receive notifications from the app whenever team members send mentions, direct messages, or share files.

Slack Language Support: The app supports multiple languages like Portuguese, Japanese, Spanish, German, French, and English. However, if you cannot find your language, you can change the spell-check feature to suit your needs.

Slack Security: Slack offers a private cloud deployment that ensures that all sensitive data remains in your existing systems. Some of the security features include data encryption and certificate-based authentication. With its two-factor authentication, your communication with team members remains safe. 

Slack Video Conferencing: You can talk with at least fifteen team members per call without difficulty. The video calls work with pop-up windows that don’t take you out of Slack. 

Open-Source Tool: Slack supports links from your blog post or Google drive articles. This great feature supports UI text files and configured keywords.

On-Screen Sharing: Slack allows users to draw on their screens and share screens while they use on-screen text for extra communication. It gives you complete access to every discussion held during a meeting.



Mattermost BreakdownAbout Mattermost

We can define it as an open-source tool that allows Mattermost users to communicate with team members. If you want a Microsoft Teams substitute or Slack alternative, Mattermost can help you as it offers similar features.

Voice Calling: Mattermost has modern communication features that allow users to switch between voice and video calls like BigBlueButton and Zoom. Meanwhile, Mattermost supports an audio call alternative with a self-hosted proxy. Hence, you don’t have to install other software.

Organized Conversations: Team members can use direct messages and private or public channels to have an organized conversation on the app. In addition, you can mention members or an individual to notify them of messages, assignments, or shared files. 

Video Conferencing: The app integrates with modern communication platforms like BigBlueButton. This helps active members use a video call on the app. When the right plugin has been installed, you can record sessions or make video calls with colleagues. 

Search Capabilities: With Mattermost, you can search for specific messages or information with quotation marks, exclusion symbols, or hashtags. Also, file sharing has become effortless; locating files is easier than ever.

Screen Sharing: Mattermost offers users the opportunity to screen share information but has some limitations. If you want a better screen-sharing feature, you can choose Slack.

Customizability: You can access several customization features that help Mattermost users with better on-screen text, fonts, and user interface with white labeling. This includes supporting the use of logos and links in email notifications.

Multi-Language Support: Mattermost supports 16 languages. These include Portuguese, French, Spanish, and Dutch. Furthermore. You can customize the way the app translates communication.

Notifications: Some of the basic features of Mattermost are notifications (mobile, desktop, and email) to help users with file sharing or messages on the app.



Similarities Between Slack and Mattermost

Slack and Mattermost offer us some fascinating communication features that go beyond sending a direct message. Still, they share some similarities, such as:

  • Search Options

Both Mattermost and Slack offer users advanced search options that allow them to find conversations, files, mentions, and messages within a short time. 

  • Open Software

The two apps use open software, which ensures that you can incorporate and integrate workflow for DevOps, continuous development, conversational deployment, and ChatOps. 

  • File Sharing

Both apps feature advanced file-sharing options that let users better coordinate projects when working remotely.

Mattermost Breakdown


Differences Between Slack and Mattermost

Each platform also has unique or different features that make them stand out from one another. These can be the critical elements that define what makes them best for different users:

  • Agility

Mattermost and Slack offer users agility like other modern communication tools. However, the self-hosted feature employed by Mattermost provides unmatching legal compliance, controls, and securities. 

  • Security

Mattermost offers users a secure single sign-on (SSO) and SAASPASS multi-factor authentication (MFA) without passwords stored on their mobile devices.

Slack natively uses two-factor authentication. You can enable SAML SSO or “Plus” accounts if you want to integrate the app with third-party identity platforms like IDaaS or CASB.

  • Functionality

Mattermost uses a self-hosting feature and remains security conscious. In contrast, Slack uses numerous plugins and integrations and offers cloud-based architecture.

  • Pricing

Mattermost works perfectly for small businesses. Its Enterprise E10 version requires you to pay $3.25 per user monthly. In addition, you can have full access to communication features like custom branding options, advanced access controls, and commercial support.

Slack offers users a free trial, but its premium users enjoy features like unrestricted app integrations, guest access, screen sharing, and additional file storage.

  • Integrations

Slack has a rich directory that can contain 1,500 mobile applications. Also, it can integrate collaborations like ServiceNow, Workday, Salesforce, and Google. On the other hand, Mattermost has a few hundred integrated apps.

Final Thoughts: Slack vs Mattermost

With the radical workplace transformation, businesses are always looking for better communication tools. For instance, Mattermost and Slack are some popular apps you can use for teamwork, bonding, and communication.

We have listed some of these features, pros, and cons to help you decide. With Slack or Mattermost, you can enjoy a healthier workplace with your team. Communication becomes effective and rewarding to everyone because of the many features available, like voice calls and on-screen text. 

Before picking a communication tool, evaluate your needs. If you want a better user experience, flexible notification settings, and an advanced search function, you can consider using Slack. However, if you deal with legal compliance, UX customization, and scalability, Mattermost should make your cut.