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Slack Revenue and Usage Statistics (2023)

Slack Statistics: Balanced Revenue and Usage (2023)

The COVID-19 pandemic in 2019 brought with it a new dimension of problems. In a world that was steadily moving towards digitalization, quarantine limited the world within the four walls of their homes.

Very quickly, companies concluded that they need an alternate method to operate from home. During this time, online platforms that allow teams to communicate emerged as saviors. 

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Slack was one of the first to create an online workspace. Hence, its popularity has immensely grown in 2023.

Key Slack Statistics

  • In 2022, Slack had more than 169,000 paying customers
  • 65 of the top 100 fortune organizations use Slack for daily communication and project management
  • On average, Slack users spend nine hours signed in on weekdays
  • Slack handles around 1.5 billion messages per day
  • Slack has never made a profit, but its net losses have decreased with time
  • As of 2023, Slack holds a 22.50% market share

Slack Revenue and Usage Statistics (2023)

What Is Slack?

Slack is a San Francisco-based company that provides a platform for companies to communicate with their clients. 

Slack is an abbreviation for Searchable Log of All Conversation and Knowledge. Moreover, Slack adds intrigue as it is contrary to its literal meaning which is lazy, inert, and sluggish.

A Slack user can create multiple private and public channels related to the topic of their preference, project, or department. 

Alongside this, it offers a private messaging channel to keep in touch with friends or acquaintances.

The company aims to deliver as its reputation has skyrocketed following the improvements in its productivity. 

Additionally, the Slack sales teams have done a lot of hard work to attract users worldwide. The Slack user base has also proven to be a reliable 

Slack Overview

Here is an overview of the key statistics of the company:

  • Over a Billion Usage Minutes During the Weekdays

Recently, Slack usage stats have revealed that the company has surpassed more than a million paid users. The Slack user tally has collectively contributed to more than a billion usage minutes on weekdays.

The number is steadily rising as new users come on board. The unexpected jump in the customer base during the pandemic played a central role in increasing the usage minutes.

  • More Than 7 Million Organizations Work With Slack

With its headquarters in San Francisco, Carolina, Slack has set up offices around the globe. The main aim for those offices is to get worldwide customers onboard with the company.

As per the statistics, 750,000 organizations are using the Slack app daily. Moreover, 550,000 are using the free version of the app, while the remaining organizations are using the paid version for premium quality and exclusive options. 

  • More Than 4,000 Apps Work in Association With Slack

There are more than 4,000 apps that work in association with Slack. The high tally of Slack apps makes the online workspace more convenient to use and makes it more attractive for new customers. 

Also, it is one of the primary reasons why Slack has been able to compete with Microsoft teams.

Slack Revenue and Usage Statistics (2023)

Slack Usage Statistics

Slack has come a long way in terms of its usage. On 1st February 2014, the customer tally of the company was merely 14 users. 

  • More Than a Million Daily Users

Slack’s statistics show that it has around 12 million daily active users. A lot of these users joined Slack during the pandemic and have been ambassadors for the platform, encouraging more people to use Slack. 

Slack makes work easier for its users when compared with emails. Moreover, the online workspace allows users to search for specific texts in a conversation. 

Not to mention, important tools like Google Drive, Asana, Zapier, Salesforce, and GitHub are available for Slack users.

With the introduction of Slack connect, collaborating with other business companies has also become far easier. 

  • 65 out of 100 Fortune Firms Have a Paid Subscription for Slack Services

65 of the 100 Fortune firms have bought a subscription for Slack’s business communication. 

In addition, 3 million users have bought subscriptions for Slack services. In addition, renowned organizations like Wall-Mart, Apple, IBM, General Motors, and Airbnb are some of the daily users of Slack. 

  • Users Invest More Than 9 Hours Each Day Using Slack

According to Slack’s statistics, its daily active users invest more than 9 hours each day while staying logged in to the Slack app. 

Nonetheless, the average user uses the app for about 90 minutes daily. 

  • A Retention Rate of More Than 90%

The official Slack statistics in 2022 reveal that it upholds a retention rate of more than 90% for its free online users. For the users who have bought subscriptions for Slack services, it has a retention rate of about 98%.

Interested users can buy paid plans to get access to the analytics dashboard and limit access to only owners or admins. 

  • 1% of Slack Users Earn an Annual Revenue of More Than $100,000

Slack has been successful in getting some of the most popular brands onboard. These popular brands have efficiently generated an annual revenue of more than $100,000.

Slack Productivity Statistics 

Slack’s popularity is due to its control and power in the market. Its users no longer need to use emails, make phone calls, or drive all the way to their offices.

Slack analytics shared that 2,300 of the popular US companies that use Slack have declared that they require fewer meetings, rarely send emails, and are successfully doing more work.   

  • Paid Users Are Given Access to Create Unlimited Channels on Slack

Paying customers are allowed to create an unlimited number of private channels on Slack. 

On the contrary, active users using the free version are not allowed to access their chat history when they exceed the limit of 10,000 free messages on Slack. 

  • Slack Users Can Enjoy Using a Variety of Emoticons While Messaging

Slack users have access to several emoticons while messaging, allowing users to express themselves better. 

Contrarily, those using Microsoft teams are not able to enjoy such privileges. 

  • Slack Users Agree That the Company Continues to Improve Productivity

Slack stats that were released by SEC have declared that the majority of business users have given a green signal that the company helped upgrade their communication with their teammates. 

  • 7.3% of Developers Worldwide Are Slack Users

Slack’s outstanding services and the way it makes work convenient for its users have attracted new customers worldwide. 

You can picture its success by the fact that 7.3% of developers worldwide have become average users of Slack.

Slack Revenue and Usage Statistics (2023)

Slack Revenue Statistics 

Slack statistics show that the company has grown exponentially, making a noteworthy presence in the market. 

The current value of the company is over $10 billion. 

  • The Net Worth of Slack Is More Than $25 Billion

One of the most interesting Slack statistics is the company’s net worth. Recent calculation shows that Slack’s net worth is approximately $27.7 billion. 

The net worth of Slack was revealed after Salesforce took hold of the company’s team collaboration app.

  • The Overall Revenue Generated in 2020 and 2021 Was Over $600 Million

Slack statistics showed that the company has generated 57% more than in 2019. 

Slack generated a mammoth revenue of $630.4 million in 2020. 

In 2021, Slack generated a revenue of about $902 million which is 43.1% more than in 2020. 

Slack statistics forecast that the company will be able to generate a revenue of $1.5 billion in 2022.

Market Competition

Since Microsoft Teams was unveiled as Microsoft’s team collaboration app, it has been the biggest competitor of Slack. 

While Slack reported over 12 million daily active users, Teams recorded an enormous 75 million daily active users.

Slack App Directory 

Slack is working in association with several apps to improve its customer experience. 

Slack’s app directory comprises more than 2,000 third-party apps to ensure that the platform offers the best services. Not to mention, the third-party apps combined with Slack workspace provide various tools to the customers, making their work easier.

Slack’s excellent services over the years have allowed business firms to replace emails, conduct meetings, and have private one-to-one conversations. 

Slack Channel Statistics 

Slack stats reveal that its percentage of internal share of public messaging is around a staggering 70%. 

The relevant Slack statistics claim that this is by far the most percentage of public channel transparency. The other companies provide about 10 to 30% of communication transparency.

Closing Remarks

Slack has covered a long journey since its inauguration in 2009. More than 600,000 companies worldwide are using it, with the number of people using it is at an excess of 10 million per day.

It is gaining popularity among business companies since it makes their work convenient. Slack power users are given tools that enable them to do their work efficiently without needing to send emails or arrange meetings. 

Meanwhile, Slack connect allows people from different organizations to work in synchrony to make their projects successful.

Globally, Slack’s success is evident as its financial stance is backed by several statistics. Currently, it employs over 2045 active staff members across 11 offices in different cities worldwide. 

The company has been successful in generating a revenue of more than $600 million since 2020.

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