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ClickFunnels vs Samcart (2023): Which is Better for Your Business?

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Are you a marketing aficionado with a keen eye for trends, or an aspiring entrepreneur with a dream to make it big in the business world?

Well it starts with understanding marketing platforms that are geared toward conversions. 

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SamCart and ClickFunnels are two platforms for businesses selling that offer digital marketing tools, especially for online businesses. 

Because they are two of the best-known platforms on the market for online business owners, we will bring in this article a SamCart vs ClickFunnels comparison between the platforms and their key differences, to help you choose which one is best for your online business.

About Samcart and Its Resources

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Before we understand more about SamCart vs ClickFunnels, we should get to know each of them in isolation. First of all, SamCart is a checkout tool and a direct-to-consumer ECommerce platform founded in 2014. Its headquarters is located in Fulton, Maryland. 

The checkout optimization platform offers online sellers a variety of tools for upsell funnels, affiliate center, split testing, checkout conversions, analytics, marketing software, and other features. Boasting over 9.7 million products sold, SamCart serves over 17,000 businesses worldwide.

SamCart uses ready-made payment pages that are fully customizable. This allows businesses to start accepting customer payments as quickly as possible. 

The platform prioritizes data capture and reporting to provide extremely useful information about customer tastes. With this, you can better understand where the best sales are coming from and how to strategize to increase those sales.

The platform offers a simple-to-use interface with advanced features, reasonable pricing, and decent customer service. In addition, it allows you to sell digital products and even physical products with a mobile payment optimization offering support for Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Microsoft Wallet. 

Another feature provided by SamCart is a training library and knowledge base filled with training on how you can maximize your sales.

While SamCart does not offer email marketing tools, they do offer several custom integrations with other platforms that do. With these integrations, you can create automated email marketing sequences to help you boost your sales.

You can also create conversion-optimized checkout pages with a simple-to-use drag-and-drop editor. These pages are designed to get your potential customers to complete their purchases.

As for affiliate management, SamCart offers a comprehensive system designed to make it easy for users to manage and integrate their affiliate accounts. 

The platform’s affiliate center features tools such as automated sales tracking, customizable links, affiliate metrics such as each affiliate’s earnings, and the ability to pay commissions quickly. It also offers analytics and reporting for performance monitoring.

Compared to ClickFunnels, SamCart’s affiliate program is easier to use and automates some features such as enrollment and automatic approval.

There is a problem that occurs when the customer places digital products in the online shopping cart but, for some reason, does not finish the buying process. SamCart offers a solution to this problem with the cart abandonment feature, which allows the customer to pick up where they left off.

It is worth noting that SamCart does not have an opt-in page builder or sales page, so you will need to look for external landing page software. Also, while the platform has effective conversion boosters, but only has basic funnel features.

Samcart Pricing Plans


SamCart offers a 7-day trial with limited features. Then are three payment plans for access the better features:

  • Basic Plan at $59 per month
  • Grow Plan at $119 per month
  • Scale Plan at $299 per month

All month plans contain upsells, A/B testing, and order escalation.

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About Clickfunnels and Its Resources

ClickFunnels was founded in 2014 by Russell Brunson and Todd Dickerson. The platform is a well-known software for driving customers to sales sites through high-converting sales funnels and landing pages, which has become one of the most popular among the majority of sellers.

While SamCart offers basic funnel features, with ClickFunnels, you can create complex pages in a simple way. It offers a set of fully customizable checkout page templates to meet your business’s and your customers’ needs.

The platform is known for the sales funnel builder that allows you to create various kinds of funnels, like launch funnel, webinar funnel, marketing funnel, follow-up funnel, membership funnel, and more. Also offers payment processing capabilities with different payment options and payment gateways.

Using ClickFunnels, you will find a range of features for automating the sales funnel that will help your business optimize product sales and maximize conversions. 

With this, users can create custom pages without needing specific knowledge, customize the checkout page, build an email list, and create email marketing campaigns to deliver messages to customers through a built-in auto-responder.

Another prominent feature of ClickFunnels is the drag-and-drop page builder for creating landing page funnels for sales.

As for affiliate management, ClickFunnels is focused on helping users promote their services and products. Its affiliate management system contains a wide variety of tools and features, such as follow-up emails, customizable landing, checkout page tools, webinar creation and hosting, performance reports for users, and other features.

But ClickFunnels’ key feature is on complete sales funnels. And for this, ClickFunnels’ platform stands out as it offers a wide range of features, such as order escalation, bump offers, one-click upsell features, and pop-ups.

Compared to SamCart, ClickFunnels provides a broader range of possibilities to connect services like email marketing systems and A/B testing tools.

Also, Clickfunnels offers email marketing automation features, unlike SamCart, which only allows you to connect to 3rd-Party email service providers. Another one of the most significant benefits of ClickFunnels is that it can be used even if you do not sell digital products.

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Clickfunnels Pricing Plans

ClickFunnels offers a 14-day free trial with limited features. Then are three payment plans for accessing the better features:

  • Basic plan, which costs $147 per month and offers 1 website, 20 funnels, 3 courses, and up to 10,000 contacts.
  • Pro plan costs $197 per month, offering 1 website, 100 funnels, 15 courses, and up to 25,000 contacts.
  • Funnel Hacker plan is the expensive plan. It costs $297 per month, offers 3 websites, unlimited funnels, 200 courses, and up to 200,000 contacts, and comes with separate email marketing software.

Samcart vs. Clickfunnels: Bottom Line

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Considering the features offered by both platforms, it can be challenging to decide which one to use. Both have common features with many similarities and provide excellent tools and features.

Our recommendation for you after comparing the two platforms is Clickfunnels. It is even the most common choice for online entrepreneurs with small businesses. The reasons we have chosen to highlight the recommendation choice are, among others:

  • It is a more straightforward platform to use
  • ClickFunnels’ values are better
  • Great for helping you make sales
  • Advanced funnel creation
  • The largest list of integrations
  • Split testing to increase your conversion rates
  • Easy to use drag and drop landing page builder
  • Perfect for creating high-converting sales funnels and landing pages
  • Great for businesses of any kind, from small-scale sellers to large corporations
  • Lots of features to collect leads and increase your sales
  • You don’t need any type of training to use their software
  • You have everything on a single platform without having to spend on 3rd-Party Services
  • Perfect for online business owners

The most important point to highlight for choosing ClickFunnels is the practicality of its use. The ease with which the platform can be used and its huge range of resources make it the best choice for you. 

ClickFunnels provides a more cost-effective option with some email marketing automation tools built in, allowing you to have everything in one place.

ClickFunnels is excellent whether you have an ECommerce business still in the early stages or if your business is already solidified in the market. 

Its ease of use and customization options makes it flexible and accessible for any type of user and meets a variety of needs. It is the best platform to increase sales of your products and services.

Therefore, we hope this article has helped you make the best choice when using one of the two software tools.

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