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Complete Guide to Salon POS Systems in 2023

When running a salon business, handling all transactions and attending to your customers can prove hectic. You won’t have time to manually fill in all client orders, write receipts, count, give change, and still provide excellent salon services. A salon point-of-sale system is your best friend, capable of streamlining and even improving your services.

A salon point-of-sale system is specially designed for salons and brings all the efficiencies and effectiveness of a POS system to an otherwise busy environment. It handles customer transactions and stores customer information and sales data. Let us look into this guide to salon POS systems, to help you select the right one for your salon businesses. 

salon pos system

Overview of Salon POS System

A salon POS system does all you’d expect from a POS system when handling transactions, collecting customer information, and issuing receipts. It also links with the back office to ensure smooth inventory management. However, this POS system goes beyond basic functions. For example, appointment management, beauty product recommendations, customer journey updates, follow-up, etc. 

A salon POS software or spa management software designed as an organizer and assistant, helps you stay on top of your customer’s needs. The collected data is handy when salon owners recommend products and procedures to their customers. It also comes in handy in fostering better client relations by encouraging customer loyalty. A customer’s vintage, for example, is a vital factor in helping you continue to secure their loyalty.

A salon POS system is also appropriately designed to fit into the salon environment. From tasteful styling to ease of use, you should find it easy to incorporate the POS system into your front desk equipment. 

Key Features and Benefits of Using a Salon POS System

Investing in a salon POS system affords your small business certain vital benefits through the system’s features:

Better and Streamlined Appointment Management

A poorly managed and disorganized salon will always be chaotic, making you lose customers, and develop a bad reputation. Appointment management is vital for your salon, where customers show up and find you ready for them. The traffic might be slow or fast, but individual customers will appreciate it when they don’t have to waste time, miss their appointments, or get turned down. 

As a booking software, it integrates all functions of the business and even allows clients to choose their appointment times and particulars. For example, a person or group of friends can do online booking for their slots and even pick their favorite service person in your team. The all-in-one solution presents real-time information to ensure no double booking or overlapping slots. This way, all your operational hours will be accounted for, and customers will not be disappointed. Furthermore, the stored customer data ensures that their next appointment is smooth.

Seamless Integration

The best salon POS system integrates into your overall salon equipment fast and is intuitive to use. Your staff will not struggle to access relevant information and will find interacting with it easy. In addition, the POS system will prove to be the only tool necessary, with no need for additional support systems.

Relevant Customer Insights

One of the salon POS system’s main features is the provision of relevant customer insights. Whether for marketing, customer relations, situation handling, or any other concern, you should find all the information you need on a specific customer there. A salon POS system logs all customer data and presents it in a usable and easily actionable format.

It also reveals your top-performing staff, thus helping in employee management. You can then organize your business better by recruiting employees with specific criteria in mind and always have a perfect team.

You can also tell which marketing angles and efforts are effective, and how to align future campaigns.

Better Inventory Tracking and Management

Since you would have real-time data on stock flows, you can tell what needs replenishing, what sells the most, and what needs more marketing and better placement to move. You can also organize your procurement activities well to match the stock flows, so you are never out of any items.

Flexible Payment Options

The best salon POS systems integrate the latest digital payment processing solutions, such as credit card processing, presenting diverse options to customers. Such convenience when you process payments is welcome, making payments easier for customers and giving your accounts department an easy time. 

salon pos system

How to Choose the Right Salon POS System

Here are some important factors to guide you when choosing a salon POS system.

Talk to Your Merchant Processing Representative

Starting or switching POS systems is intimidating. Talking to your merchant processing representative can help you understand the different POS systems available and how they align with your specific business needs. They can also provide guidance on payment processing fees, integrations with other business tools, and potential savings that come with bundled services.

Go Over Options With Your Merchant Processing Representative

Once you’ve engaged with your merchant processing representative, it’s important to go over your options with them in detail. You’ll need to define your requirements and budget, and then choose the best POS system for your organization. Your merchant processing representative can help you identify which options align with your business needs and provide guidance on choosing the right system for your unique situation.

Consider Your Needs

Salon POS systems differ in terms of feature sets and functionality. Therefore, you need to determine what you need in yours, to see what would suit your needs the most. If you wish to include a more streamlined payment system, you could talk to your merchant processing rep, to help you select a suitable one. Go over options with your merchant processing rep to ensure you are on the right track. 

Consider Your Budget

Your needs should mesh with your budget to help you pick a POS system that delivers while remaining affordable. Note that the more features you desire in the system, the costlier it will be. Therefore, focus on priority factors first, to help keep your acquisition within your budget.

Check Out Customer Reviews

Regular POS system users often share insights into their experience, which can help you make a more informed decision in your purchase. Therefore, check out several reviews to help point you in the right direction.

Observe the System in Action

You may go a step further and request a product demonstration from different vendors. This way, you’ll have an idea of what to expect from the system.


A salon POS system will revolutionize your service delivery while enhancing its profitability and adaptation to changing market trends. You only need to pick the right one for your business to enjoy those benefits. This article gives insights into those systems and shows you how to find what you need.