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A Guide to Salon Credit Card Processing

A Guide to Salon Credit Card Processing

As the business world shifts from hard cash transactions to online solutions, salon owners need to keep up. Credit card processing is a vital factor in this transition, as it determines your ability to accept card payments and is a gateway to other online transactions. The security, speed, and convenience you present to your customers won’t go unnoticed. 

Naturally, you may be concerned about the costs and complexities involved and the investment in the necessary equipment. Fortunately, such initial concerns are usually outweighed by all the benefits your business will enjoy once you have this processing system set up. This article looks at some of those benefits, shows ways to use card processing in salons, and makes recommendations to improve your hair salon’s business performance.

Benefits of Accepting Traditional Card Processing in Salons

A Guide to Salon Credit Card Processing

Customers appreciate convenient payment processing services, and debit and credit card payments are the perfect platforms for them. Therefore, availing of such options in your hair salon comes with several key benefits for your customers:


As mentioned, customers prefer a seamless payment experience that leaves them stress-free to enjoy their hair appointments. Hair salons are where your customers come for some pampering, fixing their looks, and socializing. Carrying cash or using some other cumbersome and unsafe payment process is not ideal and messes up their otherwise nice morning or afternoon. Therefore, allowing them to use their credit and debit cards adds to the convenience and pleasure of the experience.

Customer Preference

Some customers prefer places that accept contactless payments and will favor your salon when you accept credit card payments. Besides convenience, they may receive discounts, participate in raffles, or enjoy other incentives that credit card companies offer their customers. Additionally, they may not feel safe walking around with cash, thus making such contactless payments most suitable for them.


Cash payments have advantages, but the risks involved far outweigh the benefits a beauty salon handles cash enjoys. Customers feel unsafe walking around with all that cash, and beauty salon staff may make more errors while handling it. Additionally, it encourages theft and misappropriation of funds. Therefore, small business owners like yourself need to minimize such avenues for losses and other personnel complications by offering credit card transactions.

Fast Payment Processing System

Payments via credit and debit cards reflect almost instantly in your accounts. Additionally, you won’t need to count the money and calculate what change to give customers. Therefore, you’ll allow your customers to get on with their schedules faster and free up more time to attend to other salon duties.

Customer Tracking Capabilities

Credit card payment processing combines a POS terminal or POS software with salon software to produce valuable data on customer spending habits. You can tell who your loyal customers are and their preferences from their payments. Therefore, you’ll have a chance to present them with more compelling packages and other offers and enhance customer loyalty. 

Increased Consumer Spending

Customers tend to spend more when making a credit card transaction. Cash makes them hesitate to dish out more of it, but the digital nature of cards frees them up to spend more. Therefore, they will go for more of your products and services while at the salon. 

Better Inventory Tracking

Since all processed payments reflect all products and services rendered, you can easily update your inventory through your salon software and POS software. Therefore, restocking, purchasing the most popular products, and other inventory management duties become easier and more efficient.

Ways to Use Traditional Card Processing in Salons

A Guide to Salon Credit Card ProcessingTraditional card processing in your salon business operations requires that you set up merchant services. This will enable you to receive payment via credit and debit cards. You’ll need to contact a merchant service provider to set up a merchant account to accept such payments. 

The process begins when your customer determines what products and services to use at your salon. The customer then opts to pay using a credit or debit card through the merchant services payment gateway, integrated into your POS software. 

Your salon POS system will have a card reader in which the customer can swipe their card to initiate the funds transfer. The credit or debit card data is securely transmitted and connects the customer’s bank or other online transaction accounts with your business account for the funds’ transfer. The final step at this juncture entails the customer authorizing the transfer by keying in their PIN or password. Once the transfer is complete, you will receive a notification of the same, as will the customer. 

You will issue a receipt to the customer to complete and acknowledge the transaction. The merchant services provider then sends the funds to your business account. Typically, the transfer is complete within 48 hours. 

Challenges Faced by Salons in Payment Systems

  • Card payments are subject to processing fees
  • It may take a while for you to have access to the money (usually 24 hours) when using credit cards
  • High risk or fraud and scams
  • Besides the transactional fees, you’ll also pay incidental fees such as chargebacks and service fees

Is Traditional Credit Card Processing What Your Business Needs?

Credit Card ProcessingTraditional credit card processing offers many benefits for customers and also benefits your business. For one, it legitimizes and uplifts the image of small businesses. When you offer this payment option, your business acquires a certain industry recognition and prestige that boosts its image. 

Additionally, your business will realize more sales as customers spend more when paying with credit and debit cards. It is the case even with local businesses that have traditionally accepted only cash payments.

Furthermore, your business will suffer fewer human error costs and escape the risk of bad checks. Such problems afflict cash and check payment options but hardly ever affect this payment option, especially when you take steps to prevent credit card fraud. Trusting the services of a reputable credit card processing firm ensures you avoid such pitfalls. 

It is worth noting that the streamlined inventory management and increased efficiency in payment processing free up your time and resources. This way, you’ll focus more on growing your small salon business.


Credit card processing for beauty salons is a wonderful idea that presents so many growth opportunities. This article outlines those benefits and explains how the process works. You’ll find that it is an indispensable part of your plans to take your salon business to the highest possible heights.