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14 of the Best Memorial Day Newsletter Ideas

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Memorial Day Newsletter Ideas: Inspiring Content for Your Subscribers

When it comes to marketing, we have to be extra attentive to festivities in general, especially international days like Christmas or New Year and national holidays. They’re the perfect opportunity to improve your sales, boost your revenue, and provide your brand visibility by relating it to a specific theme.

Memorial day newsletters ideas are a great example of that. According to a survey, it is one of the most popular events in the United States, along with Christmas and Father’s Day. Everyone can enjoy something about it:

  • Long weekends off from work
  • American patriotism
  • Getting together with your family

Plus, it is how summer unofficially starts. One of these topics will grab your customers’ attention and sales.

There is a unifying element for everyone, including long weekends off from work, American patriotism, family get-togethers, and the unofficial start of summer. One of these themes is bound to pique your customers’ interest and increase sales.

But with these different themes, how will you develop your unique Memorial Day email publicity campaign to showcase your promotions Don’t worry, we will help you with some great tips to create an attractive and unique email campaign, followed by some examples so your brand stands out! Let’s go!

Fourteen Tips to Get You Started

Powerful Email Campaigns: Boost Engagement and Drive Results

Memorial Day email marketing campaigns are an exceptional moment to boost your sales and grow your emailing list. Because of that, there are a lot of factors about Memorial Day weekend to think about before you go ahead and create your emails.

Here are fourteen things to keep in mind:

1. Come Up With a Relatable Subject Line

We never get a second chance to make a first impression, so remember your email subject line has to stand out from the get-go for all the Memorial Day subjects you put out there. How can you create a subject line that stands out?

There’s a simple trick to do that. Lean on what your target audience is more likely to do during the Memorial Day weekend and blend that into your campaign. A well-written subject line will capture the attention of people reading and increase your campaign’s click-through rates.

Below are some ideas of Memorial Day subject lines you can adapt to your campaign. 

  • Red, White & SAVINGS!
  • Sun, sand, and sales!
  • Save BIG with our Memorial Day sale!
  • FREE SHIPPING for Memorial Day!

2. Focus On Your Target Audience

Knowing your target audience and segmenting it is vital to your business’ success regardless of the holiday. If done correctly, it is likely to increase your sales. And for your marketing relating to Memorial Day, you can adjust your list of recipients based on their location. Why? Because it is not a holiday celebrated worldwide. Because of that, your campaign should be focused on United States-based people.

Memorial Day is a time to honor all Armed Forces members who fell in service. Still, you can offer discounts to veterans and military families.

The geographic nature of this holiday doesn’t mean your non-United States customers can’t be included. Suppose they’re in the northern hemisphere as well. In that case, you can always hint at the summer theme in all other types of email as an alternative. You will probably be able to use the same images and CTAs in them.

3. Bring in That Summer Vibe

Elegant Blue Colors: Inspiring Shades for a Stunning Design Palette

What is the first thing to come up when you start to think about summer? Vacation, no? Take this opportunity to jumpstart summer and ensure your Memorial Day emails stand out with summer-related items or an unmissable offer.

To create the perfect email, you should put forward the things summer is known for – warmer weather, cold beer, poolside parties, ice cream, sports games, weekend trips, beach towels, and more.

4. Inspire Patriotism

Your brand doesn’t have any summer-related products?  In that case, go for the patriotic approach to your clients. Your business should express that you value the sacrifice of those who died serving the country.

Your campaign can go further on Memorial Day emails with characteristic symbols like the American flag, country maps, the White House, eagles, etc. Your email could also have red, white, and blue color schemes to match the day’s theme.

Note: Remember that your Memorial Day campaigns should go for a more serious tone. An essential part of the day is paying tribute to fallen American soldiers.

5. Emphasize Time With Friends and Family

Memorial Day is a long weekend, and most Americans get together with their friends and organize family gatherings to celebrate. Elicit feelings of togetherness, prepping for a party, and everything in your emails.

Another thing that brings people together is food since people are likely to meet for meals during this time off. So keep your focus on family and friends gathering; it might be an opportunity for your food-related business.

6. Catch Attention With Discounts and Deals

Special days equal taking advantage of promotions and sales for many people. In your Memorial Day emails, you can offer customers special discount codes to sweeten the deal. Free shipping effectively motivates customers to finish their purchases and get extra sales.

  • Adding a free goodie with online purchases will grab your customers’ attention, which could boost your sales.
  • Another common way to allow your customers to save is percentage-based offers. Define a percentage wisely so their motivation to purchase increases.
  • Threshold offers are a different type of discounting. It is given only when the customer reaches a defined amount in their cart. For example, buy $100 worth of product to get 20% off. These offers are great for encouraging people to spend more, unlocking that promotion, and increasing sales.

7. Plan in Advance

Irresistible Email Subject Lines: Capture Attention and Drive Open Rates

Leaving things for the last minute is not good. Suppose you plan to sell products to be used specifically over Memorial Day weekend. In that case, you must plan your entire email campaigns sometime in advance. Leaving enough time for people to order and have their products arrive in time before going on weekend trips, for example.

A seven or ten days window of time is a good option. It has enough room for post-purchase and follow-up emails. Including countdown timers and such can be a good idea! Here’s a simple timeline you can follow with your Memorial Day emails:

  • A week before: send an email about Memorial Day discounts to catch the early bird shoppers’ attention.
  • Two days before Memorial Day: send an email to remind the customers about special sales and discounts you’re offering.
  • On Memorial Day: the best practice is considered to be sending only non-promotional communication to your subscribers because of the sad theme surrounding the holiday.

A day after: Send out a last-chance email after the holiday to remind your subscribers that sales are ending soon.

8. Make Your Campaigns Mobile Friendly

Because many of your consumers are traveling over the weekend, they may not have time to open emails on their desktops. Hence, making your emails mobile-friendly is crucial to maximizing readability and engagement.

To help you with that, here are some valuable tips: 

  • Use user-friendly and mobile-responsive Memorial Day email templates from websites like the UI layer.
  • Prioritize low-res images. Those will load even with a limited internet connection.
  • Have alt text as an alternative in case images can’t load.
  • Instead of embedding your text in graphics, use the better alternative of live text. Live text can be read by voice assistants too. Not only will it load better, but it will also help make your email accessible to differently-abled folks. 

Now that you’re ready to create your own Memorial Day email campaign, let’s check out some of the best examples for inspiration.

9. If You Want the Typical Email

This example from Haggar Clothing has everything your typical Memorial Day email needs. Red, white, and blue are the main color scheme, and the savings are cleverly mentioned straightforwardly.

Also, the general design sets it apart from others in the subscribers’ inboxes. Elements like stars and minimalistic colors add a simplistic feel to the email, reinforcing the brand’s image. If you still need to figure out what your emails will look like, take this as an excellent example to inspire your work.

10. If You Want to Jumpstart the Summer

Native is a brand to look up to if you want to kickstart the summer season with your products. In this email, they have opted to engage customers by having them enter a code instead of directly discounting products.

While that may seem more hassle for subscribers, sending a coupon code makes it feel more exclusive. It also gently influences them to browse your store and add more items to their cart.

11. Announce Great Sales

This email campaign by Loft hits all the right spots of a memorial day sale. Our time off during long weekends is the perfect opportunity to go outside, fire up the barbecue, go to the beach, and buy new clothes to add to your summer wardrobe. Loft tailored their email campaign to fit that line while representing the beginning of summer with an announcement of 60% off.

12. Give More Advantages

Who doesn’t love a good discount on their favorite brands? This ModCloth Memorial Day campaign adds 30%, 20%, and 15% off to relax on long weekends. It creates the perfect feeling with its context and exclusivity, leading people to spend more to get that extra discount.

13. Free Shipping

Alex and Ani know how to use their Memorial Day email campaign effectively by putting free shipping forward as the main offer. That is definitely eye-catching, even more so when you consider that shipping costs are what causes shopping cart abandonment most often. 

So, offering free shipping to your loyal customers and making the most of Memorial Day sales is always a great option.

14. Heartwarming Message

Memorial Day is a perfect moment for sending out heartwarming messages. Going the opposite way of promoting sales, Vineyard Vines focused on the holiday’s true essence. This kind of email campaign strengthens the brand image. It creates a positive impression with your customers in the longer run.

Final Thoughts

Spreading Holiday Cheer: Engaging Email Ideas for Festive Season Greetings and Special Offers

Most companies see holidays and celebrations as great opportunities to market promotions and increase sales. The market’s competitive nature makes it challenging to stand out. This article has given valuable strategies and examples to improve your email game during Memorial Day.

Now, go ahead and produce the best Memorial Day emails!