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Kinsta vs InMotion

Kinsta vs InMotion: Which WordPress Hosting Is Better?

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Hosting is necessary to run a website because it is the backend where you’ll store all the website’s data. Two of the famous and premium WordPress hosting are Kinsta and InMotion.

Our Pick

While both have reasonable plans and offer premium performance, we recommend Kinsta because of its smooth performance regardless of the loan on your website. However, Kinsta is not suitable for small websites because of its price. If you have tons of small websites and want cheap hosting, InMotion is a much better option.

WordPress About Kinsta

Kinsta is a cloud-based web hosting, probably the best, with the most well-managed plans for WordPress hosting. It was founded in 2013 when WordPress was booming and becoming a favorite CMS for many small websites. Even now, 43% of all websites are powered by WordPress, and this is still a rough estimate. More than 24,800 companies are using Kinsta. Such a huge number is enough to show how good this cloud service is.

You’ll find a solution for all your WordPress-related problems on its website, whether you want it for your agency, wooCommerce, small business, or more. If price is not a problem for you, then Kinsta is the most well-managed WordPress hosting with flexible plans.


Instead of offering one or two plans, this company decided to offer ten different plans so they could fulfill the needs of every company. It has plans for an individual running a blog from home to a company requiring more than 150 WordPress sites.

The best part of this web hosting provider is that it allows migration to the Google Cloud platform. There are no charges for this, and it won’t take more than an hour for the migration to complete. This web host also offers custom plans for those who require more than 150 WordPress installs. While all this is good, Kinsta has some flaws too.

The biggest issue with Kinsta is that it is unsuitable for small businesses. You must have some websites with huge traffic daily to afford its price.

If you plan to launch one WordPress site or many small websites and are looking to create a small private blog network, you should not go after Kinsta. However, if multiple websites bring in thousands or millions of views daily, there is no better option than Kinsta.



About InMotion

InMotion is a straightforward WordPress hosting service mainly made for people who want to save money while running multiple websites. Unlike Kinsta, it only has four hosting plans, some of which offer unlimited bandwidth. Though there will be a data cap if you abuse the bandwidth, under moderate usage, you don’t have to worry about your website going offline because of low bandwidth.



It might not be the best-managed WordPress host, but the WP optimizations it offers are the best, even better than most premium services at some point. If this is your first time using WordPress, InMotion hosting has experts that can help you set up WordPress. If you don’t want to set it up manually, let them know, and they’ll install it and provide you with the credentials. Moreover, they’ll automatically optimize it, so your WordPress must always run at the best speed.

InMotion was declared the number one SSD hosting provider in 2021. SSDs are much faster than HDDs but also expensive. However, this company decided to help small WordPress businesses by offering them low-cost SSD hosting.
Since the company does optimization, they install all the necessary WordPress plugins. Free migrations are available on every plan you choose, and InMotion also has Google cloud support. If you want a dedicated server for your business, this company can provide a virtual dedicated server. They don’t install physical servers, but their plans indicate they might start doing it sooner.

InMotion is among the web hosts to help people set up websites with little traffic. Since the prices are low, you can easily afford it even if you have five to ten websites running without getting thousands of traffic daily. Upgrading to a different plan is free, and custom plans are also available, but they are not as big as Kinsta.



Similarities Between Kinsta and InMotion

Since both these services are web hosting, there will be some similarities. These similarities will give you an idea of what you’ll get if you choose any hosting service. Moreover, these also give you an idea of where these web hosting services are similar, so if you are only looking for the following features, you can choose either hosting.

  • Managed WordPress Hosting Plans

Both these hosts have well-managed plans for WordPress. If your basic requirement is to get premium WordPress hosting with multiple website support, Kinsta and InMotion offer that.

  • Backups

If you want daily backups with automation, these services are excellent. You can choose between them, and they will make daily backups. However, you might need to set the backup schedule, data cap, and the folders you want to backup. Otherwise, the automated tool will back up everything, which takes more space than usual. The storage space offered by these services is good but not unlimited, so you should only back up what is necessary.

  • Caching

There is a bit of a difference between their caching service, but both these hosting platforms provide server-side caching. Unlike InMotion hosting, Kinsta offers caching on all its plans. InMotion only offers this service on their top-tier plans. However, the caching performance of these hosting platforms is exceptional. You won’t be having problems with any of these services. Moreover, you can also choose between automatic and manual caching.

  • Multilanguage Support

These platforms offer multilanguage customer support if you have trouble chatting in English. On the other hand, they also have phone support if you want to learn about their sales and services in detail. However, you must check if they support your language before chatting. Otherwise, it might lead to miscommunication.

  • Money Back Guarantee

These platforms offer premium services with a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you have problems with hosting plans or customer services or hosting cannot withstand your traffic and data transfer, you can get a full refund if you let them know within a month. Moreover, they also offer a seven days trial period to check their services.

  • Easily Upgrade or Downgrade

You might start with a small plan, but as your system grows, you’ll be required to upgrade the plan. While every hosting service offers plan upgrading, these platforms offer free and easy downgrade and upgrade. You can send the query to change the plan any time you want, and they’ll change it instantly. Your monthly bill will also change, but most of the time, these portals won’t charge for the first upgrade.


Differences Between Kinsta and InMotion

Before making up your mind on Kinsta or InMotion, learning their differences would be better, you never know when you need some service, and your chosen service won’t offer it.

  • Dedicated Resources

Kinsta offers dedicated resources on all its plans, while InMotion only offers these resources in its WordPress VPS. While most people don’t require dedicated resources, they come in handy when you want to install or make notable changes that are impossible on average.

  • NVMe Drives

SSDs have long replaced HDDs in hosting services, reducing storage space but improving performance. Standard SSDs are mostly used in hosting services, but NVMe drives are a step ahead. Kinsta still offers standard SSD drives, while InMotion has upgraded to NVMe. If you want improved server speed and performance, opt for InMotion. Otherwise, Kinsta is okay. On the other hand, NVMe drives are expensive, which is why hosting services don’t offer huge data while using NVMe.

  • Free Domain

The biggest flaw in Kinsta is that you have to pay for every next domain. While this improves the overall performance as you get a new and optimized domain, it increases the overall cost. InMotion, on the other hand, offers free domains on all its plans, but the numbers are limited.

  • Automatic Status Checks

Sometimes your server has some issues or is offline, but there is no warning or notification as the hosting service doesn’t offer automatic status checks. If you are among those who want to have tons of daily traffic on the website or run an online store, you’ll need this feature. Kinsta offers automatic status checks on all its plans, while InMotion has no such service. A big point to consider when purchasing a hosting plan; otherwise, you might have to contact customer support whenever your server has issues.


Kinsta and InMotion are excellent WordPress hosting platforms, but they differ. This article, Kinsta vs. InMotion, covered the comparison between these platforms and their similarities and differences. In short, Kinsta is good for stable and large-scale domains because it can get pricey. InMotion is good for small domains with stable traffic since its plans are cheaper. However, even with cheap plans, InMotion has exceptional services. Our winner is Kinsta in this Kinsta vs. InMotion analysis because of its features, performance, and customer support.