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Is PayPal Zettle safe

Is PayPal Zettle Safe?

A great deal of businesses, especially ones run heavily online, will utilize PayPal as a payment processor and financial service provider. And since PayPal is ever growing, it has launched a new Point of Sale solution, Zettle. 

But, what we need to know is if PayPal Zettle is safe? 

PayPal Zettle allows you to take payments, manage payment and track sales all in one place, like many other optimized point of sale systems. However, the safety and security of this system is absolutely critical for any business. So, today we will look into how safe it is.

What Is PayPal Zettle?

PayPal Zettle is a lot like your average point of sale system, however it has much more than just your average system. PayPal Zettle is known to integrate with other point of sale systems, ecommerce apps and accounting systems. 

Overall, it allows PayPal to pretty much become your go-to financial management system. 

PayPal is already great for managing sales and financial operations through online business, but the PayPal Zettle allows you to take this aspect of PayPal and introduce it into physical businesses and shops as well. 

It comes with a whole set up. You can power up your business with PayPal Zettle cash registers, card terminals and even more products to aid your financial management through PayPal. 

What Are The Pros & Cons

When we are considering if it is safe, we cannot just look at the security aspects but the whole system’s operation. So, let’s look at the pros and cons of the newest PayPal system. 



    • Free Point Of Sale software subscription plan.

    • PayPal checkout options involve QR for in person sales and peer-to-peer. 

    • Low, card-present, flat-rated, transaction fees. 

    • Can integrate with Shopify. 



    • No offline payment processing options. 

    • Limited Point of Sale integrations, as sadly it does not integrate with the PayPal online store. 

    • Limited in the features for restaurants and making appointments. 

    • PayPal has a sadly, bad reputation for randomly freezing accounts. 

Is PayPal Zettle Safe?

There have been no reports of unsafe usage when it comes to PayPal Zettle. While PayPal does have some bad reputation when it comes to freezing accounts, they are still well known for having a very good encrypted system. 

This means that your payments are protected, and payments are secured. It is essentially as secure as any banking system.  

When You Should & Shouldn’t Use PayPal Zettle?

When should you and shouldn’t be using PayPal Zettle? 

PayPal’s users who are looking for a free POS software can find it useful. Artists, hobbists, and some crafters can find it useful as well as it is free and with its good processing rates will find that it works as a good option for card payments. 

It can be a useful option in terms of how it fares against other POS systems, but in other ways it can be. It differs from Square, PayPal Zettle has not got any add-ons or paid plans. This does mean you might need a more robust solution. 

PayPal does have an online store, it is a virtual terminal, with integrations, however, this does not exactly work through Zettle. 

Zettle does have some inventory functionality as well, however it includes things such as low stock alerts, as well as a lack in kitting and vendor management. 

Zettle has got some features which can work in restaurants such as order numbers being printed on receipts, and such, but this is not by far the best option. There are food and drink solutions, however it does cost extra, it is iOS-only, and it is not even available in the United States yet either.

What Do You Need To Know?

So, although PayPal Zettle is not exactly for everyone, what does it have that is going good for it? 

Well, it has a tamper-proof design, it intelligently will self-destruct if someone tries to tamper with it. 

It has safe encryption just like all of PayPal, all of the credit card data is encrypted by a HSM cryptographic server, and is maintained at the strictest standard. However, to ensure that customers’ sensitive information is never at risk this can protect all transactions. 

This also includes transaction protection, so if a customer should dispute a charge it will offer protection that can cover over 200 GBP. 

You can also get a customizable POS system for your business depending on what your business is. Before you buy a PayPal Zettle, however, you do need to get a quote. 


Overall, PayPal Zettle is a safe and secure payment device that has a whole plethora of different security options. It has a tamper-proof design, encryption, transaction protection and customizable security boosting features. 

In our opinion PayPal Zettle is definitely safe, however, it is not for everyone. It is more ideal for small or medium sized businesses, as large businesses and some establishments such as restaurants may not benefit from it like others would. 

It is ideal in how it works a lot like PayPals other systems, however, it does lack some features which some companies may find ideal in a POS system. So, while it is safe, it could do with some improvements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Zettle By PayPal Safe?

Zettle is a PCI certified company, this states that they adhere to all the requirements of PCI DSS. In doing so, they can ensure their users have a secure network, that cardholder data will be protected, and that it can react quickly to any vulnerabilities that payment systems can have.

What Is The Difference between PayPal And PayPal Zettle?

PayPal is a company, offering multiple different products for consumers and businesses. PayPal Zettle is a POS mobile application that is able to take card payments for stable businesses and even traveling ones.

Zettle is essentially one of the many applications that is run by PayPal.

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