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Is Mesh Payment Safe?

Is Mesh Payment Safe?

The corporate debit cards provided by Mesh Payments may be either physical or digital and come with many spending restrictions and a fixed cash-back percentage. When it comes to banking, does Mesh provide the solutions you need? Where can you redeem the benefits you’ve earned by using your Mesh card? And for what kinds of businesses does Mesh work best? This Mesh Payments analysis will address all you need to know about the service. Let’s get right to it!

What Is Mesh Payment?

Payment Automated processes help you save time and money, and you’ll find them all in one place with Mesh Payments, an all-in-one platform for managing your spending. Mesh provides both physical and digital corporate payments and corporate cards to finance teams, with the added benefits of granular spending limits and a fixed cash-back rate.

Mesh is a financial platform for business-to-business transactions. Since its introduction in 2009, it has rapidly risen to become the dominant worldwide digital platform in the accounting software industry. It operates a payment management system that may facilitate the automation of your business’s payments and purchases made over the Internet. It also helps you keep your spending under control.

Thanks to this management portal, you may now exercise absolute command over all your cash outflows.

A digital financial solution is designed to provide you with a wealth of information about your financial situation.

How Does Mesh Payment Work?

Expense monitoring and spending limits are only two features of the Mesh Payments business debit card. Users may set up automated bill pay by linking their Mesh Payments account to their bank account.

Is Mesh Payment Safe?

To answer your question, yes, making payments using Mesh is secure. The website for Mesh Payments claims that the data centers where customer information is stored are protected by sophisticated electronic monitoring and double-shielded with multi-factor access control mechanisms. All sensitive information is encrypted using Secure Sockets Layer technology with a minimum strength of 256 bits.

Therefore, you can be certain that your information is secured inside Mesh Payments’ data centers. This means, very simply, that using Mesh Payments is risk-free.

Features of Mesh Payments

Payment ProcessingMesh assures its customers that they will have “complete oversight and command over every penny.” This platform for managing expenditures has the tools necessary to fulfill this promise. Regarding functionality, Mesh is on par with its rivals. Read this summary to get a feel for it:

For starters, you and your staff may each get an infinite number of physical and digital Visa debit cards with a Mesh payment account. Each of your business partners can have their Mesh card.

Admins may implement per-card spending limits and see real-time payment analytics to help them streamline operations, save costs, and maximize returns. All corporate payment requests may be approved, tracked, and managed in real-time using email, SMS, and Slack notifications. Reporting expenses is easier using Mesh, and reimbursements are no longer necessary. 

It is important to remember that Mesh Payments is not a bank. Still, the money you deposit with them is guaranteed by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) thanks to the sponsorship of Metropolitan Commercial Bank. Withdrawing from your Mesh balance is as easy as using your card or virtual card, authorizing a debit from your allocated ACH account number, or writing a pre-funded check that Mesh provides.

The money in your account will never go away, but the virtual cards do expire. Each Mesh account has a daily purchasing limit of $10 million, with a cumulative maximum deposit limit of $10 million. Individuals may add up to $20,000 to their Mesh card daily. The daily cap for ACH and wire transactions is $10 million.



Mesh Credit Cards

Mesh Payments and Metropolitan Commercial Bank issue debit cards. Credit cards and debit cards are not the same things as mesh cards. That means they will charge the transaction to your credit card immediately. This is in contrast to most other business credit cards, which require you to pay off your debt every day or no more often than once every two weeks. In other words, you can’t get cash out of an ATM with a mesh card.

Mesh Payments Pricing

The money on a mesh card may be accessed immediately as loaded or deposited, similar to a debit card. Metropolitan Commercial Bank provides FDIC insurance and does not charge interest on savings accounts.

We looked for the Mesh card’s fee schedule and found almost nothing but blank spaces. You won’t have to worry about paying anything extra while using a Mesh card since there are no usual costs with using a debit card. However, Mesh does impose hidden costs on international transactions.

Mesh is not the only platform that offers a corporate card with no costs associated with its usage. However, this is a very unusual occurrence. Because of its actual $0 cost structure, Mesh is one of just a handful of business card issuers.


Despite its relative youth, Mesh Payments addresses consumers’ needs and concerns. According to the company’s responses to customer feedback, Mesh is always trying to improve its services and make them more appealing to a wider audience. That’s a promising indicator for any finance team.

In conclusion, if you are in the expenditure management software market, we recommend considering Mesh. We have found very few business debit cards, but Mesh is one of them. Although Mesh’s cash-back rate is lower than that of the finest business cards we’ve seen, the fact that it’s possible to earn cash-back rewards with a debit card is remarkable in and of itself. Furthermore, the Mesh credit card offers a respectable 1% cash back on subscription services like software, which is particularly appealing given that the company actively promotes using this card for such payments.

There’s a lot to appreciate here if you’re a US-based corporation with monthly expenditures over Mesh’s $50,000 goal. Further, the remarkable cost and spend control tools, user-friendly platform, and innovative solutions, such as the Plug & Pay card, may greatly reduce the burden of managing your company’s outgoing funds.