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Instagram statistics

Instagram Revenue and Usage Statistics (2023): Key Instagram Statistics

Instagram is one of the world’s most widely used social media platforms, with statistics of over two billion monthly active users. 

Although it’s not the biggest social media platform, it’s still a significant hub for posting photos, videos, and brand promotion.

Instagram’s popularity has grown significantly, offering several marketing and business opportunities. Nowadays, people make decent money from the platform through influencer marketing and other legit means.

Aside from posting photos, Instagram users can make carousel posts, edit photos, message people, share captions, and use hashtags. 

Since its launch in 2010, the Instagram app has gotten better with every update, thus increasing Instagram user statistics. 

But just how much money is Instagram making? What are the usage statistics for this social media giant?

We’ve made a list of the latest Instagram statistics to help you get a better overview of the Instagram app. 

Instagram Statistics Highlights

  • Almost 1.22 billion people use Instagram each month
  • India has the most Instagram users, with around 229.6 million users
  • Females make up 48.2% of Instagram’s global user base, while males make up 51.8%
  • Instagram’s core demographic for advertising is young adults (18-24)
  • Instagram users spend 30 minutes per day on average
  • Instagram videos receive 21.2% more engagement than images

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Instagram Ads Revenue by 2023

According to recent reports, Facebook still generates most of Meta’s ad revenues. However, Instagram drives its growth. 

Facebook is expected to generate about 59% of Meta’s ad revenues, while the remaining will come from Instagram, as Instagram’s ad revenues are growing faster than Facebook’s.

Instagram’s ad revenue has seen rapid growth over the years, with analysts finding a significant increase of 19.4% ($39.7 billion) in 2023. In the US, Instagram gained $6.18 billion in ad revenue in 2018, with the figure rising to $12.4 billion and $17.4 billion, respectively, in 2019 and 2020.

Given the number of users making up the US Instagram database, Instagram’s revenue per user in the United States averages about $270 per user. 

Also, with analysts expecting the number of Instagram users in the US to continually increase, Instagram could generate about $312 per user in revenues in 2023.

Also, revenues from Instagram ads are set to improve by about $27 billion from 2019 to 2023. This shows a staggering 220% increase within four years, with the average yearly growth predicted at about 35%.

Instagram Stories Revenue by 2023

Instagram stories are one of the primary means through which Instagram makes money. 

Ad revenues from Instagram stories are expected to increase, with a projected $20 billion in 2023. Last year (2022), ads from Instagram stories made up about 26.5% of the total Instagram revenues.

With Instagram stories, marketers can reach about 1 billion users, helping them be seen by a wide range of audiences. 

In addition, the coming years will see advertisers increasing their ad spending on Instagram stories. This is because the incoming revenue from the stories is projected to surpass that of in-feed ads.

Cost of Instagram Ads

The charge per click on Instagram depends on several factors, like the target audience parameters, time, and the industry location. 

Generally, the cost of each ad ranges between 70 cents and $1 per click. However, bigger brands and more competitive demographics can have higher ad expenses, sometimes reaching up to $5 per click.

Instagram statistics

Key Instagram Statistics for Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing has seen continual growth in recent times, with many keying into the benefits of this industry. 

This industry is presently worth about $17 billion, in contrast to its worth of $1.7 billion and $9.7 billion in 2016 and 2020, respectively.

  • Presently, 93% of marketers have already used Instagram for their influencer marketing campaign, attracting new customers, and building their brands. 
  • About 86% of the experts use Instagram to build brand recognition, while 74% of these marketers need to hit a goal or audience.
  • About 69% target brand advocacy improvement, while 46% of these marketers want to make sales. 
  • From relevant data, 61% of consumers trust influencer recommendations more than branded social media content (38%). 
  • Of these influencers, 84% are females who employ creative influencer marketing strategies to achieve marketing targets.
  • About 95 million photos and video posts, including carousel posts, are shared on Instagram accounts every day. 

This indicates that a high number of posts are uploaded to the platform per day. Therefore, many employ top-notch influencer marketing strategies to convert ads.

Current Statistics of Instagram Users

Instagram users make up about 18% of the world’s population, and over 500 million people use the app daily. 

It is the fourth most popular social media app after Facebook, YouTube, and Whatsapp in terms of daily active users. 

Instagram users spend an average of approximately 12 hours per month on the platform.

Male vs Female Population

  • Currently, male users dominate the app more than female users. The male audience makes up about 52% of Instagram users, while the female folks take up 48% of the entire Instagram population. 
  • Women dominated the app last year so there’s been a noticeable shift in the male and female population this year.

Highest Population by Country

  • India makes up the highest number of Instagram users globally, with about 250 million users. 
  • The United States comes second, with about 150 million users from the US. 
  • Brazil comes third with almost 120 million Instagram users. 
  • Other notable countries with a high Instagram population include Indonesia and Turkey.

Age Demographic

  • Instagram statistics reveal that the largest age population of Instagram users falls between the ages of 25 and 34, making up about 31.5% of the entire Instagram database. 
  • The age group 18-24 comes a close second, with about 30.1% of this group on the database.
  • After these two age groups, the percentage falls off, with about 9% of users between ages 13 to 17, and 8% within 45-54. 
  • The age group 55+ forms the lowest population, with about 6% of this group on Instagram.

Instagram statistics

User Growth on the Instagram App

Instagram has been gaining millions of social media users that sign up for the app from time to time. 

Between September 2017 and June 2018, Instagram statistics reveal a significant increase of 200 million new users. However, this rate slowed down in 2018, and 2019 has seen a steady 6.7% increase.  

2023 shows an increase in how Instagram users engage with the platform. It reveals an increase of approximately 5.5% from the previous year. Although this looks encouraging, it’s a reduction from 2022’s 5.8% user growth. 

However, 2021 saw an increase of 16.4%, which is one of the biggest improvements predicted to occur between 2020 and 2025.

Although analysts expect the number of Instagram users to increase, you can expect growth to come at a slower pace. 

In 2024, expect more Instagram users to register at a rate of 3.7%, while that rate will reduce further in 2025 to 2.86%.

General Instagram Statistics

Instagram is the most downloaded application in the world, and 0.1% of Instagram users interact only with the app without registering on other social media. This means that the probability that an Instagram user has an account on another social media platform is 99.9%.

For example, 83% of Instagrammers are also Facebook users, 52% use TikTok, and 56% are on Twitter. On the flip side, 83% of TikTok users are on Instagram. 

These statistics indicate that marketers are likely to reach the same audience across these platforms. Therefore, it is vital to create a unique social media marketing strategy that converts well.

Engagement and Follows

  • At present, the most liked Instagram post is that of Lionel Messi lifting the World Cup trophy with 75.1 million likes, besting the previous record of 59.4 million likes set by an egg. 
  • In 2022, the most mentioned brand on Instagram posts Zara, closely followed by Shein, and Nike respectively.
  • Cristiano Ronaldo holds the record for the most followed individual on Instagram, boasting more than 540 million followers on the photo-sharing app. 
  • Instagram is the most followed brand on the platform (600 million followers), with Nike coming second at 259 million followers.


Instagram is one of the best ways to push your business to the right audience and hit your target goals. These statistics show that Instagram has a huge pull, and brand owners will massively benefit from its offers.

Although the expected analysis is that we will not see a massive increase in the number of new users, you can expect a steady user increase. 

Aside from the financial aspect, the variety of features available on Instagram make the app one of the most popular social media sites in the world.

Users can message, post photos and videos, create stories, and explore more on the app. Whatever your intent, either for entertainment or marketing, Instagram is a sure place to expand your reach.