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Ihop Franchise Cost, Fees, and Facts (2023)

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IHOP Franchise Opportunity: Cost, Fees, and Facts for 2023 - Start Your Own Restaurant Business

Who Doesn’t Love Having the Best Breakfast Food at Any Time of the Day?

You may have arrived at this article thinking about which franchise opportunity might be right for you. In that case, let’s take a thorough look at this opportunity, from how much an IHOP franchise costs to company history and why this may be the thing you were looking for.

For the past sixty-five years, the International House of Pancake, IHOP for short, has been the leading name on people’s tongues all over the world when it comes to pancakes. But if they are not really your thing, don’t worry!

IHOP also carries a varied menu of culinary greatness around the clock since some of its locations operate on a 24-hour schedule. IHOP is there for your breakfast, lunch, and dinner needs, and everything at affordable prices in a homey environment, served by welcoming and amiable staff.

A Little Company History

It all started in nineteen fifty-eight with three people: Al Lapin, Jerry Lapin, and Alber Kallis, with some help from their friends Sherwood Rosenberg and William Kaye. Their first store in the greater Los Angeles Area was in Burbank, with two more following soon in Panorama City and Baldwin Hills. 

Franchise offerings began in the sixties when they acquired brands like Orange Julius, Golden Cup Coffee, The Original House Of Pies, and others. The last time the list was updated, over a thousand and eight hundred IHOP outlets were spread over the Americas, the Middle East, and South Asia.

Why Choose Ihop To Invest In?

International House of Pancakes (IHOP): Fluffy Pancakes, Tasty Breakfast Options, and Global Dining Experience

You don’t want your money to go somewhere only to be wasted, which can happen if it is invested in a company that doesn’t have what it takes to help you grow. With IHOP, you’re sure to have all the backing a big brand can offer to ensure you are a good franchise opportunity.

And it’s also good to consider that the food industry has been on a path of constant growth, and each year for more than fifteen years has had a positive outcome. So investing in it and doing so by having your own International House of Pancakes is an excellent franchise opportunity. IHOP’s diverse menu has items for everyone at any time.

Still trying to convince you this is the right franchise option for you? Let’s look at a few things IHOP offers its franchisees:

1. Marketing Consulting

With several decades of experience in the market, IHOP knows what works and what doesn’t in selling your business. And when you join the folds, their marketing experts team is also available. Then your restaurant can take advantage of its expertise to reach its full potential.

2. Continued Operations

Given their name and reputation are on the line, it is in the company’s best interests to have continuous operations going on franchises, such as general manager visits, training, and whatnot. And that will help you too, because your restaurant’s service quality will only improve, attracting more customers who want to eat good food with excellent service.

3. Restaurant Inauguration Assistance

You will be supported after the franchising agreement goes through. A team of experts will help you get from a signature to a successfully running business. They can assist with a pre-opening advertisement campaign, an opening event to engage the community, and whatever else you need.

4. Help With Designing Your Restaurant

Even if they don’t all look exactly the same, IHOP outlets all have that same feeling. When you decide on a location, architects and interior designers will work together to ensure your space feels the same. They will make your area exhale that cozy feeling of having a meal at home with your family.

5. Guidance On Location

Choosing a franchise location can be the key to your success, and IHOP ensures that each restaurant has an area to operate around them without brand competition. Inside that, there is sure to be an optimal spot for your franchise, and they will help you look for it.

6. Training

You couldn’t have made a better choice when it comes to training. IHOP offers an initial training program called ‘IHOP Academy’ for their new franchisees. This program is divided into two parts. The first is a six-week program that takes forty-five to fifty hours. The other part is a two-day capstone workshop in one of the major markets in the United States.

This initial training will cover skills necessary to operate a restaurant, standard brand operating practices for IHOP, and food safety. There will also be ongoing training and refresher courses every once in a while. Trainees have to pass tests both in person and online. These tests will evaluate on-the-job performance to see if people have the necessary knowledge and skill set to advance from Restaurant Training to Management Training and to graduate from management.

Who Is The Ideal Franchise Owner For Ihop?

IHOP Franchise Cost: Investment Breakdown, Fees, and Profit Potential - Start Your Own Restaurant Business

The total investment for an IHOP franchise purchase can be as low as $92K, as high as $810K, and even further than that. Franchise fees are $40K per unit in a multi-restaurant agreement or a $50k franchise fee for a single unit. Of course, other expenses will add up slowly but worry not; IHOP’s company-wide profit surpasses two billion dollars yearly.

We hope this article has shed some light on your entrepreneurship future. And if you will fit into IHOP as much as it fits into what you want, do reach out to their franchising team to figure out what comes next.