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How to Send Money to Venezuela

How to Send Money to Venezuela?

Easily transfer money to your loved ones in Venezuela by using Money Services. In just a few short minutes, with the support of Western Union, you may have the Venezuelan bolivar currency of a loved one in your hands. It’s convenient for your loved ones to get the money since there are more than 60 agent sites around Venezuela, including in the capital city of Caracas. We will discuss Venezuela’s best money transfer providers and money transfer companies.

Currency of Venezuela

Venezuela introduced the Venezuelan Sovereign Bolívar (VEF) to combat inflation during the present crisis. The Venezuelan Bolivar currency is almost completely defunct and has been phased out. The government has advanced the VEF, but the monetary situation is still complicated and volatile. The reality on the ground is expected to worsen as the Central Bank’s gold holdings continue to dwindle (they will be depleted by the end of 2019).

How to Send Money to Venezuela

How Quickly Can Money Be Sent to Venezuela Online?

To transfer money to Venezuela quickly, you should use MoneyGram (fast option). Use their expedited service if you can’t wait up to five days. If you choose MoneyGram’s express service, your transfer to Venezuela should arrive in minutes.

Western Union also provides a speedier service to send money online. For an additional fee, Western Union’s expedited service provides more ease and security.

How Can I Send Money to Venezuela Quickly?

MoneyGram is the most cost-effective option for sending money to Venezuela. MoneyGram is still competing for your business, even though many other money transfer firms have fled the nation due to regulatory uncertainty. The bottom line is that sending money using MoneyGram saves you money. MoneyGram’s costs, shown before sending money and incurred while exchanging currencies are surprisingly minimal. If you find yourself in more of a rush, they also offer a speedier service alternative at a fair charge.

How Can I Send Money to Venezuela the Cheapest Way?

MoneyGram is the most convenient option for sending money to Venezuela from the comfort of your own home. If you quickly search for MoneyGram reviews, you will see that it is not the best service available. However, MoneyGram is now the most convenient choice for Venezuela.

What’s the Most Efficient Method of Sending Money to Venezuela?

MoneyGram is the most convenient service for sending money to Venezuela from the United States. In light of the scarcity of similarly successful firms in Venezuela, they may confidently be called the finest in the country. So, MoneyGram provides a comprehensive service for transferring money to Venezuela online.

How to Send Money to Venezuela

Instructions for Making a Financial Transfer to Venezuela

You may get the greatest exchange rate when you transfer money to Venezuela if you follow these four simple steps.

Check the Exchange Rates

You should first see whether the VES mid-market transfer fees work to your advantage.

If you schedule your transfer correctly, you may get more VES for your money. We recommend that customers set up intelligent alerts to track the middle market’s development.

Choose the best service among the seven available options to transfer money to Venezuela.

Several options for sending money to Venezuela include Global66, N26, Western Union, and Postbank. The next time you need to send or receive cash, ensure you get the best possible exchange rate by weighing your available alternatives.

Choose a Reliable Money Transfer Service

Choose the service that suits you best, whether in terms of pricing, speed, positive reviews, or any other criterion.

Initiate the money transfer process by signing up with your chosen company.

Next, enter the specifics of your transfer to Venezuela when you sign up on the website of the money transfer service (you will usually be asked to supply some information to authenticate your identification).

Can I Transfer Dollars to Venezuela?

No. You can only send the Bolivar Soberano to facilitate transactions. You should verify the exchange rate given at the time of your transfer and the kind of currency you will be transferred to since these factors are subject to change.

May I Use My Bank Issued Debit Card to Make a Transfer to Venezuela?

No, you cannot use your bank account to send money to Venezuela. Due to deteriorating political ties between Venezuela and other countries, primarily the United States, several US financial institutions have decided not to facilitate payments to Venezuela.

If you need to transfer, visit your bank and ask about alternatives.

Can I Transfer Money to Venezuela Using Bitcoin or PayPal or the Mail?

All of these techniques come with our strong disapproval. The most important reasons are the potential for unintentional violations of penalty regulations and the need to use several potentially risky routes to achieve either of these goals. Suppose you want to avoid the risk of prison time and hefty penalties for breaking US sanctions. In that case, the safest action is to maintain all your financial dealings inside the confines of the official, controlled channels.

How to Send Money to Venezuela

How to Receive Money In Venezuela

Having one of the worst crime rates in the world, the US government advises against traveling to some areas of Venezuela, particularly the border between Venezuela and Colombia. You should be extremely careful while picking up cash from an agent if you move money inside its boundaries.

Do not go on a trip alone if at all feasible. If you worry about your safety when collecting a significant sum of cash, you may contact the police or the hotel concierge to request an escort.


Avoiding fines and fees is not an easy task. You may avoid potential costs and penalties if you use international money transfers and only send money in legally recognized currencies. Transfers to Venezuela are now only possible via MoneyGram, although this might change in the future if other firms decide to participate. Alternatively, you may use cash pickup services on Western Union to send money to Venezuela.

While waiting for new organizations to begin serving Venezuela, familiarize yourself with the wide universe of money transfer services.