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How to Send Money to Thailand: A Detailed Guide on Quick, Secure, and Cost-effective Options in 2023

Migration to other countries for work is now the norm, and sending money to loved ones at home is crucial. Consequently, companies are inventing new and better ways to transfer money. Market competition forces bands to innovate to retain customers and attract new ones. So, sending money to your loved ones has become easier with online services. 

You can transfer money from virtually anywhere without visiting the bank; it takes seconds for the transfer to complete. And all you have to do is register with a well-rated platform to commence international transfers. Our review will give you a much broader insight into how to send money to Thailand fast.

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What to Consider When Picking Your Money Transfer Service

Choosing a credible provider can reassure you that help will be available in case you need it. Numerous online companies promise the best money transfer service but end up disappointing, and they either charge high fees or have hidden fees, high exchange rates, and underwhelming delivery time. Here are factors to consider when seeking an online money transfer company. 

  • Bank Account Number and Money Transfer Requirements

Check the platform’s registration and international money transfer requirements to ensure it’s not steep. Usually, credible platforms like payoneer ask for bank account numbers, mobile numbers, identification, address, etc. The good thing about Payoneer is the portal is user-friendly, and their bank account verification process is hassle-free. 

  • Transfer Fees

Brands offer different transfer charges, ranging from high to low. But then offering high charges does not guarantee a seamless transaction. The brand might default in some areas, like security. That aside, some companies display hidden charges only on checkout. So, if the price is above your budget, don’t sweat it. Numerous other platforms will offer you excellent services at a low cost. 

  • Transfer Methods

Research the site’s transfer methods to ensure you can send money to Thailand using them. Some platforms transfer money to limited international countries, for example, PayPal, whereas others don’t. Payoneer will let you transfer money to over 200 countries, Thailand inclusive, via credit card, wire transfer, ACH, etc. 

  • Exchange Rates

Another factor you should not overlook is the brand’s exchange rate. Many brands make money from the exchange rate, so they charge high for conversion. Even though a country’s exchange rate fluctuates, you should not break the bank to send money home. So choose platforms with great exchange rates to ensure you don’t exceed your budget. 

  • Transfer Duration

Usually, it takes two to three business days for transfers to pan out. So time the transfer well and check if there’s a holiday because that will hinder the progress. Payoneer is a credible brand with a seamless delivery option, and you won’t be charged extra to send money to Thailand. 

You can enjoy other services like instant withdrawals with the brand’s debit card (payoneer MasterCard). Furthermore, check the charges and delivery time for large transfers to different accounts. 

How to Transfer Money to Thailand 

You don’t have to queue at significant banks to actualize sending money to bank accounts in Thailand, and technology has simplified the international money transfer process. However, ensure your chosen platform supports your local currency to avoid getting stuck. 

  1. Transfer Using Online Money Platforms 
  2. Visit a Physical Bank

Transfer Using Online Money Platforms

Payments using online money transfer platforms are slowly becoming the norm for almost anything. Whether it’s payment by independent contractors, friends, or family members, it’s easy and pain-free. Cross-check the recipient’s bank account before sending it to ensure you transfer to the right person.

Use credible platforms for secure online money transfers to prevent data breaches and fraudulent activities on your account. Payoneer is a platform that offers excellent security, friendly charges, a payment method, and speedy delivery time. Businesses and individuals can use the platform to send money to Thailand and not lose sleep about their fund’s safety. 

How Does Payoneer Work?

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Payoneer is an international platform with standard services for receiving and making large payments. In addition, They have an excellent track record with thousands of satisfied customers. 

You can bill your clients and send payment requests using Payoneer. Also, the recipient does not have to be registered with Payoneer to receive payments. Input their correct bank account detail, and the brand will deposit the funds within three days. To make international payments, you can use their prepaid MasterCard and e-wallets. 

Payoneer Features

Payoneer’s transfer fees to Thailand are low-cost, with no hidden fees. They offer a wide range of payout options, from prepaid debit cards to wallets, global and local transfers, and checks. You can manage multiple stores in one place. Their top-notch security service sends secondary log-in codes to mobile numbers associated with the account for extra security measures, thereby preventing fraud.



How to Use Payoneer to Send Money Online to Thailand

First, visit the site and click on the sign-up button. Input your correct details because you will be asked to verify them afterward. If your details do not match your means of identification, you won’t qualify to use the brand’s service. To transfer to Thailand, head to the “pay” section, then click “make a payment.” The site will direct you to another section where you can fill in the recipient’s details, after which you click “pay” to finalize the process. 

Physical bank 

Physical banks are still a viable means of sending money to a Thai bank account. Although the delivery time, exchange rates, and processes differ, it’s still a process that works, and it guarantees you, among other things, security and data protection.

The beauty of physical banks is that the recipient can receive the money at any pickup location. Western Union is a company banks tend to use for international transfers. And the brand has several agent locations anyone can walk in to make a withdrawal or deposit, as the case may be. 

Other Options for Sending Money to Thailand?

Aside from the option mentioned above, you can use bank drafts, cashier checks, and money orders. Or you can use other online money transfers like Wise, PayPal, stripe, and many more. But remember to research the brand’s service before using their platform. Read reviews and go for brands that are transparent with information.

Why Is It Better to Use Payoneer?

Payoneer ensures their services are suitable for their customers with their fee transparency. Wire transfers are available through Payoneer in countries where local accounts cannot be established. Also, merchants can get cash advances with amazon and Walmart of up to $750,000. They can invest this into their business and grow it beyond its current state. 

Conclusion: How to Send Money to Thailand

When sending money to Thailand, use a convenient option like Payoneer to ensure you’re sending the exact amount you have in mind. Though the brand does not have a cash pick-up location, the recipient can use their bank for withdrawal. 

Further, it’s mobile and Pc friendly. So you can use the platform at any point for transfers.

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