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How to Send Money to Australia from USA: A Complete 2023 Guide for Hassle-free and Affordable Transfers

Knowing how to transfer money internationally is essential, especially with globalization. With that being said, many transfer companies promise to do the job but few live up to the hype. Consequently, it is hard for remitters to choose the best provider with the best exchange rates to send money.

But never fear; we have provided you with this guide to alleviate your worries. To help you quickly transfer money to your loved ones in Australia, we have sourced and curated the best methods of sending money from the United States to Australia. 

Let’s see how you can transfer money to Australia from the USA swiftly with the best exchange rates possible.

Transfer Wise

What to Contemplate When Picking Your Money Transfer Service

Before choosing a money transfer service, you should research and ponder a few things. Additionally,  every money transfer service, like Payoneer, has a list of requirements before registering and after. Here are some things to mull over when choosing your service:

  • Transfer Fees

Watching a chunk of your money taken away by transfer fees is frustrating, and most of these fees are hidden in the fine print that you will only discover when it is too late.

So do yourself a favor and check what the fees would be and if they would work for you and make your choice.

  • Transfer Avenues

Online transfers like Payoneer are popular because they are convenient, quick, and require little leg work. So choose a method that works for your schedule and is easy to access.

  • Exchange Rates

An exchange between two currencies can come with extra costs due to the exchange rate. Thankfully some services like Payoneer make it easy to figure out the exchange rate and convert it, as well as cut down the cost of sending US dollars to Australian dollars.

  • Account Information And Requirements

Every money service business requires documentation and precise details to open an account and send money. The documentation will range from Identification to bank details. Nevertheless, do not worry about the bank needing these details; it is safe to provide these, especially if you use a service like Payoneer that is encrypted for extra security.

  • Duration of Transfer

Depending on your needs, you will need to check on how much time the provider will take to deliver the money to Australia, as some services take longer than others.

How to Send Money to Australia From the USA

There are a wide range of available options for online money transfers from the USA to Australia, including wire transfers, money transfer services, Payoneer, and others. 

Bank-to-bank transfers can charge a great deal of money to send across the globe within two business days. In contrast, other money transfer services might charge less but take time to get your cash transferred to the recipient. 

Let’s explore these ways to find out which one works best for you.

  1. Online Money Transfer Services
  2. International Wire Transfers

1. Online Money Transfer Services

Transfer Service You can use online money transfer services to transfer money to Australia from the USA. These service providers are the best way to send money overseas quickly, securely, and cheaply using stable internet. 

It is relatively simple to start with, and you must create an account with your chosen provider and make the first transfer. Then, you can select a few ways to pay for your transfer, including credit card, debit card, or bank transfer. 

Moreover, secure providers operate under proper regulation; therefore, the recipient typically receives the money in their bank account.

In the case of sending money to Australia, transfer payment is usually bank transfers or cash pickups. 

Cash pickup is the fastest way to get your money to the recipient, specifically when the transfer is paid through a credit or debit card.

In case of any inconvenience or unusual late money transfer, the recipient can contact their dedicated account manager.

What Is Payoneer, and How Does It Help Send Money From the USA to Australia?

Payoneer is a widely used international money transfer service to receive and send money from your bank account. It is also a unique way to send money online without interacting with a third-party app. It is quick, safe, efficient, and convenient.

Payoneer’s Features

Payoneer is a money transfer service that works in over 200 countries and supports 80 currencies.

If you still need to register with Payoneer, you can sign up on its website quickly and easily. It doesn’t charge any maintenance fees.

Payoneer charges low fees, and there are no hidden fees. Paying with payoneer is quite simple. You can send money directly from your balance to your recipient (with a payoneer account) in Australia for free. However, minimal fees will apply if the recipient isn’t a registered payoneer.

With payoneer, you can stay loose with the perfect USD AUD exchange rate since it follows wholesale currency exchange rates. Furthermore, it offers competitive rates if you compare secure providers with payoneer. 



How to Use Payoneer to Send Money to Australia From USA

Go along with these steps to send money to Australia from the USA through Payoneer:

  1. Start with signing up on the Payoneer app or website if you still need to. Following that, you will get a validation email or text to confirm it’s you trying to register.
  2. Now, provide your national ID with a photo and proof of address. Doing this will ensure the security of your account from fraudulent activities.
  3. Choose your payment method. You will likely be adding your USA bank account to pay your transfer.
  4. Add your recipient’s bank details. (you can transfer money to your account, too, in Australia)
  5. Pick the delivery method. It is best to select a bank account if it appears in the options.
  6. Type the transfer amount and confirm the transaction.

The rest is on Payoneer. The process of USD to AUD remittance will begin. Just check your email or the Payoneer forum for any notifications regarding the transaction’s progress. 

2. International Wire Transfers

International wire transfers involve sending money from one bank account to another in a different country within 1-2 business days. 

An International wire transfer is the fastest and most secure way to transmit funds from one nation to another. However, bank transfers come with a lot of tests. 

Despite the partnership between the banks, several banks charge substantial transfer fees. Furthermore, they may take more time than usual to transfer money overseas with the worst exchange rates and hidden fees.

Other Alternatives You Can Use to Send Money to Australia From USA

Credit Cards

Here are some online money transfer services to nail secure online money transfers to Australia. 

Send money or receive money through these money transfer service providers quickly.

Western Union is the second-best money transfer company, extending its business to 200 countries. The transfer fees of Western Union will largely depend on the method of payment.

You will need to pay 10$ per transaction if you transfer money to Australia through a credit or debit card and to someone’s (Australian) bank account. 

Suppose you are looking for fast transfers, Western Union. If you make an international money transfer to a bank account, it will arrive within 4 to 8 days.

PayPal is a suitable recourse for transmitting money digitally. US residents with PayPal accounts can send money to Australia using their linked accounts.

The service charges a small portion of transactions (around 2%) for international money transfers.

The transferring process immediately if your recipient has an existing PayPal account. However, moving the recipient’s received funds will take a few days.

Why Is Payoneer the Best Option?

This money transfer service has no hidden costs, is fast, user-friendly, and rated very highly amongst its users. It has more upsides than any other method of sending money to Australia, and the exchange rate is well within reason.


Making an online foreign exchange transfer is quite simple, but choosing a suitable method to send money overseas can be daunting. Whether you send money to Australia from the USA or UK to Canada, you need to be mindful of the best available exchange rates. 

You can use some factors to run into effective providers if the provider offers coupons for USD to AUD money transfers. Utilizing discounts and sales will suppress transfer fees and help shortlist the top providers to send money to Australia.

For the ultimate money transfer experience, we recommend Payoneer! It is easy, has no hidden fees, and is accessible from any country, and typically you don’t have to wait to receive money; you get it instantly!

To learn more on how to send money for personal and businesses, visit our resource page.