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How to Send Money from the Philippines to USA

How to Send Money from the Philippines to USA in 5 Steps

Want to learn how to send money from the Philippines to the USA in the best way? Apart from your usual bank account transfer, there are some cheaper options with better exchange rates!

Here, we’ll run you over how to send money to the USA in five steps. Including all the different ways to send money you may have never heard of before.

Decide on How to Send Money to the USA

Before anything else, pick a method to send money. You could do so via money transfer providers or send money online or through a bank account. Regardless of which one you choose, the process is the same for all—even the other way around, when you send money to the Philippines.

You have to look out for the exchange rates and money transfer fees, as they could be different from one money transfer provider to another. To give you an idea, there are two common ways to send money from the Philippines:

Cash Pickup

Cash pickup is the most common type of money transfer service in the Philippines, as these allow you to send money even without a bank account. It requires you to send and pick up the money at a physical location.

Conveniently, these could be found almost anywhere in the Philippines. It could be beside the convenience store, inside the mall, and even in grocery stores. Albeit convenient, this mode has more expensive transfer fees and weaker exchange rates compared to bank transfers.

Online Money Transfer Services

Now, your most convenient option is to send money online through bank transfer if you have a bank account. Not to mention, the safest as you won’t need to bring large sums of money while traveling to the bank or cash pickup service center.

When you transfer money through a bank account, the transfer fees will also differ. Most money transfer providers offer lower fees than bank transfers, and some even allow you to set up the transfer for a pickup instead. That is in case the recipient’s bank account is inactive or doesn’t have one.

Online money transfers can be done through the following:

  • Online international wire transfer
  • In-person wire transfers or bank deposits
  • Online money transfer services

How to Send Money from the Philippines to USA

Create an Account

As soon as you’ve chosen a mode of transaction, then it’s time to create an account — that is, if you haven’t already. While registering, most money transfer providers will ask you to provide your details and a valid ID (e.g. Postal ID, driver’s license, passport, etc.) followed by a few hours to a few days for the verification.

This is for the first transfer only. The next time you send money, you won’t have to show a valid ID anymore, unless you’re doing it via cash at the bank.

As soon as your account is approved and running, then you can now set up your payment method and details. A money transfer company will most likely provide options for cash, credit, debit card, bank transfers, and cheques.

Provide Recipient Details

As soon as you have completed the sender information, then you have to type in the details of the person who will receive the money. This includes their name and contact information. Make sure that the name you type in is the same one as what they have in their valid ID. Otherwise, they won’t be able to claim it.

Provide Money Transfer Amount

Type in the money transfer amount and review all details before proceeding. As soon as you complete the transaction, you will be given a receipt with a reference code, PIN, or MTCN. Send this code to the recipient as they will need this, most especially if they’re picking it up at a physical location.

Complete the Money Transfer

How to Send Money from the Philippines to USA

Last but not the least, complete the transaction by confirming that the recipient has received the money you sent. If done via bank deposit or transfer, then you’ll usually be notified instantly that the amount has been wired to the recipient’s account. On the other hand, if it’s via cash, then you’ll be notified as soon as it’s been picked up .

When claiming money from physical locations, the recipient should prepare the following:

  • Transfer Number (Reference number, MTCN, or PIN)
  • Valid ID
  • Money transfer amount
  • Sender details

Factors to Consider When Sending Money Overseas

With lots of money transfer services available, it can be tricky to pick the best option. Hence, here are some of the factors you should consider, when sending money overseas from the Philippines:

  • Company History

Check the company’s history, license, and track. Are they well-liked by their clients? Are they highly rated? Make sure these are ticked to make sure you’re not in for a scam of a lifetime.

  • Transaction Fees

Check how high or low their transfer fees are compared to other companies. Some might be overcharging, while some might have hidden fees. Keep an eye out!

  • Accessibility

Consider how accessible the provider is from you and your recipient’s location, most especially if you’re having a cash pickup. You won’t want to travel a few hours just to send money after all!

  • Speed

Ask about the speed as well. Some centers will have your money sent in seconds, whereas some might take a few hours to a few days at most, which can be inconvenient.

  • Support

Lastly, consider their customer support. How do they handle issues? If you feel ignored or disregarded after submitting a ticket, then you shouldn’t use their services at all.


Overall, it’s easy to send money to the USA from the Philippines. You can do so via cash pickups or simply wire money using online providers.

Regardless of which one you pick, you have to take a good look at the company first before sticking to them, as there are a lot of other better options that are just waiting to catch your eye. Send money safely, and conveniently!