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How to Send Money Anonymously

How to Send Money Anonymously Online

As much as cash payment is still popular, many contemporary payment methods are replacing it. The shift can be attributed to technological advancement and changing times. However, these payment methods come with the risk of exposing identity and personal details. Such exposure puts you at risk of identity theft or loss of money. Fortunately, there are safe methods you can use for anonymous payments.

But how do you send money online anonymously? This article details how to send money anonymously online. Some anonymous payment methods offer partial anonymity, while others provide total anonymity. It’d be best to read it to the end to learn more, but why do you need anonymous payment methods?


Top Reasons for Sending Money Online Anonymously

Using anonymous payment methods may be necessary for the following reasons:

Personal Privacy

Some online transactions call for keeping your identity private. For instance, you might be paying for a subscription that you want to remain private. Or the business you send the money to considers you high risk and would like to keep the transactions secret. In that case, you can use a fully anonymous payment method. 

Charity Donations

Charity donations require that you remain anonymous to avoid the recipient feeling indebted to the donor. You can select ‘Don’t Show My Name’ for anonymous giving on the organization’s donation page. But to save you from the trouble, you can make anonymous donations using the many contemporary payment methods.

Private Property Transfer

For some reason, you might want to purchase a property privately. Doing so is possible if you pay cash. However,  having such money on you is risky. This is another reason you need to have an option enabling anonymous transfer.

Online Safety Consciousness

With rising cyber attacks, you must make anonymous transactions when buying anything online. Semi-anonymous options can show your paid amount without revealing your real name. Such transactions are possible through a fake account, such as PayPal, that making is straightforward.

Circumventing Authority Limitations

Some governments may restrict access to specific websites, with dire consequences for using them. In addition, some don’t specify but monitor users of red-flagged websites. Such limitations call for the use of VPN and anonymous online payments.

The Best Anonymous Money Transfer Methods


PayPal is one of the payment methods for sending money anonymously. However, you can’t directly use a PayPal account as an anonymous payment app due to the ties to payment details like legal name and email address. There is a way that can enable you to transfer money online anonymously. 

To make anonymous transfers using PayPal, you will create a fake email address using a phony name. You will then transfer the money from your real Paypal account to the fake account. Sending the funds to the intended recipient will be the next move, but you will do it from a fake account. Despite revealing the details, it won’t be your name.

Virtual Credit Cards

Also known as masked cards, virtual credit cards are another option for sending money anonymously. These cards are disposable; you can send money anonymously from your credit account. Virtual credit cards are semi-anonymous but offer additional protection when transacting online.

You will order the disposable credit cards from your card provider, who will randomly generate the card number, expiration date, and security code. So to send money anonymously, you will transfer it from your existing credit account to your virtual account and then use it to pay for the online services.

Google Pay

Google PayGoogle Pay is an online payment system that you can use to make anonymous payments. It’s the most convenient way to pay on sites and stores using cards you have saved in your Google account. However, it is partially safe due to the multi-factor authentication. But you can tweak it to make anonymous transactions.

Like PayPal, you will link your Google Pay account to a fake email, which you will fund using a disposable credit card. You can finance the card from a bank account; the better part is that the recipient won’t be able to link your bank account to the virtual card and fake email address. On the downside, the payment method is rare, making it challenging to use in small stores.

Prepaid Cards and Prepaid gift cards

Prepaid cards and prepaid gift cards are other anonymous payment options that are widely accepted. If handled well, prepaid cards can make your transactions completely anonymous. You will start by buying a prepaid gift card or debit card using cash from a reputable vendor.

To use prepaid debit cards or gift cards, you will load the card with enough money to allow transactions without leaving any records. On the downside, you will have to reveal your name and address when you order physical products from online stores. Such transactions will reveal your identity.

Cash App 

Cash App is one of the money transfer apps you can use to send money anonymously online. Registered by the Securities and Exchange Commission, Cash App is among the best apps for anonymous money transfers. Instead of bank account details, you will need $Cashtag, a unique username.

For anonymity, you will use an unverified account that won’t record your details. However, that will limit your daily spending limit to $250. On the upside, you can withdraw using its debit Visa card. Alternatively, you can transfer to another bank account and withdraw it.

Western Union

You can also use private payment services such as Western Union to transfer money anonymously. Western Union is a widely accepted traditional money transfer service that lets you send money anonymously. This method keeps bank account information private. You will use the recipient’s email address and bank account number to send money. However, you will have to give the agent your valid ID for verification.


1. Is it possible to receive money anonymously?

Yes, there are several ways of receiving money anonymously, like through bitcoin trading. There are other ways of anonymously receiving funds from private transactions, like through Venmo, which won’t require your name.

2. Are anonymous online payment methods legal?

Most methods of private transactions are legal and registered. However, some require verification to remove the spending limit. Note that verification will undo the anonymity. But there is a way around it, and you can use a fake name and email address to conceal your identity.

3. How can you create a bank account for anonymous money transfers?

Creating a bank account for anonymous transactions is impossible because the financial institution will need your identification. So, this leaves online payment methods the best way to create accounts for anonymous transactions.

4. What are the factors to consider when choosing an anonymous money transfer method?

Online anonymous money transfers can be frustrating due to speed and high cost. Therefore, it is best to consider fast speed, safety, and low cost when choosing a payment method for anonymous transactions. It’s best to use the ones with fewer bank transfers as they are cheaper. In addition, it will help to read the payment method’s reviews to determine safety and transaction speed.


Sending money online can be risky due to the rising cases of cyber-attacks, hence the need for methods to send money anonymously. In addition, you might need to conceal your identity for donation services. This article details how to send money anonymously online and answers some frequently asked questions. It’d be best to use the information to send money online safely.