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How to Remove PayPal From the Doordash Payment Method in Four Steps

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Suppose you are used to ordering food delivery to your home. You must know about the Doordash platform, which offers food delivery services from your favorite restaurant. However, to make your purchase, you must add a suitable payment method to facilitate it.

Want to switch payment methods on DoorDash? Here's how to remove PayPal.

Still, suppose you want to remove PayPal from your Doordash payment method. In that case, you have to keep in mind that you need to have at least another default payment method chosen to be able to remove PayPal since it is no longer helpful for you.

Doordash is accessible in the United States, Canada, and Australia, and it is a company that only grows daily. And if you live in one of these states, take advantage of this platform. Before you start thinking about removing PayPal from your Doordash app, you have to learn how to add a bank account of your choice, whether digital or not, and put at least two or three linked accounts on it. Here’s how to add it:

How to Link a Bank Account

Download the Doordash app on your cell phone, or search the website. Then create your account by providing your personal information to log in. After logging in, go to the main screen, where you will see the following options: Addresses, Payment Options, Notifications, Privacy, and Gift Cards. Select “Payment Methods,” so you will be directed to a new screen that says “add Payment Method” click on it and then chooses the type of Payment Option you want to use, such as debit card, credit card, or Paypal digital account.

Credit or Debit Card

You need to put your debit or credit card info in preferred payment method, they will ask you for your card numbers and card expiration date.


To add a PayPal digital account, you need to link your PayPal account to your Doordash account. To do this, go to “Payment Methods” and click “link your PayPal account .”Doordash will then take you to the PayPal login page, where you can enter your email address and password. Doordash will then access your PayPal account for payment.

Gift Cards

An alternative form of payment you can use is the platform gift card; in the main menu, click on “Gift cards,” and then click on “add the gift card,” and enter the numbers found on the back of the 16-digit Doordash gift card.

After adding the payment methods of your choice, click “confirm” to complete the action. Once you have seen how to add an account, see below for step-by-step instructions on how to remove PayPal from your Doordash account in four steps:

Step #1 - Log in to Doordash

Discover the convenient payment methods available on DoorDash for seamless ordering and delivery

First, download the Doordash app or go to the official Doordash website Then, make your account and provide your personal information such as phone number, shipping address, bank account as explained above, and others.

Step #2 - Search for Your Profile

After you have made your account:

  • Go to the platform’s main screen.
  • Look for the profile icon on the right side of the screen.
  • Hit it.

Step #3 - Look at the Number of Payment Methods

Next, look for the word “payment” and select it. Now, in this next step, you need to choose one or more payment methods other than PayPal to efficiently remove it from your account, such as cash payments and credit or debit cards. The Doordash system recognizes that PayPal is not the only payment method used for payment and may be disposable. If you want a quick settlement, discard the option of paying by cash.

Step #4 - Remove PayPal

The next and final step is to remove the PayPal digital online payment method from Doordash. In the previous step, you will have opened in payment, and you will see the various payment methods you have linked; among them, you will have added Paypal.

However, this time you will choose to withdraw it for whatever reasons you feel are necessary. To remove it, click on the “PayPal” payment method, swipe top-left corner, hit the delete icon option, and finally, to confirm the action, click “yes,” thus removing it from your payment method.

Final Thoughts

Conveniently pay for your DoorDash orders with credit and debit cards

Doordash offers several payment methods you can add and remove according to your choice. Paypal is just one of the many payment methods that Doordash can rely on, so it will be easy to remove if necessary. However, even if you can add many payment methods, remember to do so sparingly, as your account may be compromised for security reasons, especially in your online purchase.

If there are still any problems with removing Paypal or you have any other questions, contact Doordash customer support, describe to them the details by email, chat or phone, they will be happy to help. This is the best american food delivery service way to order food, so enjoy these tips thoroughly. And for any other problems or doubts, contact your credit card company, check if your online shopping is giving you a good experience and if you are on a safe platform.