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How To Remove Accountant From Quickbooks Online

How To Remove Accountant From Quickbooks Online

QuickBooks is a great online tool to manage your accountants all in one place. Your accountants can make sure your business runs smoothly by helping you to deal with your company’s finances all within QuickBooks Online.  

However, how do you remove an account from QuickBooks Online? Fortunately, it is really simple to do so. So long as you are an admin, you can invite, remove and assign accountants and admins. Here, we’ll look at how to remove an accountant from quickbooks online. 

Adding and removing an accountant means that they can have complete access to your company’s files when needed. 

So, with this in mind, let’s take a look at how to remove an account from QuickBooks Online.

Is There Anything You Need To Know Before Removing An Accountant From QuickBooks Online?

If you are wanting to either remove or invite an accountant to QuickBooks, there are a couple of things you need to know first.

You will want to make sure that your login is at the level of admin so you have access to the QuickBooks Online account with the ability to change things. This is extra important if you have an account with multi-users.

If you have an account that is only for the single user, then you will already be the admin without having to change anything.

Secondly, you will want to add the accountant as the ‘Master Admin’. However, you can only add up to two accountants at one time. So keep this in mind. 

How To Remove An Accountant From QuickBooks Online

Here are the steps needed to remove an accountant from your QuickBooks Online:

  • Open up QuickBooks Online
  • Sign into your QuickBooks Online account 
  • Click the Gear symbol to open up the settings
  • Under the tab which reads ‘Manager Users’ click on ‘Accountants’
  • Find the accountant who you are hoping to remove
  • Click on the arrow for the drop-down menu within the action column
  • Here you can click ‘Delete’ to remove the accountant 
  • You must then click ‘Delete’ again to confirm it is the action that you want to take

How To Invite An Accountant In QuickBooks Online

Here is the easy way to invite an accountant within your QuickBooks Online: 

  • Already setting yourself as the primary admin, you will need to login to your QuickBooks Online account
  • Look for the Gear symbol and click on it
  • Under the tab which states ‘Manage Users’ click on ‘Accountants’
  • Under this tab, locate ‘Invite Accountant’
  • Type in the details of the accountant – first and last name, plus their email address
  • Once you have submitted this information, there is nothing for you to do right now
  • The accountant will receive an email that has an invitation along with information to login to the company
  • When the accountant finally logs in to the company, you will notice that the status of the invite changes from being ‘Invited’ to being ‘Active’
  • Once this happens, you will need to add in some information about the accountant.
  • Once you have finished adding the information, you will then need to click ‘Save’ and then you are finishing inviting the accountant

What Is The Best Way To Assign A Primary Admin So You Can Remove And Invite Accountants On Quickbooks Online?

Here are some simple steps to assigning an accountant as primary admin:

  • Login to your QuickBooks Online 
  • Locate the Gear symbol and click on it to open up settings
  • Find ‘Manage Users’ and click on it
  • Locate the accountant that you are looking for 
  • In the column look for ‘Role’ and check to see if they are already listed as being an admin
  • If you find that they are not an admin, you can click on ‘Edit’ to change their role
  • Using the arrow to find the drop-down menu, click on ‘Make Primary Admin’
  • You will then receive a code to verify this change either via using a phone number or on an email
  • Once you have received the code, you will need to submit it and then click ‘continue’ to go forward with the process
  • You will then need to click on ‘Make Primary Admin’ a second time to confirm these changes one last time
  • Now you are finished and can log out of QuickBooks Online

Final Thoughts

If you use QuickBooks Online, then you will need to know how to remove an accountant. Whether you are new to the platform, or just haven’t had to do it yet, you will find the steps very simple.

So long as you are an admin, you can make the necessary changes within your QuickBooks Online account to both invite and remove an admin. You should also think about adding the accountant as an admin too. 

However, do keep in mind that there is only the possibility of adding two accountants at one time. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few quick questions:

Does An Accountant Need Quickbooks Online To Be Invited?

Yes, the accountant needs to sign up for QuickBooks Online Accountant to accept an invite. They can then accept the invitation using the invite link either via an email or over the phone. 

From there they will be able to access the company’s files using QuickBooks Online. They will also be able to write off any invoices, change the classifications of transactions, and so much more.

Why Might You Need To Add Accountants In Quickbooks Online?

The reason you may want to add accountants to QuickBooks Online is because they can remove the stress of finances for your company. They also have complete access to every feature of your QBO account.

However, they also have extra privileges such as being able to undo reconciliations, remove invoices, and so on. 

How Many Accountants Can Be Added To Quickbooks Online?

You can only add two accountants at one time to QuickBooks Online. If you have a third accountant to add, you will need to remove (otherwise known as delete) one of your accountants. 

What Is QuickBooks Online Accountant?

This cloud-based software allows an account to have access to all their clients in one place.