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Patreon: How To Cancel The Auto Renew

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Managing Patreon Subscriptions: Step-by-Step Guide to Cancel Auto-Renewal and Billing on Patreon

In 2013, Jack Conte, a musician, and YouTuber, were looking for a solution to his problems because his YouTube channel had millions of views and received little from the Platform. 

Sad and tired of the current situation, he had the brilliant idea of creating a website so that people who followed his work could contribute an amount directly to Jack. In exchange for this, he would give access to his productive career. 

He then told his project to a friend, and soon they put everything into practice. And so, over 8 years, Patreon has helped over 250,000 content creators with approximately 8 million contributors.

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What Is Patreon

Patreon is a subscription platform that enables subscribers to help support content creators and favorite artists by paying a monthly fee per published post. Then the subscribers receive the content that these creators publish they also interact with the subscribers. 

So the fans pay the creators a certain amount and get exclusive access to extra content and more details of the creative journeys. A win-win exchange. On one side, the artist’s creators keep their creative freedom and get paid for it. The fans keep their minds at ease, knowing where their money is going and supporting those artists they love. The Platform was then Founded by a creator who thought of many other creators.


  • Per year: the Subscription is annual
  • Per month: you pay every month
  • Per creation: you can pay on the first day of the month in a per-post billing order.

How To Cancel Subscription

Suppose you delete your account from the Patreon platform. In that case, you will automatically cancel your Subscription, which will delete your Patreon payment method. But suppose you wish to continue with your account but want to avoid paying for the content and your membership. 

In that case, you should consider canceling the account from the Platform. To delete your account, you will need a deletion request that may take up to 30 days to be deleted permanently. And suppose you want to cancel only the SubscriptionSubscription. 

In that case, you may do so in time, but there will be no refund afterward. Once your SubscriptionSubscription is canceled, you will be able to use the Platform’s services until the end of the billing period, i.e., the remaining days of your SubscriptionSubscription. And if you are billed after cancellation, you should contact customer service and ask for a refund. So what you should do and know before canceling subscriptions.

The first thing is to check all the terms, service policies, or privacy policies of the application. You wish to download and subscribe to it to make sure that cancellations can be made through customer service channels. 

The second is that after you have subscribed to an application and not canceled, this SubscriptionSubscription will automatically renew, as this can generate charges.

You should also know that you lose most applications’ standard trial content after subscribing and canceling. 

And the last one is that you should remember to manually cancel these subscriptions before the trial period, i.e., 24 hours before. Otherwise, you will have to pay the subscription fee.

Cancel Subscription In Your Web Browser

  • Open a browser on your computer and open the Patreon platform website.
  • Log in and Sign in to your account.
  • On your home screen, click on your profile icon.
  • From the drop-down options, you should select Manage memberships.
  • In the Active Membership section, you should click on the Edit option next to your member name.
  • These steps will redirect you to a payment confirmation page. Scroll your mouse down and select the Edit or Cancel Payment option.
  • A pop-up will appear with a few options. Select Cancel your payment.
  • And finally, press Cancel Your Payment again for confirmation.

Cancel Your Subscription To Your Android

  • Open your Patreon application on your Android smartphone or tablet.
  • Make sure that you are logged in correctly.
  • Tap the Account icon and select your profile.
  • You will have a list of active subscriptions. Click the edit icon next to the SubscriptionSubscription you want to cancel.
  • Scroll down to the bottom of your screen and click on the Edit or Cancel Payment option.
  • Select the Cancel Your Payment option and confirm that the SubscriptionSubscription will be canceled.

Cancel your SubscriptionSubscription to your iOS

  • Open the app in your Patreon account on your iPhone or Ipad.
  • Make sure you are logged into your account correctly.
  • Click the search icon in the top right corner of the screen and select your profile.
  • Tap on Subscriptions (if you don’t see “Subscriptions,” click on “iTunes and App Store.” Then click your Apple ID, sign in, scroll down to Subscriptions, and select it).
  • Click on the SubscriptionSubscription you want to manage. And if you are still looking for subscriptions, and are still being billed, check that you have the correct Apple ID.
  • Select Cancel Subscription. And if you are still looking for the SubscriptionSubscription, it has probably already been canceled and will not be renewed.

Cancel Subscription At Paypal

  1. Sign in to your Paypal account.
  2. Tap the settings tab next to the logout option.
  3. Press “Payments” and tap Manage Automatic Payments on the Automatic Payments screen.
  4. You will see a list of subscriptions you must have made previously; look for the Patreon app to make the cancellation.
  5. A confirmation page will appear; click on the “Cancel Automatic Payments” tab for confirmation that you no longer want to continue paying Patreon.
  6. As the last step, click Done to make your cancellation effective.

These were the steps you should follow to manually unsubscribe from Patreon, essential tips to always be aware of before subscribing. This article has helped you find the solution you were looking for. 

Final Thoughts

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These were the steps you should follow to manually unsubscribe from Patreon, essential tips to always be aware of before subscribing. This article has helped you find the solution you were looking for.

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