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How to Add an Attachment to a Mailchimp Campaign

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MailChimp is an exclusive campaign platform that includes a PDF document and product information. Sometimes it becomes difficult to know how to attach a pdf in Mailchimp. 


The steps to deal with the attachments are file hosting and sharing audio, video files, and images. Mailchimp only allows dealing with traditional extensions rather than with strong and bulk email delivery. 

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What is MailChimp?

Many email marketing platforms are available in the market, but the most used is Mailchimp. Like other platforms, MailChimp is a renowned marketing automation company that provides various services to help the business to grow. MailChimp is the trade name of Rocket Science Group. MailChimp is unique and better due to the attachments they proceed on. The branches are available for subscribing to better promotions and also extracting great information.

How to add an attachment to MailChimp?

The addition of file attachments is easy and convenient in Mailchimp. It is similar to how to attach a pdf in Mailchimp. The procedure starts with downloading the recipients. The final attachments are regulated with a size of 2MB. At the time of sending the file as a presentation of an email attachment, it goes on concerning the email marketing campaigns. There are other ways of attaching the PDF with MailChimp are,

  • First step: It is vital the select the content section and then instigate the campaign builder; 
  • Second step: There would be an option to click on the editing option, in the case of the content lab that inserts with linking; 
  • Third step: There would be a link that would contain the toolbar. The editors also supported keyboard shortcuts and added other links;
  • Fourth step: There would be an option to insert with an edit pop-up modal. The other option that would pop out is edit; after clicking that, it would fill in the URL;
  • Fifth step: The initial step that would come out is setting up by opening the files and applying for the title attribution or other CSS class. The outcome is to click on the insert option. Therefore, the campaign could be sent and access the file.

How to create a campaign in MailChimp?

One of the most significant features is market messaging through email, ads, and contacts. MailChimp is like traditional email marketing, containing checklist campaigns and adding receipts to the designs. This article will give you more experience and knowledge about email campaigns. 

  • Step 1: Creating an icon;
  • Step 2: Clicking on the email option drop-down where it assumes to have customer journey, landing page, and multi-channel credentials;
  • Step 3: The next option is to click on the regular option. It has other options for designing the campaign. It is a great email builder for review on several occasions. The process starts with adding the recipient and then adding names from the email address. The addition of the subject lines is also detailed. Therefore, the design of your email will be displayed content section. 

How to manage contacts in MailChimp?

Managing contacts is a relatively easy factor to deal with. But if you look for how to attach a pdf in Mailchimp, you may also have to know the contact managing process in Mailchimp. The method initiates with updating a contact profile. Updating around multiple profiles would require going through the auto-update feature. In the process of updating the email address, the campaign automatically connects. It also helps the audience to keep information private. In any case, contact if you have had multiple audiences, then updating each audience is highly required. The steps to update contacts are as follows:

  • Step 1: Click on the audience option and proceed with all contact options;
  • Step 2: In the case of having more than one audience, the possibility for the current audience drop-down would be the favorable criterion;
  • Step 3: The following stage makes out to edit and next edit the section for updating. The following guidelines are essential to segregate as it depends on the image file, which should deal with approximately 1MB. The most important fact is that it does not host the files. The campaign builder is linked with the content studio, and a URL is created later. 

How to track your results in MailChimp?

The following procedure to track the results in MailChimp is preceded by Google analytics. Firstly, following the visitors and interacting with the landing page is essential. The analytics are viewed with the following results accumulating the reports visited by Google analytics. The following procedure to track out the results are:

  • Step 1: It is firstly vital to gain the MailChimp email campaigning by logging in to the Google Analytics account;
  • Step 2: The next step comes out, resulting in the pages as the Google analysis provides to feature more filters. For sorting the email campaign, it is required to create the secondary dimensions to sort out the mediums. The following categories also describe the visitor in navigating the site. It is essential to develop the filters and reflect the narrow-down results. The following procedure goes on helping to provide the tracking features and delivers the best services.

In the tracking session, the application records almost all the pages and views on links. It also appears to fill up the profile pages and creates audience segments. The tracking sections occur with the default that consists of the visitor tractor. MailChimp also has the facility to record abuse reports. Website and landing pages come forth with the segmentation of about 30 days. 

Final Thoughts

To find how to attach a pdf in Mailchimp, we observed that the email marketing criteria has successfully developed more than 100,000 subscribers. It also expects an open rate of about 27%. The following application enables tracking the email marketing and embeds with the graphic bottom on the HTML email. It follows the explicit option and web procedures and opens the emails. 

The automated replies deal with the out to office messages. It has helped to beacon on trafficking the open subscriber engagements. It relies on the hidden graphic and embeds on the code and tracking out the contacts—the address displays about choosing out the images and gaining accurate open tracking.

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