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Google Sites vs Wix

Google Sites vs Wix: The Winner May Shock You

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Website builders are an essential component of the use of the internet. It allows the creation of myriads of websites, blogs, and various online platforms for multiple purposes, like education, e-commerce, and much more. 

When it comes to Google, we always consider its products the best. Since Google is the pioneer and leading platform for internet accessories and services, it has a robust reputation in the market. 

However, the Google Sites editor faces competition from many other website-building platforms like Wix, WordPress, etc. “Is Wix better than Google Sites?” is a question of considerable concern for many non-tech people to start their web development process. 

In this article, we will review the top features of both website-creating platforms and compare their functionalities to widen your knowledge horizon. It will help you make an informed decision on your web development journey. 

Our Pick

We found Wix to be the better website builder because of its user interface and different in-built offers. It’s also best for small businesses, blogging and building a unique website with its vast template selection.

Google SitesAbout Google Sites

Google Sites first appeared on the market in 2008. In 2017, the new version of Google Sites debuted, replacing the older version known as traditional Sites. Google discontinued Classic Sites in 2021. However, users can convert, delete, or archive their accounts.

In addition, Google Sites is a do-it-yourself, web-based platform. It’s the top choice for anyone looking to create a simple website for various purposes. You can create simple web projects on Google Sites.

Searching for videos and images on Google can be done straight from the Google Sites interface, which is a really cool feature. It’s also important to note that Google Sites is well-suited to creating internal and intranet websites, both of which are useful for collaborative project development among multiple team members.


Easy to Use: Google Sites is a straightforward website creator included in the G Suite bundle. Along with intranets, you may use the platform to build basic commercial websites, portfolios, event initiatives, and so on.

Google Suites: Furthermore, Google Sites allows users to design basic webpages and add custom logos and popular widgets from the G Suite bundle. The numerous Google services and products included in this bundle are YouTube, Google Maps, Google Slides, Google Docs, and many more. With Google Sites, you can only utilize Google’s own internal tools. The whole suite of Google’s document, spreadsheet, calendar, form, and presentation creation tools may be integrated.

Default Themes: The default selection of themes available through Google Sites is somewhat limited. In a similar vein, there are a variety of design modification possibilities. As a direct consequence, the appearance of the web pages produced by the system is uniform across the board.



Google SitesAbout Wix

Since its inception in 2006, Wix has been growing in popularity as a website builder offering free and paid plans. Wix is a website builder that is used by over 200 million people across the world. This platform is user-friendly enough for beginners as well as experienced graphic and web designers. Wix is the engine behind over four million different websites.

Wix is widely considered to be the most user-friendly website builder on the market today. It is because the company’s designers have made the platform so that customers can quickly develop websites with it. Every person, regardless of their level of coding expertise, is capable of producing a website that not only functions well but also looks fantastic.


Easy Interface: The system’s high-end Wix ADI tool is well-known for its ability to automatically create a website entirely from scratch based on the user’s input. The more advanced editing tools of the Standard Editor are also at your disposal. Wix is useful for creating company portfolios, landing sites, online forums, blogs, and even tiny online shops. 

Integration: Website integration is simplified with the help of the website builder. The system has robust design modification options, blogging/eCommerce engines, and integration with the prosperous App Market, Wix Corvid, and Ascend platforms. 

Plugins: The Wix Store plugin makes it easy to develop and manage online shops that are both small and medium in size. It is due to the use of various eCommerce tools and capabilities.

Manageability: Time slots in the future are also available here. In addition, you can configure your blog for search engine optimization, choose from various adaptable blog themes, allow Facebook and user comments, and more. Wix’s template collection offers more than 800 free themes unique to particular niches. These themes are mobile-ready and fully configurable by default. 

Easy Blogging: The Wix Turbo function is also a significant plus for bloggers. You may improve website efficiency and page load by using the software’s collection of tools and technologies. The fact that people can get to your site swiftly is a huge plus. 

Alternative Add-Ons: Wix’s App Market provides various alternatives to extend your site’s capabilities, including native and third-party applications. You may add a blog and social networking tools like Facebook and Twitter, as well as sell tickets and develop communities of like-minded people. You may take online bookings, incorporate QuickBooks, and much more with this system.



Similarities Between Google Sites and Wix 

Multiple company templates, widgets tailored to specific industries, and the cutting-edge Ascend platform are just a few elements that make it possible to launch high-quality business projects with these simple cloud website builders.

Your company can have its website up and running in minutes with Wix or Google Sites. They are both easy to set up. Furthermore, the systems support several different commercial designs, and you may add widgets to improve the functionality of your company’s website.

Both platforms are relatively cost-friendly. Wix offers free unlimited membership and two group subscriptions for website owners who also run online businesses or stores. Their monthly fee begins at a starting price of 22 USD. Moreover, Google Sites is a cost-free website builder that includes the ability to link a domain at no additional charge. 

Furthermore, the two web builders are SEO-focused. High-end SEO optimization is made comfortable with the website builder’s included SEO Wiz tool, which also includes helpful instructions for maximizing the builder’s potential. However, there are few opportunities for optimizing a site for search engines using Google’s website builder, Sites. Website name and URL are the only required fields. In addition, there are no sitemap or robots.txt files to be found. Therefore, Google Sites SEO features are more limited.

Google SitesDifferences Between Google Sites and Wix

Wix offers premium membership levels in addition to a free trial period of 14 days, but Google Sites is available without charge to anybody with a Google account.

Unlike Google Sites, Wix offers more than a thousand options allowing you to select from various templates and pre-made samples for your convenience. Also, Wix has dozens of themes, whereas Google Sites only has about a dozen to choose from.

While comparing the primary site you can make on Google Sites to the one you can create on Wix, you’ll see that the latter offers more flexibility and customization possibilities.

Moreover, Wix features an App Market, but Google Sites has no extensions or plugins that users may add to their websites. Because Google Sites does not include an integrated eCommerce engine, it is not feasible to launch an online store using the Google Sites website builder.

Unfortunately, Google Sites includes no blogging engine, as opposed to Wix. If you want to use the platform to create a new website or informational resource, you’ll have to start with a blank design and add the material yourself.

When compared with Google Sites, Wix’s customer support is weaker. There are tutorials for fixing common problems, but otherwise, there is no way to get in touch with anyone other than through the website’s forum.

On the other hand, Wix has an extensive knowledge base with several articles that serve as mini-tutorials and explain the platform’s capabilities in detail. In addition, you may discover instructive films on the YouTube website. Wix provides email and lives chat support for those who want more assistance.

Final Thoughts

The complete Wix Suite is superior to Google Sites in nearly every metric. Wix gives you complete control over your website thanks to its extensive features, many beautiful templates, and excellent personalization tools.

In addition, it has top-notch usability and assistance for customers. Its flexible, well-priced options are ideal for every type of website, from personal blogs to e-commerce stores to large corporate sites. On the other hand, Wix offers less than 30 pages.

Google Sites, in contrast, is easy to use but limited in its personalization choices. Although free, it’s only helpful in making elementary websites. Thus it works best for low-budget endeavors. Google Sites and Wix are the leading names in the website creation space. However, one might suit your needs better.