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Learn How To Use A Habit Tracker

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Track Your Habits and Achieve Your Goals with Free Printable Weekly Tracker.

Tracking little progress is also very important. So, keep reading this article. In it, we will talk about free printable weekly habit tracker and how they can be helpful in your daily routines.

You may need to work on something new, set new goals, achievable tasks and need some way to track that process of yours. Or you have single habit you want to understand, whether positive habits or bad habits. Daily habit tracker is about more than just following complex tasks or goals.

What Is a Habit Tracker?

Free Downloadable Weekly Habit Tracker: Easy and Effective Way to Stay Accountable.

A free printable weekly habit tracker, is a tool that can help you monitor all your daily habits, your everyday life. The idea is to write down all the things that you want to track and write them down in your daily tracker. This needs to be done daily so you can do this mood trackers, habits. Although some habits may seem small, they determine the aspects of life we lead.

This means that there is a possibility to change our lives with small steps that can be taken every day. Creating a habit, one that will stick, can be daunting. And this is why promises made at the end of the year do not materialize, gym fees are not used, and sneakers keep collecting dust in your closet.

It takes more than daily motivation. It takes the desire to want to change your behavior. For this, it is crucial to have the right tools to help you develop good habits. And habit tracking is the key to this. What’s more, you can printable habit tracker template free. That way, it is even easier to take the next step, actionable steps and thus achieve your goals and become the person you want to be.

Why Trackers Work

They work because tracking our habits helps us to change them. Our behavior will change simply by being more aware of our actions. Because the reality is that many of us are often unaware of what we are doing. So we minimize how much we eat and overvalue how much we exercise.

And when we understand what we are doing, we automatically change this. For example, research shows that sticking to a new diet changes your eating habits. Just as tracking your spending makes you change how you spend your money.

Another benefit of having this habit tracker, is that after a few days in your new habit, You can create a visual chain, i.e., something you don’t want to break. You want to make it work. Then you can see boxes in lines on your tracker as a sign of success. It will be pleasurable to see many markings on your tracker, which makes you not want to break that cycle.

Printing a Habit Tracker

In the yearly habit tracker, print out the tracker, and think about which habits you want to monitor all year round. Use different colors to make the markings, or fill in the day of the month when the achievable tasks were completed.

In the monthly habit trackers, you can print the month you want, decide which habits you want to track, and use a marking pattern or color for each day to represent your daily tasks that was or was not completed. Use different colors to describe your mood, the amount of time you exercise, the money spend, the amount water intake, cleaning tasks, daily exercise, game time, etc.You can download your free 30-day habit tracker from sites that make this content available. There is a multitude of templates available.

Most habit tracker printable come in different sizes – US Letter, A5, and A4 size. From this perspective, there is no need to worry when searching for a specific size. Because there is a possibility to customizable product the size you want when printing.

  • Open your DP;
  • Select the print page;
  • Click on Page Setup;
  • In the “Page Size” menu, go to the “Manage Custom Sizes” option;
  • Enter the dimension you need, for example (5.8 x 8.3 for A4);
  • Rename your printout;
  • Click Ok and Ok again on the “Page Setup” tab;
  • Still in the print window, click Adjust, Page Size, and Handling;
  • Click Print.

And that way, your new routine tracker is ready for you to use. A good tip is to use quality paper for your printables. Because if you use inferior quality paper, your pens and markers may smudge, for example. So make sure you use good, smooth paper.

Can be annual habit trackers or monthly trackers. The annual tracker tracks items by month, i.e., if you completed something in January, February, March, etc. This model suits habits such as filter changes, deep cleaning at home, workout tracker and volunteering. In the 30-day monthly habit tracker template, you can track every day of the month. Making it suitable for your daily habits.

Using the Habit Tracker

Establish a Successful Daily Routine: Tips and Tricks.

You will need a printer, paper, and pens. The trackers have a durability of 30 days or one month. Putting into practice what we have seen so far, then you will need the following:

Step 1. Have your tracker printed.

Step 2. Circle or highlight the referent month.

Step 3. Write the days of the week in the space of each number.

Step 4. Note the habits that you want to track.

Step 5. Schedule a time to update your tracker, the dedicated spaces, every day. Such as doing it every day after your Skincare routine in the evening.

Step 6. Fill out the habit box you have completed with the chosen ink colors pens . In this sense, it is nice to use colored pens and keep one color per habit always selected to have a pattern.

After the month, you can view the completed tracker and thus continue with your records to track your progress over the months.

Ideas for Habits to Track

Track Your Progress and Stay Accountable with a Weekly Habit Tracker: Free Printable.

Once you figure out which habits you want to track, it’s good to consider the individual you wish to become. Picture yourself in a few months, and think about your version. Now let’s look at some ideas of habits that can be trackable.

Think about your habits, weekly routine, extracurricular activities, the time you wake up, things you don’t do, how much you sleep, and how you exercise. These little thought exercises can be the start of your new tracker. Here are some suggestions on where to start:

  • Reading;
  • Exercise;
  • Drink a certain amount of water;
  • Sleep 6 to 8 hours daily;
  • Journaling;
  • Limit time on social networks;
  • Study time;
  • Arriving at work/school on time;
  • Mood;
  • Food plan.

One way to track something is precisely by not doing a particular thing. Or you can follow only what you frequently do. Trackers are great for this. Adapt it as you see fit because it needs to work in your routine.

Now let’s look at some of the existing models of habit trackers:

  1. A popular model is the in circle habit tracker. It can be found in three different options: 31-day classic habit tracker, 30-day goal tracker, or 28-day circle habit tracker. They are well-designed and have enough ample space to make all the markings you want.
  2. Mini Habit Tracker is another excellent model to track your habits. Besides being a lovely model, cute tracker. It is suitable for those starting to walk with trackers because you want to save time designing and designing your own. These printable templates will be perfect. The mini tracker shave small and simple graphics. You can cut and paste them into a planner or use them as you printed them.
  3. 21-day tracker says it can take up to twenty-one days to form a habit and 90 days to turn that habit into a lifestyle. This tracker is an excellent option to start with. If you make it past the twenty-one days, go ahead and go to the ninety you will likely establish.
  4. 30-day tracker, a monthly model. If you have a bigger goal, this 30-day tracker can be handy. You can keep it in a more straightforward form or color it a lot. There is the possibility of additional trackers, separating personal life from work.
  5. This model has 75 days to track your habits. This is for those who want to do a complex challenge and need a more extensive follow-up. It is seventy-five days of pure discipline.
  6. This is a 90-day habit tracker, great for planning in general, it lasts three entire month, and you don’t need to print a new one every month. Many times one with thirty days is too little time, and anything more than that can seem too much. That’s why it’s good to innovate and try to make a 90-day tracker template one to be even more organized and committed to your habits.
  7. The 100-Day Habit Tracker. This can be a more significant challenge, extra step. Because it contains many days, it may seem challenging to keep the habit of writing down every day. However, it will be great for your new routine when you finish filling it out. Then you can be sure that you can achieve anything if you persist daily.

Final Thoughts

So it is amicable and satisfying to have an overview of all the sequences of your habits. You have to not get discouraged along the way and be persistent. Remember the phrase “better done than perfect.” And every day that you paint a little box or make an “x” in your tracker is another step you take in the right direction.

We hope this article has helped you choose the best habit tracker, so you can be a disciplined and self-assured person. Download PDF file a tracker today, and achieve the results you’ve always wanted.