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Food Truck Credit Card Processing

Guide to Food Truck Credit Card Processing

Traditional credit card payment processing is a new way forward for food truck businesses. Food truck credit card processing provides a hassle-free, secure, and trackable option for food truck owners for in-person and online ordering. Credit card processing can help boost the food truck business, as most people use credit cards as their primary payment option.

Benefits of Accepting Traditional Card Processing in Food Trucks

Traditional card payment processing benefits food truck business owners and customers.

Here are a few most significant advantages of opting for credit card payments.

Safety and Security

Traditional credit card is the most secure payment system for a food truck business. This credit system makes transactions safe for customers and businesses.

The food truck owners make use of traditional credit card terminals for the authorization of the transactions. Hence, both the food truck owner and the customer know of the payment processing. Additionally, customers can carry only a specific amount of money in their pockets for fear of loss or theft. Therefore, the customers feel secure making credit card payments.

Traceable Payments

Payment Systems for Food Truck Business

Another excellent benefit of using credit card processing is that it allows food truck owners to track sales. The data of all the transitions made through this payment processing system remain safe.

You can generate the sales performance report for all the transactions. The food truck POS systems function electronically and comply with PCI (Payment Card Industry) security standards. Hence, all your data remains safe and secure.

Whether you have sold your product through online ordering or in-person the electronic POS system will keep your sales data safe.

Ease and Convenience

One of the best-selling features of credit card payment systems for food trucks is that it offers ease and convenience to the food truck owners and customers. Food truck businesses can expand their customer reach using traditional credit card payments. 

This payment system allows food truck businesses to improve their product advertisement using online sales, phone orders, mail order transactions, and in-person sales.

On the other hand, most customers prefer using credit cards to make all sorts of payments. Customers can avail safety and security of their money using traditional credit card payments. Also, carrying credit cards is more convenient and safer than keeping cash.

Increased Sales

Traditional credit card payment system is an excellent way to entice new customers and profit margins. Most customers spend more money through digital payments than pay through cash. Hence, food truck businesses can increase their sales using credit card processing.

Ways to Use Traditional Card Processing in Food Trucks

There are three different ways to use traditional credit card processing. These credit card processors include mobile processors, a point-of-sale system, and a standard payment gateway. All these processors allow you to accept any payments, exhibiting varying specific features.

The credit card processor type you choose depends on the device (tablet or mobile device), the payment processing fee, and the provided features. Here, we have discussed all these contactless payment options in detail.

Mobile Processors

The mobile credit card processor is the most convenient, feasible, and affordable option. You can connect this processor to a tablet or your mobile device. Mobile processors are best for food truck businesses working in a limited space.

Standard Payment Gateway

Standard processors are another budget-friendly option for food truck businesses. These devices are a bit bigger and costlier than mobile processors. Also, the standard payment gateway exhibits multiple advanced features. For instance, you can swipe or put in credit cards, process mobile ordering, and perform ACH transactions.

You only have to connect this processor to a device with an internet connection. Multiple food trucks worldwide prefer this credit card processor.

POS Systems for Food Truck Business

POS Systems for Food Truck Business

Running a successful and busy food truck business is a challenging task. You need to do inventory management, advertise your services, book events, comply with rules and regulations, manage taxes, and much more. Keeping up with all these tasks requires immense time and energy, leaving little time for sales reporting.

CRP (Customer relationship management) enabled POS software helps you efficiently synchronize sales and marketing operations. The best food truck POS system offers many advanced features that offer ease, efficiency, and convenience. These features include a customer directory, cash register, online ordering page, inventory tracking, card reader, menu management showcasing menu items, receipt printer, signature capture, and others.

The best POS systems available on the market include Square POS, Zero POS, and Nextar. The best POS system’s average monthly software subscription fee is around $70. Food truck POS systems help improve customer management, boosting sales and profits.

Challenges Faced by Food Trucks in Payment Systems 

The food truck business owners who use cash-only systems to accept payments have to face many challenges. Some of the most gruesome challenges include,

  • Keeping a track record of cash payments is crucial. Contrarily, the POS system for the food truck business allows you to enter and save all sales along with a timestamp.
  • It is nearly impossible to save the customer’s information while manually handling the payments.
  • Taking cash payments without keeping a record of the customers’ data does not allow you to report customers’ purchasing habits.
  • As a food truck owner keeping track of labor costs and inventory management is essential. You can make mistakes while manually recording the employees’ payments and other finances.

Is Traditional Credit Card Processing What Your Business Needs?

Yes, traditional card processing is essential to improving your food truck business’s growth. As most people use credit cards to make online and in-person payments, you can increase your customer base using credit card processors. The food truck POS system is the best credit card processor. Else, a mobile processor is the best budget-friendly option.


Small businesses, including food trucks, opt for a cash-only payment processing system. However, with the boom of the digital industry, the use of credit cards has massively increased. Additionally, carrying cash seems risky based on the law and order situation. Therefore, most people keep little to no cash and use credit cards for payments. Hence, using traditional credit card processing is highly beneficial to attract a huge customer base. The higher the number of customers, the more the sales, and the greater will be the profit.