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Flodesk vs Mailchimp

Flodesk vs Mailchimp: Which is a Better Email Marketing Platform?

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In the era of digitization, there has been a remarkable increase in digital marketing. Social media has made the job of companies and corporations easier by providing a platform to unsuspectingly engage with a large group of people.

The internet has revolutionized the factors that lead businesses to success. Nevertheless, direct marketing methods hold precedence over indirect engagement on social media, web pages, or software. 

Email marketing is one of the most effective and convenient direct selling methods. This form of digital marketing isolates potential customers and addresses their needs. The only limitation brands face while benefiting from the positive output of email marketing is the large population using emails. 

Meanwhile, manually sending emails to all potential customers is not a practical goal. However, digital advancement has solved this technical issue as well. Now, companies can use an email marketing software that provides marketing automation. 

The ease these marketing platforms provide has made it possible for small business owners to replace the need for a marketing agency and run their own email campaigns. Moreover, every email marketing tool provides its users with various captivating email templates. This article compares Flodesk vs. Mailchimp.

Our Pick

We recommend Flodesk to small business owners because of its attributes. The email marketing platform is easy to navigate and beginner-friendly. Not to mention, Flodesk features a gallery of professional-looking and eye-catching templates. Moreover, this tool enables users with basic skills to produce excellent marketing emails.

Users can also customize the templates to suit their brand’s marketing campaign. The email marketing software also provides performance analysis which helps users optimize their strategies.

marketing digitalAbout Flodesk

Flodesk is a relatively new entry into the email marketing industry. The email marketing platform has risen in popularity recently because of its intuitive user interface. 

The email marketing platform is well-reputed amongst beginners for its ease of use. Not to mention, it is easy to understand and navigate. Although the platform offers basic email marketing features, it has all that a small business needs to run an impact marketing campaign.

Flodesk comes with a fixed pricing structure with unlimited subscribers. Not to mention, the marketing tool offers a lengthy free trial to its users.


Ease of Use: Flodesk is easy to understand and use as an email marketing tool. Hence, it is easy to customize pre-set templates for an effective marketing campaign using this email marketing software. Also, Flodesk features beautiful templates and provides users with customizing opportunities. Additionally, the tool offers Instagram and Shopify integration.

Customer Support: Flodesk also offers excellent customer care service to its users. Furthermore, the platform also has a private Facebook group, “Flodesk Insiders,” where business owners can interact with each other and share tips to improve their experience with the email marketing software. Customers can also email the customer care service for support. The website also features a thorough help section with tutorials and comprehensive guides.



About Mailchimp

Mailchimp is a leading brand in the email marketing industry. Established in 2001, it took the company around eight years to claim its position among the best. Correspondingly, the introduction of the freemium option in 2009 led to a massive increase in its client base.

Businesses used this tool to send over 300 million emails daily in 2014. The brand’s remarkable growth speaks for the quality of services it offers its users. Additionally, it is the perfect choice for pro users to create captivating emails.

Being an old player in the industry, Mailchimp also offers native integrations to various websites. Correspondingly, many plug-ins and software are built to support the marketing tool.


Ease of Use: In the email marketing industry, Flodesk holds the grandfather status, and this veteran brand is the perfect choice for small and large businesses. Mailchimp offers its users advanced features, enabling them to create effective marketing emails. Mailchimp’s templates are professional-looking and highly customizable. Not to mention, the tool allows business owners to customize the templates for their brands. 

Custom Templates: Mailchimp offers users creative freedom as it allows them to create templates with custom designs. However, coding Mailchimp’s templates can be tricky for new users as it requires CSS and HTML knowledge. On the other hand, veterans enjoy the flexibility of the tool’s features.

Customer Care Services: Since Mailchimp is a relatively advanced platform, it can be challenging for beginners to navigate. Therefore, the platform offers vigilant customer care. Furthermore, there are multiple ways to acquire customer support, including a Mailchimp assistant, email, 24/7 chat support, and weekday phone call.

On the downside, these support options are not equally available for free users. Moreover, customers using the free plan can only benefit from the Mailchimp assistant and email support. 

24/7 Support: Paid plans also allow users to access 24/7 chat support. Nevertheless, only customers utilizing the “Marketing Premium” plan have the option for phone support.

Pricing Plans: Another feature that adds to the convenience is variation in the pricing structure. Apart from the free plan, Mailchimp features various paid plans that business owners can choose from depending on their unique needs. Meanwhile, the tool offers limited resources to users utilizing the free plan. For businesses with a large email list, paid plans are better. However, the cost can quickly increase to more than $299, depending on the length of the email lists.



marketing digital


Similarities Between Flodesk and Mailchimp

Both Flodesk and Mailchimp have a few prominent similarities. Nevertheless, these common features vary in quality. Some of the common features that both these softwares offer are:

  • Email Editor

Email editors are available on both these marketing software to allow users to create professional-looking email templates. Alongside this, business owners can customize their templates according to their marketing strategy.

Additionally, pre-set templates are available on both software along with drag-and-drop editors. Flodesk is the better option for small businesses which do not require color coding. 

  • Automated Marketing

Users can create drip campaigns using both marketing platforms. Consequently, this allows the business to send automatic messages to its target audience. Mostly, these have a pre-set time, or specific actions of the customer can trigger these emails. While both platforms provide automation, Mailchimp offers a few advanced settings.

  • Analytics 

Full analytic reports are an integral part of the improvement and growth of a brand’s marketing strategy. Both platforms are effective as they offer tools to track the performance of their campaigns. Additionally, they provide insights to business owners to help them improve their strategies and deliverability.

Differences Between Flodesk and Mailchimp

Although Flodesk and Mailchimp have various common features, there are some distinct features both email marketing platforms offer. The different features that make the platforms stand out include the following:

  • Email Templates of Flodesk

Being a new platform, Flodesk offers stunning templates that are more relevant. The modern, sophisticated touch in the email templates makes them more eye-catching. Moreover, Flodesk offers a greater variety of web fonts. Hence, it outshines the comparatively generic templates that Mailchimp offers.

  • Integrations in Flodesk

Flodesk does not provide a lot of software integrations as it is a newer marketing tool. Nevertheless, its Shopify integration is better than Mailchimp. Contrary to Mailchimp, Flodesk’s Shopify integration is independent of third-party applications and directly connects to the web store.

  • Mailchimp A/B Testing

One of the outstanding features that Mailchimp has to offer is its A/B testing tool. Correspondingly, the marketing software enables its users to optimize the subject lines on the emails. 

  • Postcard Creation on Mailchimp

Another unique option that Mailchimp features is a postcard creator that enables businesses to customize a postcard. This component has separate charges. For postcards within the US, users pay $0.75 to $0.99. Meanwhile, charges are different for postcards sent outside the US.

Conclusion: Which Email Marketing Platform Is Better?

Both Flodesk and Mailchimp are effective email marketing platforms. They provide unique features that help businesses optimize their marketing strategies and create better campaigns.

Among the two, Flodesk is a better choice for small businesses because of its user-friendliness. Additionally, it is an intuitive platform that allows users the liberty to customize premade templates to suit their brand’s needs.

Although Mailchimp is older software offering more advanced features, it can be expensive and hard to use for new users. Also, its template designs are relatively common.