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Does Shopify Have Landing Pages? 3 Easy Ways To Build Awesome Landing Pages!

Landing pages are a key element of a marketing strategy.

Reports found that these stand-alone web pages can hit an average conversion rate of 10% and higher.

If you run an ecommerce site with Shopify, you may have wondered “Does Shopify have landing pages?”.

While Shopify provides landing page templates, you will need to put your site’s landing pages together based on the potential customer’s needs and interests.

In this article, we will find out more about if Shopify has landing pages and how you build landing pages in three easy ways.

Does Shopify Have Landing Pages?

Shopify allows you to create Shopify landing pages on your site to drive traffic directly to these pages and increase conversions.

A landing page on a Shopify site could promote an individual product, a group of products, services and even sign ups for your webinar or newsletter.

You can build a landing page in Shopify yourself but it’s not as quick and easy as using their templates.

Plus, you will need some knowledge of on-page conversion optimization to ensure that your landing page is fully optimized, so potential customers sign up or buy your product.

3 Easy Ways To Build A Shopify Landing Page

There are a variety of different ways to create landing pages that do not just look great but turn potential buyers into customers.

Create A Shopify Landing Page With A Page Builder

If you don’t have any experience with web development or creating your own landing page template, then you can simply use a page builder app on Shopify to put a conversion page together.

There is a large variety of different page builder add-ons for Shopify available, so just choose one that’s easiest for you.

Many of these page builders allow you to drag and drop different elements onto your page.

Step 1: Set Up Your Landing Page

Once you downloaded your page builder app from the Shopify store, you need to install and activate the app.

Then, you can start setting up your landing page. If you create your page from scratch, then you will need to select a blank page option.

Make sure to name your landing page and use the correct URL slug that shows as the final URL in your browser.

This should include essential keywords but should also be short enough to type into the browser.

Step 2: Design Your Landing Page

Once you set up your landing page and you have a blank page in front of you, you can start building your page with the easy editor.

Just drag and drop your different page elements, such as images, videos, buttons and text, onto your page.

You will need to consider how your landing page should be structured and include different calls to action.

Different Shopify page editors allow you to use different page elements.

You should also have the column element that allows you to create multiple content sections.

While a page builder is a quick way to create a landing page on Shopify, you still need a good understanding of where to place these page elements to optimize conversion.

Step 3: Customize Your Landing Page For SEO

As part of your landing page optimization, you will also need to review your SEO settings for your landing page.

Make sure to write your meta description and choose a title that includes your page keywords.

Once you are done with optimizing your page, you are ready to save and publish it.

You can then start promoting your page across email campaigns and social media.

Build A Landing Page With Shopify Templates

Does Shopify Have Landing Pages

Another way to create a Shopify page is to use Shopify’s theme editor to create your own landing page template.

While this method requires more technical knowledge, you will be able to create a customized landing page for your brand and product.

Step 1: Create Your Customized Landing Page Template

In order to start building a new landing page template, you will need to go into the Shopify theme editor.

Select the templates option, choose Pages, and then create your new template.

You will now see a blank template where you can add your different page sections for your campaign.

Step 2: Add Page Modules

You can now select any elements that you want from the menu on the side.

It’s similar to the page builder with the drag-and-drop editor.

It’s important to keep in mind that any text or content you put on your page template is fixed.

This means that you will need to create several page templates for different campaigns.

Once you are done with your landing page template, you can hit save.

Step 3: Build Your Landing Page

Now that you have a template, you just need to create a new page with your new landing page template.

You can then include all your specific campaign content around the images and videos of your template.

This way of building Shopify landing pages doesn’t work for everyone.

However, if you only run a few campaigns throughout the year, you can easily use templates for your landing pages.

Create Your Own Customized Landing Page Template

The third way of creating an amazing landing page on Shopify is by creating a fully customized landing page template.

As the Shopify template editor and page builder options have some limitations on what content type you can include on your page, you can also code a custom landing page template from scratch.

This allows you to include any content modules that aren’t offered by Shopify, such as brand-specific content.

However, it’s worth keeping in mind that you will need to have experience in web development and coding to create a custom template.

You can also ask a Shopify web developer to build a specific template for your campaigns.

As Shopify is not open source, your web development team won’t be able to change Shopify settings.

This being said, you can still code your own template and upload this to Shopify.

You will need to keep in mind that coding and designing a custom landing page template takes time and additional budget.

This is only worth it if you believe that your individual landing page design will convert.

In order to ensure high conversion rates, it’s a good idea to work with UX and UI designers and conversion optimization specialists.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Need A Landing Page For Shopify?

Yes, you need landing pages on Shopify if you want your website to convert.

You can send potential customers directly to the landing page which is specifically designed for this target group.

Does Shopify Have Landing Page Templates?

Yes, Shopify provides templates for your landing pages, so you can use a template to quickly put your landing page together.

These landing page templates are designed for optimized conversion and a design that you can match with your brand.

Final Thoughts

Shopify offers landing pages and the option to create your own landing page template.

However, there are limitations on what type of content sections you can drag and drop onto your page.

While this works for most ecommerce sites, some brands may want customized content sections.