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If you are interested in working with me on payment processing, e-commerce profitability, or scaling your startup, email me at paul@ecomsidekick.com

Our team’s expertise includes several decades of experience in the following sectors:

Payment Processing (Credit Card Processing):

  • Negotiating bank deals
  • Payments and banking leadership
  • Payment processing on the scale of Inc. 500
  • Specialization in high risk verticals
  • Specialization in low risk verticals


  • White label expertise
  • Manufacturing and sourcing
  • Design and branding
  • Fulfillment execution
  • CRM expertise
  • Funnel building
  • Email marketing
  • Digital advertising
  • SEO expertise

Scaling Startups:

  • Developing initial concepts
  • Minding the gaps and angles in the market to be able to know where to compete
  • Managing operations
  • Managing growth
  • Managing the scaling of businesses from startup through growth phases
  • Call center operations

Business Software Implementation:

  • Developing core technology
  • Using existing market technology integrated with custom solutions
  • Ecommerce software
  • Web hosting services
  • Ecommerce platforms
  • SEO software tools
  • Email marketing platforms
  • CRM software
  • Landing page software