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13 Internal Company Newsletter Must-Haves: Tips & Ideas

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Inspiring Company Newsletter Ideas: Boost Engagement.

To run an efficient company, newsletters should be taken seriously, even if they are only for your employees and co-workers. The company newsletter ideas can be practical communication tools that make your team informed, entertained, and engaged if you learn how to do them correctly. Employee engagement with your email only happens after some time. For that to happen, you have to communicate with them regularly and make your emails engaging. I have an edge too.

Objectives of Company Newsletter:

Before we get into how to write good company newsletters, we must understand these messages’ goals and what elements define them. Why do you need to send newsletters to your employees? Employee newsletters are famous in a variety of departments, including Employer Branding, Human Resources, and businesses in general, for the following reasons:

  • You can provide framing and an external-type narrative. Every employee has friends, a family,  and a social circle. Explaining why businesses do what they want and providing a simple way to be proud and spread the word might be a powerful catalyst for word-of-mouth.

  • To inform. Information intended especially for affected employees is distributed through company newsletters. The information included is relevant and valuable for targeted departments and employees regardless of hierarchical rankings.

  • Reduce email overload. A company can use the company newsletter idea as a perfect distribution of information rather than sending multiple notices, announcements, or acknowledgements to various departments and employee groups.

  • You can improve your services and products. In your company newsletters, you may tickle your employees. Tickle them to pay back the fresh ideas through surveys – encourage them to take part in different innovation places. Anyone in the company often finds solutions to your company’s challenges. Email as a Firestarter to get worthy feedback from people across all departments. It includes employees who are not usually speaking out by themselves or are hard to feel free to meet in the corridor.

  • Get feedback and improve employee happiness. It is easy to lose touch when you’ve teams working off-site, with a distributed group in various places or even in one place but on different projects. Your company newsletter idea can help you learn, engage, and retain your employees for longer. Ask for feedback through employee email surveys. It is crucial not just to say you care about employees – but to show action on particular points raised. Email might be one piece to aid in getting feedback and improving happiness and retention.

  • Work along with the other communication channels. Your newsletter will serve as a reference for company information and other channels. For example, they can announce or recognize the accomplishments of a specific team or department. It is typically only found on an intranet, slack, or bulletin board posting.

13 Company Newsletter Ideas:

Expert Advice on Email Newsletters: Best Practices and Tips.

Here are 13 practical employee newsletter ideas with examples to get the internal communication ideas. You can use most of them as standalone emails or a segment in your company newsletter. However, below you’ll find the pointers, examples, and company newsletter ideas you can bring back to your team immediately.

New Team Member Announcement

Is someone new there joining the team? Grab this chance to present their profile and let them speak a few words about themselves. A new member intro should be different from a resume. Instead, a personal angle usually works better. Think about hobbies, an exciting book they’ve recently read, their favourite music, or how they like to spend their free time. It will help keep a connection with colleagues. It can encourage employees to be comfortable and talk to those with the same interests and hobbies.

Commendable Feats and Milestones

Employees do extraordinary things all the time. They may have hit a milestone to be proud of. When a project team or a department achieves something great, let everyone know through the newsletter so they can serve as an inspiration. Build a team spirit, help encourage others to cheer on the team’s achievements, and keep employees engaged.

Always provide value to your employees

Your employees should have a hunger to read your newsletter. The employee newsletter lets you take significant company and employee updates and tie a bow around them. Making your company newsletter idea a necessary part of your employees’ schedule by consistently delivering valuable information in an easy format is a surefire process to keep your employees’ proper attention.

Do you have a blog on the internal company? Prepare a round-up of the top content featuring employees, product launches, and more within the internal newsletter. Here’s an example of a weekly digest newsletter highlighting the week’s news updates.

Commendable Feats and Milestones

Employees are continuously going above and beyond. They may have accomplished something they can be proud of. Use the internal company newsletter ideas to notify everyone when a project team or a department accomplishes an important task, so they act as an inspiration. For example, build team spirit, keep all the employees motivated, and inspire others to be a part of the team’s success.

Team Spotlight

Team spotlights are common in the workplace but are not limited to large corporations. Try to introduce the team, including who is on it, what they are working on, and how others can contact them. People are sometimes unaware of what other teams are working on and don’t always let them spend their days reading the company profile. In short, a team spotlight will help your entire company stay informed and feel like they’re part of something bigger.

Team party

These days, parties, company retreats, and getaways are so popular. Building your team is easy if you have a small group. However, if you have a few hundred employees, some of whom work in foreign, planning everything takes time and effort. You can avoid some hassles in your employee newsletter by including all the details about what is coming and what your team members must join you on a trip. After the event, write a brief, send photos and videos, and share employee feedback to improve your next company retreat.

Personal Anniversaries and Other Celebrations

You do not have to offer spa vouchers or cake to celebrate your employees’ birthdays and some other special company events. If one of your employees got married, had a baby, or it’s their birthday, you can send them your congratulations and best wishes. It’s great seeing how team members’ lives change over the years when they have received different types of those emails during their time in your company.

Special Day Events

You can only organize team getaways sometimes. But why not bring the team to the party? By that, I mean organizing a special event at the office. You can go on planning them around special dates, like International Coffee Day, Star Wars Day, or Read a Book Day. Or, you can create your company events. For example, do a movie screening night or a board game afternoon every couple of weeks.

Competitions and contests

Elevate Your Company Newsletter: Top-Rated Ideas for Success.

Everybody has that one competitive colleague. Some competitive spirit is always good, though. And you will see that employees also have the same drive in their personal life. Why not channel that and invite employees to represent your company during a race or contest? Or even plan competitions inside of your company. Finding ideas is easy, too. 

Through the company newsletter ideas, you could plan it around sports – cycling, running, swimming, etc. Or these could also be around other hobbies—cooking, baking, photography, or showing good-doing. You’d be surprised how involved people can get, especially if it’s about something they enjoy doing.


Gathering feedback is vital in all areas of the business to succeed. Daily feedback is an essential part of team interactions and development plans. An email or online survey is advantageous because it is quick and structured and allows you to learn about your employees’ opinions. Inquire about company benefits, training opportunities, workplace satisfaction, or a recent company retreat. 

In addition, ‘idea box’ is a more general term. Online surveys allow you to do something that face-to-face surveys do not: you can make them anonymous. Make sure people feel safe sharing and aren’t judged based on the outcome.

Updates on product and service development

Everyone in your team is affected by your decisions, so it only makes sense to keep them up to date on everything your teams have been working on. To effectively market your product, your marketing team must know what is on the roadmap and what has been released. If your Customer Service Team is up to date on the latest releases and services, they can better assist your customers. 

Your sales team will be able to sell more effectively if they have answers or use cases for your new features. The list could go on and on. It makes sense to keep customers up to date with new products and services. It also demonstrates that people can rely on something other than outside news to keep up with changes.

Free Resources and Tips

In your company newsletter, you can highlight and share all the free resources available to your employees. Whether these are books in the company library, online course subscriptions, or video recordings of some of the past training, all of these can be beneficial for your team. This idea can be helpful if you’re regularly hiring new people and only sometimes have time to create unique content. If that’s your case, your best line of action would be to add the information about the resources available to your standard onboarding process. 

Changes in Company Leadership/Employees Leaving

Some companies are hesitant to talk about employee departures. However, in some circumstances, such as when a retiree bid farewell, it makes perfect sense to do so. Or when it’s someone in a key position, like the company’s adored evangelist/face of the company/that fantastic intern. When people change roles or leave the company, this is an excellent way to notify the rest of the company.

Final Thoughts

Become a Newsletter Member: Stay Up to Date with Our News.

However, for the company newsletter ideas, it is always important to know that the employees are the intended audience for internal newsletters. It may appear to be a single group, but this is only sometimes the case. Use a consistent format to make newsletters familiar and easy to read/digest for everyone. 

Internal newsletters benefit from consistent layout, style, and overall presentation. Use an email template that is both fixed and flexible. Why not plan it out in a grid format? It will save you time and effort if you get it right the first time.