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clover vs toast

Clover vs Toast: A Side-by-Side Comparison of Leading POS Solutions for Your Business in 2023

Are you looking for a genuine review on Clover vs Toast POS system? Both POS systems are highly rated. So, making the right choice can be overwhelming. 

In this article, we’ll guide you through a comprehensive comparison between Clover and Toast. By the end, you’ll be able to make an informed decision on which is better suited for your business. A good POS system replaces the cash drawer and prevents fraudulent activity in your business.

So, buckle up, and let’s get started! With the right POS system.

Our Pick

When choosing a payment processing solution, it’s essential to weigh the pros and cons of each option. And, when you compare the features of Clover and Toast side by side, there’s no denying that Clover dominates.

Not only does Clover offer a more comprehensive range of features, advanced hardware, and services for a broader range of businesses. It also excels in areas where Toast is also strong, such as in serving food and beverage companies.

So, why settle for just good functionality when you can have the best? Choose Clover, the clear winner in the world of payment processing solutions.

clover vs toast

About Clover – All-in-one Point of Sale for Quick Service Businesses

Clover is the all-in-one POS system that makes your life easier. Using this system, you can easily accept any type of payment. Therefore, ensuring your transactions are secure and trackable.

Additionally, you can manage your business from anywhere.  So, it’s convenient for you to make sales and streamline operations. No matter where you are, you have the power to keep your business running smoothly with Clover.

But that’s not all; Clover also simplifies tasks like inventory management as well as you can build menus and keep track of overseas inventory. And it is user-friendly and versatile, perfect for businesses of any size. 

With its powerful features and engaging customer experience, you’ll be able to focus on growing your business and providing the best possible experience for your customers.

Plus, you’ll not only get more hardware, but you’ll also have access to additional software, which will allow you to integrate a scale and optimize returns and exchanges. So you’ll have a more efficient and streamlined payment processing system. As well as you’ll have tools to help you easily manage your inventory and customer interactions.



About Toast POS – Best for Restaurant Industry

Toast POS is a top-ranked restaurant point-of-sale system. It is designed to deliver strong performance and a low-cost delivery solution. 

Furthermore, it seamlessly integrates with front-of-house and back-of-house operations.  So you can cut down on ticket times and provide your guests with a hassle-free ordering and payment experience.

Not only that, but it also empowers you to take orders and contactless payments from anywhere. Therefore giving you the flexibility to serve your guests in any setting. 

Also, this helps to reduce front-of-house labor costs. So you’ll be able to streamline your operations and focus on delivering the best possible dining experience.



clover vs toast

Clover vs Toast POS in Food Businesses

Similarities Between Clover and Toast POS System

In this section, we’ll look at the similarities between Clover and Toast POS systems.

Payment Processing

Both systems are designed to make it easy for you to accept all major credit and debit cards. You can also receive mobile wallets and contactless payments. With their fast processing times, you can quickly and securely process tap-and-go transactions in under a second. 

Furthermore, Clover and Toast allow scan checks, giving you even more options for accepting payments from your customers. And regarding security, you can rest assured knowing both systems use end-to-end encryption. That protects your customers’ sensitive payment information.

Inventory Management

Clover and Toast POS systems offer inventory management features that can help you out. With Toast’s inventory management tools, provided by xtraCHEF, you can easily manage your food inventory and monitor your profitability. These modern tools will help you keep your inventory under control.

On the other hand, Clover’s enhanced Inventory app can simplify your life even further. You’ll be able to manage your menus, merchandise, and service offerings with ease. Additionally, you can spot sales and trends and monitor expiration dates, ensuring you always have the supplies you need.

Sales Reporting

They provide all the data you need to power your business, including real-time sales, menu, and labor data. With Toast, you’ll receive an automatic nightly email that gives you a comprehensive overview of your sales and business performance. 

All your data will be in one place, making it easy for you to access and analyze. Also, the reporting is cloud-enabled and mobile-optimized, so you can view it from anywhere, on any device. Whereas, 

Clover’s business tracking software is no different. It’ll help you stay on top of your revenue stream. You’ll be able to access clear, at-a-glance sales reports and filter your POS reports seeing your best-selling items. 

Plus, with the Clover Go mobile app, you can track your business from anywhere directly from your dashboard. Whether at your business or on the go, these tools make it easy for you to access sales data.

Online Ordering

Clover offers a comprehensive online ordering system that acts as an all-in-one POS solution. After a one-time setup, menu, hours, and information updates are automatically synced to the online webpage built by Clover. The platform also includes an enhanced inventory app and designated label printing tool. Additionally, Clover provides a QR code toolkit to improve the ordering process further.

Toast, on the other hand, provides a commission-free online ordering system that can add special promotions and discounts. The platform retains customers through integrated Toast Marketing and Toast Loyalty programs. 

Recommendations for menu items are made based on sales data. Toast also offers free delivery services without additional cost and accepts popular payment methods and Toast gift cards. One can customize the system with branding to fit the needs of individual restaurants.


Clover’s invoicing feature allows businesses to send invoices to customers via email. One can easily access the invoicing system from a computer dashboard. Giving businesses the ability to manage invoices from a central location. The system also informs customers if a payment is pending. This feature helps keep track of payments and ensure that you pay invoices promptly.

Clover’s invoicing system allows businesses to track invoices with digital trails. Therefore, it’s easier to see each invoice’s status and manage payments efficiently. And this helps to ensure that you manage invoices efficiently and that payments are received promptly. 

Additionally, better recordkeeping is possible with Clover’s invoicing system. Because all invoices and payments are in a central location, this makes it easy to see each invoice’s status and keep track of payments over time.

Toast POS allows businesses to access invoices and send them to customers via email from the backend. The invoicing system is easy to access, making it simple for businesses to manage their invoices. Additionally, businesses can review, edit, and manage existing customer invoices, allowing for easy and efficient invoicing.

clover vs toast

Differences Between Clover & Toast POS System

Now, let’s look into the differences between POS systems.

POS Hardware

Clover offers a range of hardware options for businesses of all sizes. The Clover Station Solo is a comprehensive business solution for appointment and payment processing. The all-in-one design of Clover Station Solo makes it an excellent option for businesses that need a versatile point-of-sale system.

For businesses on the go, Clover offers the Clover Flex handheld card reader. This portable device allows businesses to accept payments on the go. Finally, Clover Go is a contactless payment system that takes payments from cards with EMV chips. 

Toast POS hardware comes in three screen sizes: 8 inches, 15 inches, and 20 inches. The hardware runs on Android 7 and is available in black and white color options. Toast users have the option to choose from flip, and non-flip stands, as well as wall mount their hardware. People primarily use Toast as a Kitchen Display System, Point of Sale (POS), and self-order kiosk.

POS Software

Clover’s POS software integrates with QuickBooks and Gusto and offers API integration. It also offers a 30-day trial period, allowing businesses to try the software. One drawback of Clover’s software is that you need to integrate it with a business’s existing website.

However, Clover’s software highly specializes in ordering systems. That makes Clover an excellent choice for businesses that need a comprehensive solution for managing online orders and delivery. Also, it runs on both Android and iOS platforms, so you don’t have to worry about your existing hardware.

Toast POS software works perfectly with Android and does not support iOS devices like iPads. It integrates with popular delivery services, like Doordash and Uber Eats. Also, it offers API integration with over 100 technology partners.

That makes it an excellent solution for businesses that manage online ordering and delivery. However, Toast’s POS software does not include integrated payment processing, which may be a disadvantage for some businesses.

Set up Time 

The setup process for Toast takes a couple of hours once you add the restaurant information and locations. And this includes details such as services offered and open hours. 

On the other hand, Clover POS needs to reach out to the sales team to start setting up your system. Once you obtain the device, you can complete the setup process in just a few minutes. 

After the initial setup, restaurants can customize their POS system with payment options. Also, you can customize menu items and the look and feel of the system.

Customer Support

Toast provides comprehensive customer support with sales representatives available across multiple locations, such as Omaha, Chicago, Dublin, and more. Businesses can access the Toast learn knowledge base, take advantage of the live chat, and receive support via call 24/7/365. Additionally, Toast also offers a Toast classroom to provide training and support.

On the other hand, Clover has a dedicated team to resolve sales issues and provide support to US merchants. International businesses in Austria, Germany, Ireland, UK, Canada, and Argentina also have access to call support. Furthermore, Clover provides live chat support and dedicated lines for its partners, resellers, developers, and press.

In conclusion, both Toast and Clover offer excellent customer support options to businesses. Toast provides comprehensive support with sales representatives, a live chat feature, access to a knowledge base, and call support 24/7/365. While Clover has a dedicated team for resolving sales issues, call support, and live chat support for its various stakeholders.

Final Verdict

So, we’re at the end of this article, Clover vs. Toast POS comparison. We believe this article is helpful for you in choosing the best point-of-sale system for your business. 

Both offer user-friendly and reliable solutions, but each has strengths and weaknesses. However, Clover is the winner of this comparison article. 

If you’re looking for comprehensive features, industry trends, and third-party integrations, Clover is the better choice for you. Also, if you prioritize an intuitive interface and affordability, it’s a popular option for businesses like yours. 

So, choosing Clover for restaurant operations guarantees the tools you need to run a successful operation. You will feel confident in your choice!

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