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CBD Merchant Processing Shopify

A Guide to CBD Merchant Processing Shopify

Our lives have changed immensely due to the pandemic. People like to access everything through an online store. That said, Shopify now allows you to open Shopify CBD stores. You can sell CBD products on Shopify by creating a CBD merchant account. But you need a license to sell CBD products outside of the USA.

The point to ponder here is the processing of payments. Although selling CBD is legal, payments for Shopify CBD merchant accounts are not allowed. They might do it in the future, but you can’t use Shopify payments right now. You need to contact a third-party processing company to obtain your funds. That is to say; you will require the services of a payment gateway.

This article provides detail on traditional card processing for your Shopify CBD store. It will also describe the advantages of using this payment method for you. So without further ado, let’s get started.

Ways to Use Traditional Card Processing in CBD Merchants

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You can use conventional payment methods in several ways as a CBD retailer. A wide variety of CBD products are available, including CBD oil, CBD gummies, etc. With the traditional method, you will be able to sell all these products without facing any restrictions. So you can expand your business using this method.

Furthermore, you can contact the third-party provider and decide on the plan according to your business needs. If you have a small business, you can choose the plans accordingly. This will save you from the excessive fee you would pay with Shopify payments.

Many third-party providers instantly accept your terms and conditions without delaying the process for a few days. Such companies are known as “high-risk merchant providers,” as they take the risk of accepting payments for products that Shopify does not because of legal issues.

When someone orders a product from your Shopify CBD store, the option will redirect them to the website of the traditional payment provider with whom you have a contract. There they will enter the details, and you will receive the funds in your account within no time.

These are a few ways you can use traditional card processing. But the list does not stop here; you can use this method in many more ways.

Challenges Faced by CBD Merchants in Payment Systems

As a CBD merchant, you face many challenges. It is a high-risk business and requires a lot of legal work. You need to make several reserves before starting this business. Many of the major payment processing companies do not accept payments for your CBD business, creating many problems. Following is a list of a few challenges that CBD merchants face.

  • People always doubt the products and hesitate to buy CBD products from new merchants. So this becomes a hurdle in the smooth running of the store.
  • Many prominent third-party processors do not accept CBD product payments and finding the one who does is a tough job.
  • People hesitate to enter their account details on third-party websites which are not so popular.
  • Finding a trustworthy provider with plans and fees you can support is difficult, keeping in mind the swift increase in transaction fees.

Is Traditional Credit Card Processing What Your Business Needs?

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Before choosing the traditional card processing method, you need to ask yourself if it is really what your business requires. Will it fulfill your business needs? Will it allow you to save enough money to expand your business? 

The first and foremost question you must ask yourself is simple yet challenging. You need to know whether your business falls under the category of high-risk or not. If it does, then third-party payment processors are the right option.

The cash typically takes a day or longer to appear in your account after traditional card processing. You must therefore consider if you can wait that long or whether you need the money right away.  Furthermore, each transaction has a fee you can discuss with your provider before signing the contract. Then and there, you need to decide whether you can afford it or if your profit will decline.

Traditional card processing is an easy and less-tiresome method of accepting payments. You get to enjoy several advantages. But all of this is available if your business needs this payment method.


Being a CBD merchant is not easy, but it allows you to earn more than a 9 to 5 job. You must go for other payment methods because Shopify does not support CBD payments. Traditional payment processing is an easy and more understandable payment method. The article provides an in-depth explanation of the traditional payment method. We hope this article answers all your questions.

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