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Can You Transfer Money From Cash App to Netspend Card

Can You Transfer Money From Cash App to Netspend Card? What You Should Know

Cash App and Netspend are two popular financial companies that allow various individuals to perform quick financial transactions. Fast and safe transfers are essential in this modern era, where cashless transacting is already a thing. Consequently, financial institutions and companies are trying to use digital means to aid transfers.

Netspend is one of the prepaid debit cards that provide seamless financial transactions. Since 1999, the company has grown massively, with over 10 million people patronizing its services. Its low fees, rewards, and other benefits make it a reliable option for many people. Netspend cards can be used internationally and work anywhere a debit MasterCard or Visa card is accepted.

On the other hand, Cash App has existed since 2013, operating in the US and UK and allowing users to transfer money on the phone app. With a Cash App account, you can purchase cryptocurrency, pay businesses, and quicken direct deposits to your bank account.

Although some users know how to transfer money from their Netspend account to Cash App, they’re still unclear on how to do the same from Cash App to Netspend. If you’re in this category, never worry; we’re here to help.

Netspend Card

Can You Transfer Money from Cash App to Netspend Card?

The short answer is no. Transferring money from Cash App to NetSpend doesn’t work directly. Cash App doesn’t support direct linking to prepaid cards like Netspend. As a result, you cannot make direct transfers from Cash App to Netspend. Trying to add your Netspend prepaid debit card to your Cash App leaves you with an error message which says, “Cash App doesn’t support prepaid cards. Please try linking another debit card.”

However, there’s a catch. Despite this obstacle, customers can send money indirectly from Cash App to Netspend. And this is possible through third-party wallets like Paypal, which acts as a bridge between Cash App and Netspend. With a Paypal account, you already have a solution. 

Linking Netspend to PayPal

Follow the below steps to link your Netspend account to your Paypal account.

  • Login to Paypal, and tap on the settings icon at the top of the screen, which allows you to change different things on your Paypal account.
  • When on this page, scroll to “Banks and Cards.” This is where you can add and edit debit cards. You also see any bank account or prepaid debit cards you’ve previously added.
  • To add your prepaid Netspend card, tap the ” plus” sign at the top of the screen. When the screen pops up, it gives you the option to add a bank account, debit, or credit card.
  • Next, tap on the “debit or credit card” option to add your Netspend debit card and link the Netspend debit card manually.
  • Input your 16-digit Netspend prepaid card number.
  • The next step is to enter your Netspend card expiration date and the 3-digit security code at the back of the card.
  • After this, Paypal will ask to verify the billing address associated with your Netspend card. Ensure you input the correct details.
  • Once everything looks good, tap on the “Link Card” button to finalize the process. Doing this would automatically add your Netspend account to Paypal.

Transferring Money From CashApp to PayPal

Having linked Netspend to your Paypal, we’ll go through how you can transfer money from CashApp to Paypal. Note that this transfer isn’t instant. It takes about one to two business days for the funds to reflect. Let’s go over the steps to transfer money from Cash App to Paypal.

  • Ensure you have a Paypal Cash plus account, as it’s necessary for this transfer to work.
  • Tap the settings icon and scroll to “Direct Deposits.” This page contains all the information you’ll use for the transfer. Note your account number and ABA routing number for Paypal.
  • Switch to Cash App and tap on your balance to start the transfer process.
  • Tap on “Cash Out,” input your transfer amount, and continue. A drop-down will pop up, asking you to select between the standard or instant process. Ensure you choose the standard method.
  • Next, you have a page containing a list of banks. Ignore this and go to the search bar and type some gibberish. Doing this will bring up the option to add your bank manually.
  • Tap the “Add Manually” button and enter your Paypal routing number and account number linked with your Paypal account.
  • Finally, confirm your account number, and you’re done with the process.

How Cash App Works

Cash App is a peer-to-peer platform that allows you to pay people, get paid, and invest money. Cash App isn’t a bank but a financial platform that offers banking services through its mobile phone application or browsers. You get an account and routing number when you sign up, allowing you to make deposits and send money.

Furthermore, there’s the opportunity to trade Bitcoin on Cash App. Users can also invest in stock options on Cash App with a minimum of $1 by buying fractional shares. In addition, the Cash App Taxes feature allows customers to file their taxes for free. As a result, Cash App is fast becoming an all-inclusive financial platform.

How the Netspend Card Works

LaptopAlthough the Netspend Card resembles a bank card, it differs significantly from a bank card. Obtaining the Netspend card is quick and straightforward, requiring only your name, email, and address. No credit check or banking history is needed to open a Netspend account. You’ll get your card shipped to your location in about seven to ten days.

These cards can either be MasterCard or Visa. Unlike gift cards, Netspend cards are reloadable and work like the usual debit or credit card, which you can use for everyday transactions and online purchases. Reloading funds on Netspend is easy. You can add funds through bank account transfers, Netspend card account transfers, making direct deposits, or via a Netspend reload location. Reloading money to your Netspend account without incurring charges happens through a direct deposit or the Netspend online account center.

Does Netspend Deduct Transfer Charges?

Netspend cardholders enjoy no fees for transfers. For example, money transfers from one Netspend account to another attract zero charges. Also, customers can send money for free on Netspend through a Paypal account. 

However, there are other fees attached to other transactions aside from transfers. For example, Netspend charges $2.5 on ATM withdrawals and $3.95 on cash reloads. The company also deducts $0.5 when checking for balance inquiries on the ATM or through automated phone services. Plus, $5.95 per month due to inactivity (after 90 days of zero monthly transactions).

Although online money transfers between Netspend accounts don’t attract charges, the company deducts a $4.95 fee for transfers completed using a Netspend support agent.


So while you can’t send money from your CashApp to Netspend directly, you can use third-party wallets. And we have given a detailed guide on how to do it.

Asides from sending and receiving money, you can explore other functions of Cash App, like stocks investment and bitcoin trading. And while Netspend doesn’t deduct fees on transfers, there are charges attached to other transactions. Nevertheless, there’s nothing to worry about if you’re transferring funds on these two popular financial platforms, as they’re safe and reliable.