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Can You Send Money From PayPal to Cash App

Can You Send Money From PayPal to Cash App In 2023

Can you send money from Paypal to the Cash App? The simple answer is no, at least not directly. 

PayPal and Cash App represent some of the best ways to send and receive money via the internet. Despite this innovation, it remains a puzzle why it is still not possible to send money directly from one of these popular apps to the other. 

However, thanks to the flexibility of the internet space, there are a few tweaks that’ll allow you to send money from PayPal to Cash App and back. In this brief article, we’ll look at these tweaks and show you can conveniently and safely move your money from one of these money apps to the other.


How to Move Money From Paypal to Cash App

You will need an active bank account to successfully transfer funds from PayPal to Cash App, and you must link this particular account to both apps.

Move money from your PayPal to the connected bank account. After a successful transfer, you can move the funds to your Cash App account. You must ensure that you maintain the same bank account.

How to Link Your Bank Account to Your Cash App 

You must connect your bank account to your Cash App to complete the money transfer process. Currently, Cash App can link up with most major US bank accounts. You, however, do need to have a routing number and the account number. 

Transferring money to your bank account is free at the time of writing this piece. However, you’ll sometimes have to wait up to three days to complete the transfer. Furthermore, Cash App accepts Discover, American Express, and Mastercard cards. The platform also accepts prepaid cards, but you cannot make deposits to them.

To link your existing US bank account to your Cash App, follow the short and relatively easy steps below.

  • Login to your account and look for the profile icon and click on it
  • Tap or click on linked banks 
  • Tap or click ‘Link Banks’
  • Enter your correct account number in the space provided 

Once you have a bank account linked, you can follow the above process to change its details. Apps like Cash App are helpful because they offer a safe and free avenue to move your money online. In addition, you can add funds to your Cash App using your bank account.

How to Move Money from Your Bank Account to Your Cash App Account 

Moving money from PayPal to Cash App using the method above will take some time. Your money should reflect in your bank account in a matter of days. Once you do this, you are ready to move funds to your Cash App following this procedure. 

  • Login to your Cash App home screen
  • Locate the banking app tab and click or tap on it
  • Click on ‘Add Cash’
  • Proceed to enter your preferred amount 
  • Click on ‘Add’
  • Enter your pin and click on ‘Next’ 

Transferring Money from PayPal to Cash App Using Cash Card

LaptopIf you want to avoid going through the bank account route, there’s one more method we’d like to discuss. It involves using the Cash Card (a little similar to PayPal cash card). You’ll find the Cash Card tab on your Cash App’s homepage.

This method lets you quickly connect the Cash Card with your PayPal account. With this, you can safely transfer your PayPal balance to your Cash App. Cash Card is Cash App’s free debit card that permits instant use. You can use the card details instantly while waiting to receive the physical card.

It may take ten working days to get your physical Cash Card delivered to you. To order your Cash Card, log in to your Cash App dashboard and press/click the get Cash Card tab. Click on the ‘Continue’ tab to kick the process. 

If you wish to connect Cash App’s card details to your PayPal account, you should follow the steps below. 

  • Log in to your PayPal account 
  • Search for the wallet option on your account’s dashboard. 
  • Click on the plus button next to ‘Banks and Cards’
  • Click on ‘Debit and Cards’.
  • Enter the details of your Cash Card into the space provided to link your card to your PayPal account 
  • Once you do this, you can then move your PayPal balance to your Cash App whenever you want

With Cash App’s Visa Cash Card feature, you’d find that the app is just a money-transferring medium. You can use it as a bank account. When you apply for the card, you will get an account and routing number which essentially makes your Cash App account a digital bank account. 

And as we’ve already seen, you can safely and conveniently move money from your PayPal account to your Cash App. However, instant direct deposit to debit cards will attract a fee, and the base fee is usually 1.74%.


Can you send money from PayPal to the Cash App? As you have seen in this article, the answer isn’t a straight yes. 

However, there are a few legal tweaks that you can adopt to ensure you transfer money safely between two of America’s most used online money transfer mediums. The process is smooth as long as you have a linked bank account.

Furthermore, your cash app accounts are similar to digital bank accounts. You can use them for other online transactions thanks to the issuance of Visa cash app cards . On the other hand, PayPal is more of a global payment platform; they do not necessarily give out debit cards.

If you want to make a smooth money transfer from your cash app balance to your PayPal app, you can adopt any of the methods discussed in this article.