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Can Small Businesses Use Apple Pay

Can Small Businesses Use Apple Pay?

Apple Pay is a popular payment method. This service can be used to pay for goods and services simply by using their phones. By using the Wallet app, customers can quickly and easily make payments.

Yet, Apple Pay is primarily accepted by large businesses and chains. Can small businesses use Apple Pay? Let’s find out!

Apple Pay: Everything You Need To Know

Apple Pay is a contactless payment method devised by Apple. Simply by using an Apple device, users can pay for goods and services.

To access this payment method, customers must download the Wallet app on their Apple devices. The Wallet app will store banking information.

As a result, customers won’t need to bring their debit or credit card to make a transaction. Instead, they can merely use their phone.

Can Small Businesses Use Apple Pay?

Yes, small businesses can accept Apple Pay. This is great news, as this payment method is becoming increasingly popular.

This means that it can be advantageous for small businesses to use Apple Pay. By not accepting this payment method, you could put clients off using your business.

How Can Small Businesses Use Apple Pay?

There are a few different steps that small businesses can use to accept Apple Pay, such as:

1. Use An NFC-enabled payment terminal

Standing for near-field communication, NFC is a form of wireless technology that allows two devices to communicate. You will need one of these NFC payment terminals if you want to implement Apple Pay.

Square is one of the most popular payment services. With the help of this service, businesses can accept Apple Pay.

The Square Reader is perhaps the most popular tool. It allows you to not only receive payments through Apple Pay but also allows customers to make contactless payments.

You may already have a payment processor that can accept Apple Pay. If not, you will need to invest in one, such as the Square Reader.

2. Register A Merchant Identifier

Every business will require a unique merchant identification number (MID). This identifier allows you to accept payments, as it separates you from other businesses. This ID number will not run out.

3. Allow Apple Pay

Can Small Businesses Use Apple Pay

Once the merchant identification number has been set up, you can enable these payments. These payments must be accepted through Xcode. Using the Xcode, you must start a project. Your merchant ID will be essential for accepting Apple Pay.

4. Ensure That Staff Have Been Trained

After you’ve set up your Apple Pay system, you must ensure that members of your staff have been trained. Otherwise, your staff will be unprepared when a customer attempts to use this payment method.

The good thing is that the Apple Pay system is quite simple for businesses to use. So training should be minimal, especially if your staff is quite tech-savvy. Training can be as simple as allowing your staff to familiarise themselves with Apple Pay.

The Apple Pay marketing kit provides useful information that can help with training.

5. Make Customers Aware That You Accept Apple Pay

Now that you’re all set up to accept Apple Pay, you will need to ensure that customers are aware that you accept this payment method. Otherwise, your customers might not be aware that Apple Pay is accepted by your small business.

Making your customers conscious of this option could be as simple as making a sign that informs them that Apple Pay is accepted.

6. Get Customer To Hold Their Apple Devices Over The Reader

For your small business to receive transactions through Apple Pay, customers will simply have to hold their device over the reader. This device could be an Apple Watch or an iPhone.

You will know that this contactless payment has been accepted because there will be four little green lights. Once completed, there will be a checkmark on the screen of the reader.

What Benefits Does Apple Pay Offer Small Businesses?

If you are unsure as to whether or not Apple Pay is a beneficial payment solution, here are just a few of the ways in which Apple Pay can be valuable for small businesses:


    • It’s fast and convenient. So if you have a queue, it will likely reduce the length of time that customers have to wait to pay for their items. This speeds up the checkout process.

    • Apple Pay is a secure system. It can be easy for hackers to steal money, particularly through credit cards. But this is not a concern for merchants when using Apple Pay. This is because the reader doesn’t record the customer’s payment information.

    • It allows you to accept more customers. If a customer wants to use Apple Pay but the business does not accept it, they may take their custom elsewhere.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I Use Apple Pay For My Business?

This is a question that only you can answer. Apple Pay is becoming an increasingly popular payment method among customers thanks to its speed and convenience.

Not to mention, expanding the payment methods that you accept can be beneficial for businesses.

Yet, it can also be hard to implement Apple Pay, as you will need to spend time and effort training staff. Therefore, you must carefully consider whether or not this payment strategy is right for your business.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Apple Pay?

Though there are numerous advantages to using Apple Pay, there are also some downsides to this payment method that you should be aware of:


    • Not all retailers accept Apple Pay. This is particularly true for small businesses, hence the confusion around whether they can use this payment method.

    • It’s only available on Apple devices. So if you have an Android, you can’t use Apple Pay.

    • Technical problems can occur, which can result in failed transactions.

    • It can be confusing for merchants to familiarize themselves with Apple Pay.

    • If a customer’s phone dies, they will be unable to use this payment solution.

Final Thoughts

So there you have it! Apple Pay is a great tool for customers and businesses alike. If you think that your small business can benefit from the use of Apple Pay, it’s worth implementing this system. Just use one of the aforementioned methods!

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