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Can I Recover My Stripe Account

Can I Recover My Stripe Account?

Stripe is a payment processing service that allows users to accept payments from customers online or via mobile apps.

The company has been around for more than 10 years, and it’s one of the most popular options when it comes to accepting credit card payments on websites.

If you find that you need to recover your Stripe account, then read this article carefully. It will help you understand how to do so.

How To Recover Your Stripe Account

If you have lost access to your Stripe account, you can still get back into it by following these steps:

Step 1: Log In To Your Stripe Dashboard

To log in, click on the “Sign In” link in the top right corner of the page. You should see a login screen with your email address as the username. Click on the icon and type in your password.

Step 2: Access The Menu

Once logged in, go to the menu for a selection of options. A new window will appear where you can choose between three recovery methods.

Step 3: Choosing A Method

Choose the method that best suits your needs. The first option is to reset your password. This means that you will be able to use your Stripe account again once you enter your new password.

The second option is to restore your wallet balance. If you are only missing some funds, this option allows you to get them back. However, if there was money in your wallet before you lost access to it, then you won’t be able to retrieve those funds.

The third option is to create a new account. This means that you can start using your Stripe account again without having to re-enter all your information.

You can also contact support directly through the website. They will ask you for certain details about your account, including your email address, phone number, and billing address.

You should receive an email confirmation after submitting the request. Make sure that you check your spam folder too.

How To Restore Lost Access To Your Stripe Account

In case you lose access to your Stripe accounts, here are some things you should know:

First, make sure that you have saved your Stripe credentials somewhere safe. This includes your secret key and API token.

Second, try logging in to your account using another device. Maybe you forgot to save your credentials on your other devices.

And finally, don’t forget to back up your data regularly. You never know what could happen.

How To Reset Password For Stripe Account

If your Stripe account has been compromised, you may want to change its password. Here’s how to do it:

Click on the “Forgot Password” button located under the “Account Settings” section.

Enter your email address and select a new password.

Click on the “Confirm Password” button.

Your password will now be changed.

How To Restore Wallet Balance For Stripe Account

Stripe wallets contain different types of funds. There are two main ones: the balance and the pending transactions.


This is the total amount of funds stored in your Stripe account. When you add or withdraw funds from your wallet, they are added to or subtracted from this balance.

Pending Transactions

These are the transactions that haven’t yet been processed. Once they’re done, they’ll be reflected in the balance.

You can view your balance by clicking on the “Wallet” tab in the left navigation bar.

To view pending transactions, click on the “Transactions” tab.

How To Create New Stripe Account

If you’ve completely lost access to your Stripe account, you might not be able to recover your funds. Fortunately, you can still create a new one.

Create a new account by following these steps:


    1. Select “New Account”.

    1. Fill out the form with your personal info.

    1. Click on the “Sign Up” button when you’re ready.

Can You Recover A Closed Stripe Account That Was Banned?

No. When you open a Stripe account, you agree to their terms of service. These include rules regarding the use of the platform. For example, you cannot use your card to purchase items that are illegal in your country.

When you close your account, you agree to stop using the platform. This means that you no longer need to pay any fees associated with the services provided by the company.

However, if you violate the terms of service again, you could get banned from the platform. If this happens, you won’t be able to recover your account.

What Happens To Your Funds After Closing An Account?

Once you close your account, all the money that belongs to you is sent back to the bank where the card was issued. The funds are then used to cover the costs incurred by the company while processing payments.

The funds aren’t kept by the company; they’re only held temporarily until the payment process is complete.

In most cases, you won’t be charged any fees. However, there are exceptions. For example, if you close your account before paying off your outstanding balances, you’ll have to pay a fee equal to 1% of the outstanding balance.

Is It Possible To Reactivate A Deleted Stripe Account?

Yes. If you delete your account, you can reactivate it at any time. To do so, follow these steps:


    1. Log into your account.

    1. Click on the link titled “Deactivated Accounts”.

    1. On the next page, enter your email address and click on the “Reactivate” button.

Note: You must provide proof that you own the email address associated with the account.

Final Thoughts

There’s more than meets the eye when it comes to recovering your Stripe account. In fact, it’s possible to restore your account even after it has been deleted.

However, you should know that doing so may cost you, and you may not be able to retrieve all of your funds – if any at all.

However, recovering your Stripe account is possible, and fortunately there are a number of methods to do so. A few things to remember though, is that you may need to prove that you own the account, so always have this information to hand. 

As always, our resource center it s great place for building knowledge. 

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