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The 10 Best Webinar Software For Marketers

The 10 Best Webinar Software For Marketers

Did you know that 95% of marketers use webinars as an essential part of their marketing and communications strategy?

Finding out which software is best for webinar for marketers is important to make sure that you use webinars as a cost-effective way to reduce your costs per lead. 

You can engage with more people at the same time. Plus, webinar recordings are great thought pieces for further marketing campaigns.

I tested marketing webinar platforms and found 10 of the best webinar software systems that can help marketers to set up a live webinar.

The 10 Best Webinar Software For Marketers

There are hundreds of different webinar platforms that offer similar features, including ways to schedule webinars, record your presentation and download attendee reports.

Here are the 10 best webinar platforms that I recommend for marketers and business owners.

1. GoToWebinar

One of the biggest advantages with GoToWebinar is that you don’t have to deal with all the difficulties of organizing a webinar.

Marketers simply set a date when they want to host their webinar and use any other features as optional. 

Saying this, you can also take control of the entire event management process yourself. You can choose your webinar template or opt for flexible scheduling.

Another big plus with GoToWebinar is that you get access to features such as customizable webinar invitations and automated email reminders.

Marketing teams can even create registration pages that are optimized for high conversion rates.

In addition, GoToWebinar allows you to create surveys and polls to get feedback from your attendees about your webinar.

Once you launched and completed your webinar, you can send out the recording to your attendee list.

You also have access to webinar statistics and analytics reports to review the performance of your webinar.

GoToWebinar can be integrated into other software, including Salesforce and Zapier. This makes it easier to link your webinar data with your CRM.

All these great features, however, come at a higher cost than most other webinar software provides.

2. AnyMeeting

If you are a small business or startup without a lot of resources, then AnyMeeting is a solid webinar platform.

It gives marketers the basic tools to create and schedule a webinar in an interface that’s very easy to use.

This being said, AnyMeeting offers some powerful features, such as screen sharing, integrated surveys, HD video broadcasting and MP4 sharing.

When it comes to pricing, AnyMeeting a lot more competitive than other webinar software. They offer different price packages to allow you to invite up to 1,000 attendees.

AnyMeeting isn’t just known for its webinar capabilities but it also offers web conferencing tools that you can use for business meetings.

This means that you can use the software for your webinars as a marketing tool but also for all your business communication.

Additionally, AnyMeeting also allows you to chat in real time with your audience. This can help you get better engagement and stay connected with your viewers.

One of the biggest drawbacks of this webinar platform is that you cannot broadcast from mobile devices which is an issue if you want to live stream outside.

3. EverWebinar

EverWebinar is one of the best webinar software when it comes to automation features. They offer fully automated emails to send to your attendee list.

You can keep your audience updated and even set up automatic sign up emails.

Similar to other webinar platforms, EverWebinars allows marketing teams to automatically record webinars, so they can be used for later campaigns.

One of more unusual features with EverWebinars is that you can fake your audience count, so you can display a higher number of attendees to your live audience.

If you are looking to boost your business sales and generate new leads with webinars, then EverWebinar offers all the essential webinar features.

It is ideal for small to medium-sized businesses as you can set up your webinars without any technical expertise.

4. Adobe Connect

Adobe is typically known for their Creative Suite but they also offer large-scale webinar features with Adobe Connect.

As Adobe’s Connect webinars are more suitable for large marketing agencies and organizations, you get a lot of different functionality with the software.

Marketing teams can host meetings and webinars with customers, share documents and host presentations.

Adobe Connect also allows you to optimize your webinars according to your services and products. You can even customize your hosting room with different templates

One big advantage with Adobe Connect is that you can create an optimized registration page that entices your audience to sign up to your webinar.

In addition, Adobe Connect can be easily integrated with your CRM system, including Salesforce and Eloqua.

However, Adobe Connect is the most expensive on my webinar software list.

5. Riverside

I found that Riverside is the best webinar software for streaming webinars in multiple channels. This makes it ideal for larger businesses and agencies.

Riverside allows you to record your webinar with uncompressed audio. This creates the best quality videos.

Plus, you can even edit your webinars directly in Riverside with their “Magic Editor”. You can use the audio and video in different channels which makes the editing process much easier.

You can stream your webinar on LinkedIn, Twitch, YouTube and other channels.

This multi-channel approach from Riverside means that you can invite your audience to join in from any device at any time, making it the most flexible webinar software on the market.

You also receive transcriptions with each webinar which makes it easier for your attendees to follow.

The 10 Best Webinar Software For Marketers

6. Webex

Another big brand name is Webex that is offered by Cisco. 

As Cisco is well known for their communication and video conferencing products, Webex has become a household name across the world.

Mostly used by large corporations, Webex offers a great variety of features, including your own host room with high-quality audio and HD video on multiple devices.

You can customize your host environment to fit your business and brand. This is ideal for sales calls, product demonstrations and webinars.

Webex has so many features that you can use it not just for marketing but also for company meetings, remote support and training sessions.

As a cloud-based platform, Webex also offers a data security guarantee with encryption for your calls and webinars.

Plus, the software can be set up for up to 40,000 attendees. This gives you space for a large scale event.

This being said, Webex is typically used for in-house team collaboration instead of webinars. However, it has the functionality to use it as a webinar setup.

7. Google Hangouts

What makes Google Hangouts an appealing webinar solution is not just the big Google name but that it’s absolutely free.

However, this also has its disadvantages, as you are restricted to a maximum of 30 attendees on Google Hangouts itself.

Alternatively, you can also connect your Gmail account to YouTube and stream on YouTube to a larger audience.

As a free solution, it’s one of the best options for startups and small businesses who have no budget for webinars.

It’s a great way to test how webinars are received by your audience. 

If you find your webinars are successful, then you can always upgrade to any of the other webinar software providers on my list.

Saying this, it’s important to be aware of the limitations of Google Hangouts. 

You won’t have any automated email features and you will need to manage the entire webinar setup yourself.

8. WebinarGeek

When it comes to designing, creating and scheduling a webinar, you need to make sure that everything is set up with your brand logo and brand colors.

This creates trust with your audience which is especially important if you are looking to sell or demonstrate a product.                                                                            

Webinar Geek is one of the best webinar software platforms that allows you to fully customize the webinar environment with your brand style guide.

You can also market, host and automate all your webinars in one place. It’s surprisingly easy to use and you can launch a full webinar experience in under an hour.

In addition, WebinarGeek can also be integrated with over 5,000 other software services, platforms and applications.

This makes sending out automated emails and gathering attendee data for your webinar easier.

A great benefit of this webinar software is that you can create paid webinars that integrate with different ways to monetize your content, including tickets and subscriptions.

The audio and video quality is solid, so attendees will be able to see and hear you without buffering or lag.

9. Livestorm

While Livestorm is an excellent webinar platform for sales and product demos or customer training, you can also use it for automated webinars, live webinars and on-demand webinars.

Their platform is suitable for any type of webinar, from employee onboarding and online courses to video podcast interviews.

What makes Livestorm more unusual is that there are no size restriction for your webinar. You can run it on any device, such as mobiles phone and tablets, and any browser.

I found Livestorm particularly useful because of the many email options that you can set up, from sending promotional emails to personalization.

In addition, Livestorm also allows marketers to set up Q&A sessions, polls and surveys to gather more audience data.

10. BlueJeans

BlueJeans is actually made up of four different services. BlueJeans Events is the best option for large virtual events in town halls or outdoor spaces.

This is perfect for any organization and institution that wants to live stream to their audience across the world.

This being said, users are limited to maximum 50,000 attendees for each webinar. However, you can set up live polls, Q and A sessions and immersive videos.

BlueJeans is specifically designed for live events on a large scale where audiences can share information or join in on meetings.

Frequently Asked Questions About Which Software Is Best For Webinar

What Is Webinar Software?

Marketers can host online video conferences, such as webinars, meetings and presentations, with the help of webinar software.

This type of online platform is used by businesses who want to offer a live webinar and webinar recordings.

Is Zoom Good For Webinars?

You can use Zoom for webinars, presentations, conferences and online meetings. The platform is available for individuals, small businesses and even large enterprises.

Does Microsoft Have A Webinar Platform?

Yes, you can use Microsoft Teams Webinars to register attendees, schedule a webinar, offer interactive presentations and even review attendee data after the event.

Final Thoughts

From webinar software for small businesses to large, outdoor events, there are a great variety of platforms to offer different features.

It’s important that you take a close look at what features you need with a webinar platform and then pick the one that matches your business requirements and budget.

Webinar software varies from being free with limited features to hundreds of dollars a month with fully customizable automation.