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best pos system for liquor stores

Best POS System for Liquor Stores: Boost Your Sales with Top Recommendations in 2023

The proper liquor store POS software is essential whether you are the owner or manager of a liquor store. Moreover, monitoring inventories and handling long queues during peak hours may be the most crucial tasks.

It is common knowledge that new drinks or beverages draw in more buyers. Thus, by utilizing a liquor store POS system, you can keep track of new wine and beer products and track sales, whether you’ve just sold a can or a whole case.

Additionally, by utilizing the best liquor store POS System, you can schedule personnel, prevent theft, track employee performance, and get reports that reveal your top-selling items or busiest periods of the day.

So, whether you’re managing a single shop or a large chain of liquor stores, let’s look at the top liquor store POS systems.

To determine how one POS software stacks up against the others, we tested each one and gave it a rating in various categories. Consequently, we discovered that the Clover POS System is the best liquor store POS system, according to our research and testing, for various reasons. 

It offers a wide range of prices, is quick and simple to set up, and has many features, including sophisticated inventory management.

The products and services offered by each POS software and the pros and cons of each are discussed in the following paragraphs.

1. Clover POS System – Best Overall

Clover POS System

Clover is an adaptable point-of-sale (POS) system that offers a variety of hardware alternatives. Additionally, it interfaces with over 300 software programs, allowing you to build a structure that is unique to your liquor store.

Also, because of its adaptability, Clover is a remarkable feature-rich solution for liquor retailers. Additionally, Clover provides numerous capabilities, such as online shopping and contactless payments, that liquor store owners require.

The Clover POS system’s user-friendliness is one of its benefits. Moreover, the program is simple to use and set up, and when combined with the Clover App Market, it becomes much more beneficial.


Point of Sale

You can take customers’ orders and accept payments using Clover’s hardware and software. Also, you may access your sales data from any location thanks to the software’s cloud-based storage. We appreciate that Clover also provides extras for enhanced functionality, like a cash drawer, barcode scanners, and a weight scale.


With Clover’s liquor store POS software, you can monitor your company’s real-time data from a single, simple-to-use dashboard. The company has a mobile dashboard that lets you keep track of customer refunds, evaluate sales, and find the best-performing locations. Numerous well-known third-party apps are integrated with the program as well.

Employee Administration

You need the appropriate POS software to manage your team because they are the heart of your company. Using the Clover POS system, you can make employee schedules, handle time-off requests, and reward your staff with customizable tip displays. Also, the software makes it easy to handle payroll, set up employee benefits, and keep track of your workers’ hours.

Customer Service

Most of the feedback about Clover’s customer service is positive, and it seems like most clients have had good experiences overall.



2. KORONA POS – Best for Loss Prevention


The cloud-based POS system from KORONA is used by tens of thousands of liquor stores all over the United States. Thus, the approach is equally effective for single-store businesses, chains, or franchises across many states.

Also, the POS system makes it easy for liquor store owners to automate their processes and boost productivity by taking care of a huge number of inventory choices.


Inventory Management

Some of KORONA’s many inventory management features include vendor relations, automated ordering, product ABC analytics, and stock optimization. In general, Korona provides liquor store owners with a product inventory that is incredibly simple to manage.

Sales Analytics and Reports

The reporting and analytics features of KORONA give liquor store owners more information about their products, sales, prices, and how they manage their stock. Moreover, to ensure that you always have reliable sales data, all data is simple to produce and is refreshed in real-time.

Loyalty Initiative

The POS software has a built-in point-based loyalty program that gives users discounts or benchmarks based on how long they’ve been using it. In addition, for a more complete customer relationship management solution for liquor stores, KORONA also interfaces with Bottlecapps.


No data is kept on site because all actions are carried out in the cloud. Liquor store owners and managers can now do business from multiple locations, which enhances security. One merely requires a login ID and password for remote backend access.



3. POS Nation – Great for Convenience Stores

POS Nation

Numerous beer wholesalers, wineries, and liquor outlets across the country rely on POS Nation. The POS software for a liquor store has features like faster checkout, easier inventory management, and reports that help you make better decisions. It was created to assist your business in growing.


Tracking Case Break Inventory

Allow case breaks to be automatically accounted for by the POS software. This feature will connect cases of merchandise to individual bottles, whether it be alcohol, wine, or beer. Also, the liquor store POS software constantly converts a box to individual bottles when something is wrong. Therefore, this makes it possible for you to quickly and manually track inventory by case, bottle, or six-pack.

Reporting and Conformity

With POS Nation’s CAP Retail, you can keep a close eye on how much and how many drinks are sold and bought. By pressing a button, the application offers prebuilt monthly purchase and sales ledgers. Additionally, you can investigate every aspect of your liquor store business using more than 55 prebuilt, customized reports.

Single Database

In the same POS system, you can manage vendors and create purchase orders. To keep track of inventory, sales, and purchase orders, stop wasting time switching between systems. So, you can keep track of all your vendors from a single dashboard, set reorder thresholds, and email distributors directly.

Cash Discount Program

Customers can take advantage of POS Nation’s cash discounts. They are entitled to a discount on their purchase if they opt to pay with cash instead of a credit card. In turn, this makes customers more likely to come back and helps liquor stores keep credit card processing costs down.



4. Square – Best for Small Liquor Stores


Liquor stores can use Square’s tools online and in-store. Downloading an app, creating an account, and connecting the hardware constitute setup. With intuitive inventory management and randomized stock management, the work flow may be made easier. It is a liquor store POS software that can accommodate any size business.


Team Management

By providing effective team management tools, Square helps empower liquor store personnel. To simply track time, employees clock in and out straight through the point-of-sale system. Then, the company can produce reports on timesheets and employee activity. This makes it easier to spot strong performance and strengthen weak areas.


There are no extra costs with Square Payments. So, all transactions, whether they are made with a gift card or a digital wallet, are built into the POS system. Besides, with a 1.5% transfer charge, you can access your cash instantly or on the same day. The liquor store meets all essential PCI standards, and all client data is encrypted.

Square includes billing as well. The system sends out professional estimates, invoices, and customer reminders, and then it tracks payments in real time.

Comprehensive Reports

Square is a fantastic point-of-sale system for liquor stores because it supports informed decision-making. Also, you can run thorough sales tracking reports to find out how much merchandise you are moving and how much money the company makes every minute. Additionally, you can always view all reports directly from the POS dashboard.

Reports on vendor sales can also be run in a liquor store. You can understand which retailers offer your best-selling items and at what volume. Consequently, this makes it possible to order more wisely and find better ways to cut costs.



5. IT Retail – Great for Markets and Grocery Stores

IT Retail

Any size liquor store can use IT Retail POS, which is both an on-premise and cloud-based solution. It is designed to control pricing, track inventory in great detail, and manage numerous liquor store-related procedures. Besides, the liquor store POS system lets stores specify employee responsibilities based on specific needs and log hours per those roles.


Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

The goal of IT Retail POS is to satisfy the customer. Therefore, a liquor store can get knowledge of important information like demographics and purchase history by using integrated customer relationship management systems. As a result, the liquor store can give customers personalized promos and vouchers to encourage repeat business.


Because it is stored in the cloud, IT retail POS is the finest point of sale system for saving money in liquor stores. This means you don’t need to host expensive and big servers because your data is always safe, whether you’re online or not. Moreover, maintaining an in-store server can cost as much as $1,000 a year. Therefore, because all channels connect directly to the cloud, IT Retail stops the cash flow leak.

Machine Learning

Machine learning is used to generate IT retail reports. IT Retail POS helps users improve business performance by enabling better decision-making. So, a liquor store can keep prices the same at all of its locations by comparing data with known benchmarks.



How to Choose the Best Liquor Store POS Systems

Overall a POS system for a liquor store should have payment processing capabilities and help with customer management. Additionally, it should have great sales software and work well in liquor retail stores.

  • Client Retention

A clever customer rewards program can keep track of consumer habits and past purchases. The system keeps track of people’s purchases and data. The whole process gets automated. So, direct mail and email marketing campaigns can be used to send discounts and special offers that are tailored to each customer. Customers continue to return as a result of this.

  • Inventory Management for Liquor Stores

A point-of-sale system for liquor stores must have a database that contains a list of every item you sell there. Based on sales trends and data, auto-replenishment can be configured to start. Also, it should send out alerts right away when supply levels are low and keep track of inventory in real time.

  • Age Confirmation

A liquor store’s POS system needs to be able to check each customer’s age before they buy something. This procedure becomes more secure as it becomes more computerized. If a scanned ID does not meet the requirements, the best liquor store POS systems will refuse the transaction.

  • Cloud Capability

You should always be able to access the store’s data remotely. If the internet is down, a cloud-based POS for liquor stores will make sure you are always operational. So, the platform gets rid of the need for an internal server, saving both money and space for a liquor store.

Also, you can access this using a mobile device. Mobility enables expansion if you are at multiple locations and makes managing many stores much simpler.

  • Sales Monitoring

A good POS system for a liquor store will always have a way to measure how well it is doing. This necessitates a detailed reporting tool that concentrates on sales. With sales tracking, you can gauge your shop’s performance and identify potential problem areas.

A program that generates thorough reports makes it easier to spot significant patterns.

FAQs: Best Liquor Store POS Systems

1. What do liquor store POS systems do?

POS systems in liquor stores let you take cash, cards, and other forms of electronic payment. A good point-of-sale system should also have a lot of ways for customers to get involved, as well as ways to manage inventory, employees, and online sales.

2. How much do liquor store POS systems cost?

Depending on the POS provider, the number of locations and terminals, and advanced features, the price of a liquor store POS system can range from $0 to $300 per month (or more).

3. Are liquor retailers allowed to sell online?

In some states, it is acceptable for liquor stores to sell online. As a result, before starting an online business, make sure to check your state’s regulations on online alcohol sales.

Final Word: Best Liquor Store POS Systems

Depending on the needs and problems of your business, it can be hard to choose the best liquor store POS system for your store. You need a system that can handle orders quickly and well, in addition to a highly specialized set of key capabilities.

Each of the five liquor store POS systems we examined in this guide offers unique benefits to your company. While Clover POS System is the best overall, IT Retail POS has the finest company insights, Square POS installs fast and easily, KORONA POS has the best loss prevention, and POS Nation is ideal for multi-store locations.

In the end, your liquor store’s point-of-sale (POS) system should be fast, work well, and impress your customers. It needs to boost both your revenue and customer satisfaction levels. So, we hope that this guide has given you the information you need to find a POS system for a liquor store that can do that.