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25 Best Books on Business Strategies

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You may have wondered why to read the best books on business strategy, business books, and strategic management. Readers read such books to gain insights into improving and creating business. In this sense, these books are guides, showing marketing growth, beating competitors, operational scale topics, etc.

They also help many companies to anticipate existing challenges and take the right action. Business strategy books like these analyze corporate operations from different points of view. Then they enable leaders to make appropriate choices that lead to lasting success.

Best books on business strategy.

Too often, companies worldwide end up ignoring successful strategies once problems start to arise. Whether losing significant product sales or a new solid competitor in the marketplace. And in a rush to solve these setbacks, they create sinister plans and, soon after, wonder what will come next.

Good strategies involve a lot of planning and study for all circumstances. This is what is needed to always have an advantage and survive. If you want to know what good and bad strategies are, keep reading this article, we will show you the best books on the strategy of 2023.

The 25 best books on business strategy that you need to read!

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1. Good Strategy Bad Strategy. The Difference and Why it Matters - Richard Rumelt.

This is an excellent book about strategic thinking and a best books on business strategy. The author brings effective strategies and shows qualities for plans to become successful. Rumelt highlights and identifies programs that could be better and offers tips on how it is possible to capture bad strategies. The book also shows topics to leverage your business, goals, and objectives.

In each section of the book, the author brings the history of great companies such as Wal-Mart, Apple, and Toyota, so that it is a way to inspire to serve as an example. The book, as a whole, is a guide that shows how to develop and evaluate strategic systems. It helps its readers to create better strategic plans and innovative businesses.

2. Your Next Five Moves - Patrick Bet-David

The book challenges the reader to think like the great chess masters and anticipate a sequence of events. The author encourages strategists to plan their next moves in succession rather than individualism. Patrick also advises clarifying business tasks, improving team-building skills, and getting ahead of influential players.

3. Built To Last, Habits Of Visionary Companies - Jim Collins

The book analyzes great companies’ characteristics, business decisions, and behavior that made them innovative and enduring. Based on extensive research, the writers explore what factors led these great companies to survive in difficult times and how they thrive in competitive scenarios.

The author shows big companies such as Walt Disney and Procter & Gamble, compares them to smaller competitors, and highlights the keys to the success of these industry leaders. Built To Last deals with topics such as goal setting, corporate strategy, change management, strategic approach, and how to build a structure for a lasting business.

4. Good to Great - Jim Collins

A best-seller by Jim Collins focuses on what qualities differentiate great companies from less successful ones. The book brings together concepts of leadership and competence, technology, and a culture of discipline.

It points out how each of these helps organizations stand out. Good To Great is learning read on how to keep doing well in the business world, business growth, and mastery for a long time.

5. Playing To Win - Roger L. Martin

The book describes how A.G Lafley managed to improve Procter & Gamble’s sales and profits significantly by basing his operational strategy on 5 practical examples:

  • How are we going to win?
  • Where are we going to play?
  • What is our winning aspiration?
  • What are forms of management needed to support our choices?
  • What capability must we have to achieve victory?

The author describes that these receptive means can help benefit more companies and business leaders. Playing to Win offers classical strategy and straightforward methods for your business and organization through correct and accurate choices.

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6. Blue Ocean Strategy - W. Chan Kim, Renée Mauborgne

While many books on business strategy teach you how to dominate the market, Blue Ocean Strategy takes the opposite approach. This book argues the importance of discovering and taking advantage of opportunities and innovative businesses yet to be exploited.

In this sense, the best way to eliminate great competitors is to follow less traveled paths. The writers show how important it is to detect neglected needs and produce new demands. The book proposes a method to achieve these results. It then becomes complete and structured.

7. Competitive Strategy - Michael E. Porter

In his book, Michael E. Porter details how to overcome your rivals with deep sector analysis and taking the proper measures. The book is divided into three parts: General analytical techniques, industrial environments, and strategic decisions.

Each section looks at a different aspect of studying and instigating opposition. It is a dense read, but the chapters are well explained. Competitive strategy is a rich read and full of market advantages, this being a must-read book.

8. The Art of Strategy - Avinash K. Dixit, Barry J. Nalebuff

This book is one of the best books about business strategy for beginners. Based on Principles of Game Theory, the book clarifies how it is possible to guess and prepare for your opponent’s next moves.

The authors reveal how to find specific patterns in random occurrences and inconsistent attitudes through science and logical-mathematical reasoning. The book shows many case studies and examples that make game theory easy to grasp and apply to various events.

9. Measure What Matters - John Doerr

The book tells how companies can achieve extraordinary growth when chosen correctly. The author details this process of selecting, following, and achieving goals through indicated practices in the book. In this sense, with the alignment of teams, responsibility for priorities, and development monitoring.

The book’s chapters illustrate examples from leading companies such as The Gates, Google, Intel, and the Foundation.

10. HBR's 10 Required Readings on Strategy

This reading explores ways to clarify company function, stand out among the competition, and measure strategies with Balanced Scorecards. This book has valuable information from great experts in this industry, as well as great authors who have written about business strategy.

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11. The Innovator's Dilemma - Clayton M. Christensen

This book provides a new way of approaching business strategies. Thus, it does not defend already known and proven formulas but recommends that trying new ways is usually the best tactic. Clayton Christensen explains that relying on these existing and proven methods is only sometimes good.

Companies must open new directions to remain competitive and relevant. The book shares stories of triumphant and tragic companies and, at the same time, provides advice for readers.

12. Seeing Around Corners - Rita McGrath

The book addresses points of significant change in the industry. Rita explains the best ways to anticipate these changes and prepare for them. Changes in customer expectations or needs, increased competition, and technology are all facts that can shake up some market classifications.

Competent companies must be prepared for this and must adapt. In the book, there are techniques to overcome industry obstacles.

13. The Invincible Company - Alan Smith, Yves Pigneur, Frederic Etiemble, and Alexandre Osterwalde

In this book, the authors analyze how great innovative companies can concern and dominate markets. They explore practices of leading companies such as Amazon and Microsoft and investigate the business models that have been successful over time.

The book has many visual graphics, means of innovation, strategy processes, and culture maps. The book teaches you how to be a leader in the industry.

14. Your Strategy Needs a Strategy - Martin Reeves, Knut Haanaes, and Janmejaya Sinha

This is a masterclass in business execution and planning. The authors advise readers on how best to choose a course of action and realize their plans. It is divided into 5 categories:

  • Be first
  • Be fast
  • Be big
  • Be feasible
  • Be orchestrated

The book looks at the advantages and disadvantages of these mechanisms and recommends what is feasible and necessary for each. It also shows the audience how to align strategy with the work and business environment and the best approach.

15. Hooked - Nir Eyal

Hooked describes strategies for creating popularity in the marketplace and having a loyal bond with your customer base. The book shows what it will be necessary to do so that consumers will always need your product.

The author presents case studies and research to study the nature of habit. The book suggests steps to help your customers remain active, return and continue to like your product.

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16. Competing in The Age of AI - Marcos Iansiti and Karin R. Lakhani

In the book, the authors state that AI is quickly transforming the business landscape. Therefore, leaders must look for new approaches to keep pace with the latest algorithms.

Thus, the book uses techniques for incorporating artificial intelligence into operating strategies. Competing in The Age of AI presents companies with ways to get ahead in the era when machine learning directly affects business profits.

17. Business Strategy - Jeremy Kourdi

This book is aimed at beginners who want to understand more about strategy. If you want to start in business, this is the best option to get you started. The author discusses just everything you need to learn about business.

According to the book’s author, a good strategy is based on its effectiveness. And effectiveness depends on the gap that exists between implementation and design.

This book will mess with your thinking. Because it will deal with everything from vision alignment to implementations, to executions, to resource allocation. It will be great to learn all the fundamentals.

18. The Strategy Book - Max McKeown

This book was written for the average reader. It contains short chapters and appropriate explanations. This book exceeds all expectations of leaders who want to understand the issues they need most in their business. In this sense, how to go global, expand your business, and win the game of strategies.

This book will be ideal if you consider moving to the following career levels. It contains many insights and examples of great world leaders who have succeeded in their lives and businesses. The 272-page book will help you start your journey with many practical approaches.

The author also relates that a manager only becomes a leader with strategic thinking. So, it is necessary to have a particular positioning. Otherwise, you will not have a position as a leader.

19. Strategy That Works - Paul Leinwand, Cesare R. Mainardi

This book has a different approach. It is considered a bridge between execution and strategy. Thus, you will learn how to do gap analysis and act on the insights you get.

Paul And Cesare emphasize the need to focus on an identity that will ensure the growth of your business, not the opposite. After these definitions of identity, you must translate these strategies and add them into your daily structure.

Therefore, the book will help to understand gaps in know-how. As well as these same strategies translate between “strategy” and “execution.” Many companies need help with these problems because they focus more on thinking than doing. When you read the book, you will be able to understand what the gaps are and correct them in the best way.

20. Strategy Maps - Robert S. and David P. Norton

When you read this book, you will see that only 5% of the workforce understands all of the company’s strategies, 25% of your managers have stimuli that are linked to strategies, 60% do not associate their budgets with strategy, and that 80% of the executive discuss less than an hour a month about the process.

These data surprise a company when it is necessary to align objectives and well-being. Reading this work will help you understand how to unify your strategies in your company and business.

The author builds a five-step framework:

  • Taking strategies to the operations level
  • Adjust the organizations to the strategy
  • Help everyone to adapt to the organizational strategies
  • Strategy needs to be a continuous process
  • Stimulating change through executive leadership

Thus, the book instituted a new concept, “strategy maps,” which uniquely constitute the main strategic objectives pursued by organizations.

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21. Love As a Business Strategy - Mohammad F. Anwar, Frank E. Donna, Jeffrey F. Ma, Christopher J. Pitre

Reading offers a revolution in your workplace. For, it introduces a new configuration and puts people at the center to achieve good business results. It makes you discover a better way of doing business.

It prepares you to abandon many statuses and embrace people and achieve the success that lasts. Full of real examples, mistakes, and triumphs that make it all the more fascinating to make you want to succeed.

As a business strategy, love does not cheat. Still, it establishes better plans to achieve significant business results through better employee engagement, patient experiences, and efficiency.

In this way, when a company leads its business with love, it will be able to produce a culture that showcases the best talent and thus influence everyone around it to behave better. In this way, they can achieve goals they could never have imagined achieving.

22. Open Strategy - Christian Stadler, Julia Hautz, Kurt Matzler, Stephan Friedrich Von Den Eichen

Since many companies work more innovative, it is essential that everyone studies and learns more about their chosen strategies. The book offers a detailed reading of the initiatives the world’s most successful companies have undertaken.

Thus, allowing you to learn from these great brands that have achieved success. This book can be as interesting as the strategic methods it demonstrates.

23. Tilt - Niraj Dawar

The author brings in his book a range of riches, insights, and knowledge of what companies can do to reach and also better understand their customers. The writer helps people see their business from the customer’s perspective. So that they can make the right decisions that will lead them to the top.

This book is excellent for anyone learning more about strategizing with a customer focus. In the book, the author focuses on the so-called “downstream” strategy, how to align a company to the needs of its customers. The structure provides a practical way of thinking about strategic problems that can be useful for managers in all areas.

24. The First 90 Days - Michael D. Watkins

The writer describes proven strategies that can significantly reduce the time it takes to reach the break-even point. When your company needs you as much as you need the work. The new edition includes a new preface by the author, with new definitions of a career with many transitions. As well as noting the growing need to undergo change.

The First 90 Days is a manual for taking control effectively and quickly during critical phases of a career change. Whether you are a growing professional, a starting manager, or a company director.

25. Bold - Peter H. Diamands, Steven Kotler

The book presents a step-by-step approach for people with ideas that can revolutionize and change the world. Based on the premise that we are going through an age of riches.

With technology in our favor, we have access to many resources. Thus, anyone with great potential can demonstrate it. The book provides readers with the structures to turn an idea into a great business. It teaches you how to do everything from developing your product how to build a team. When it comes to strategy, Bold teaches you to think big.

Final Thoughts

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Therefore, books about strategy give you a roadmap to achieve goals and good results. Developing foolproof plans is challenging, and many factors need to be considered.

In that regard, plenty of experts are willing to share their knowledge and experience to help future and current leaders choose the right, sustainable, intelligent paths. We hope this article has helped you find good books to boost your growth.